1292 Very Like the Stargate

Nkosi glanced at Chu Nan and sneered.

“Countless martial artists who came to the Endless Abyss wanted to fly, but they failed.”

Chu Nan smiled.
He knew that Nkosi did not believe him, but he did not explain.

Although he sensed something from the change in spatial energy around this deep pit, it was his first day in the Endless Abyss after all.
Chu Nan still needed more observation, or rather, more data collection, to have hope of investigating the spatial energy environment in the Endless Abyss.
Of course, he could not be sure that he could succeed.

“Alright, go down.
When we reach the second level, I’ll find some ferocious beasts for you to practice with.
Compared to the Long-Nosed Beast, the guys on the second level are slightly stronger.”

As Nkosi introduced the situation on the second level, he brought Chu Nan and Angie Prairie into the deep pit.

The three of them walked down the spiraling path.
Angie Prairie stuck her head out and looked down.
She suddenly asked, “What do you think will happen if we jump down? Isn’t this faster?”

“You can try,” Nkosi said coldly.
“In any case, as far as I know, none of the guys who accidentally fell from here could return.”

Angie Prairie stuck out her tongue and retracted her head.

Chu Nan stretched out his head to take a look.
His feet moved and he kicked a rock down.

The rock was instantly swallowed by the darkness in the deep pit, but there was no echo at all.
It was as if a monster below had swallowed the rock.

“Don’t move.
There are still many dangers that have not been explored in the Endless Abyss.
If you probe blindly, you might trap the three of us at any time.”

Nkosi frowned and berated Chu Nan before continuing deeper.

His attitude towards Chu Nan was much better than his attitude towards Angie Prairie.

Chu Nan did not mind.
As he followed Nkosi deeper, he strengthened his senses.

In the process of that rock quickly falling into the deep pit, it triggered a very weak change in spatial energy.
However, this change could allow Chu Nan to observe the characteristics of a portion of the spatial energy in the pit.
He could even speculate the overall structure environment of the spatial energy in the pit through this change and deduce more things.

At the same time, Chu Nan had also been sensing and investigating the spatial energy in the space around him.
He discovered that as he went deeper and deeper, the spatial energy in the surrounding space became thicker and more stable.

After a certain distance, the sticky stability of the surrounding spatial energy even gave Chu Nan the illusion that this shapeless, invisible, and untouchable spatial energy had gradually condensed into a solid state!

What surprised him, even more, was that this characteristic always made him feel a trace of familiarity, but he could not remember where this familiar feeling came from.

This was a rare situation for him, because his brain was almost equivalent to the highest-level A.I..
If he wanted to find the corresponding memory in his brain, he only needed to search for it to know clearly.
The so-called inability to remember could only be said that his memory in this aspect was not deep.


As he continued to go deeper, the stagnant state of spatial energy became even more obvious.
It even began to affect the real space.
Little high-condensation and strange crystal-like items had already begun to appear on the inner wall of the deep pit.
More and more appeared, and in the end, they completely covered an entire layer.
“The energy structure in this crystal is not stable.” Angie Prairie casually broke off a crystal from the inner wall beside her and played with it in her hand.
Then, she turned to look at the dense vigilance on the inner wall and suddenly smiled, “Heh, Chu Nan, it’s equivalent to us walking in a huge pit filled with bombs.
If someone detonates one of the crystals, we’ll be buried.”

As he spoke, Chu Nan took the light blue crystal from Angie Prairie’s hand and sensed the highly condensed spatial energy inside.
He shook his head and said, “It’s not as dangerous as you think.
Although the spatial energy structure here is not that stable, it’s not that easy to completely detonate the spatial energy inside.

With a thought, Chu Nan’s Internal Breath entered the crystal.
A ball of blue light suddenly erupted from the crystal and the spatial energy contained in it instantly exploded.


It was as if a small bomb had exploded in Chu Nan’s palm.
The energy impact swept out with an air wave, blowing Chu Nan and Angie Prairie’s hair quickly, but it naturally did not cause any damage to the two of them.

“It’s not even as powerful as the full-strength strike of an Internal Breath Realm Martial Artist.
What are you afraid of?” Chu Nan opened his palm and scattered the remaining residue in it.
He raised his head to look at the inner wall of the deep pit and shook his head, “Even if it’s all blown up, it’ll at most blow up a layer of skin in this pit.
It can’t bury anyone.”

“You underestimate this thing.” The person who objected was Nkosi, who was walking in front.
He turned around and glanced at Chu Nan with deep emotions that revealed vigilance, “If you knew that an entrance had once exploded, you wouldn’t have said this.”

“Oh? It really exploded?” Angie Prairie immediately revealed an excited and curious expression, “How was the result? Was it very powerful? Buried the entire pit?”

“I don’t know the exact situation.
I only know that none of the teams who entered the pit returned alive.”

Nkosi replied coldly and led the team in silence again.

Chu Nan and Angie Prairie looked at each other.
She stuck out her tongue at him and did not ask further before obediently following behind.

The three of them quickly headed into the depths of the deep pit in silence.
Before long, they had already descended nearly a hundred meters.
When they looked up again, they could almost not see the light at the entrance of the deep pit.

In his perception, the spatial energy in the surrounding space was even more condensed.
The fluctuation also displayed a special rhythm and was no longer as chaotic as before.

However, as the energy crystals on the inner wall increased, various lights flickered, causing it to not seem so dark.

Chu Nan looked around and still felt strange.

“Hey, Nkosi, what does the level of this Endless Abyss mean? I don’t believe the asteroid we came down from previously is that deep.”

“You won’t understand even if I explain it to you now.
You’ll know when we get to the second level.”

Nkosi, who was walking in front, casually replied and suddenly pointed down.

“Look, that’s the entrance to the second level.
After passing through, you’ll reach the second level.”

Chu Nan and Angie Prairie looked in the direction Nkosi was pointing at the same time and saw a light flickering below, completely illuminating the center of the pit, but they could not see anything else.

After sensing it, Chu Nan suddenly slapped his head.

“I remember now! This thing is very similar to a stargate!”

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