1196 Try Leaving the City If You Dare?

Everyone instantly fell silent and looked at each other.

Chu Nan asked a very important question.

If he attacked in Lone Star City, it would clearly violate the rules of the Garden Hunting Assembly and he would directly lose his qualifications.

However, if they did not attack in the city and Chu Nan stayed in the city, what could they do? Could they curse him to death just by cursing?

If this guy was thick-skinned enough, there was really nothing they could do.

Seeing everyone’s reaction, Chu Nan sneered loudly.

“Heh, I haven’t seen you for a few days, but you still haven’t improved at all.
You didn’t dare to attack me in the city last time, but you still don’t dare to do it now.
You guys are really laughable.
While shouting against the royal family of the Declan Empire and even gathering to deal with those descendants of the royal family, you still don’t dare to break the rules of the Garden Hunting Assembly and look forward to obtaining a reward from the royal family of the Declan Empire.
I say even a dog is much better than you, right? At the very least, when a dog wants something, it will wag its tail to please others.
Don’t you think it’s shameful to be thinking about other people’s rewards while shouting and shouting to kill?”

Chu Nan’s words immediately made many people blush.

It should be said that what the virgin said was their true thoughts and actions.
However, no one had ever said it in front of such a group of people, causing them to subconsciously ignore this problem.

However, now that Chu Nan had exposed them, they did not even have the ability to refute them because these were all facts.

Seeing the surrounding atmosphere plummet, everyone’s expressions were more or less awkward.
The fatty at the front was anxious.
He had a thought and shouted.

“Nonsense! Everyone, don’t listen to this guy’s nonsense! What we object to is the unfair treatment of us by the royal family of the Declan Empire! With the secret help of the royal family of the Declan Empire, those shameful descendants of the royal family have conditions that are much superior to ours from the beginning, but they still claim to compete fairly with us.
This is shameful for them! However, if we attack Chu Nan in Lone Star City, it’s equivalent to taking the initiative to break the rules set.
We’ll become shameful fellows like those descendants of the royal family! Do you think we can do this?”

Chu Nan looked at the fatty in front of him and smiled.

This guy was a little quick-witted.
Although what he said was a twisted logic, the guys behind him who had been bewitched only needed a reason to lie to him.
There was no need for logic.

As expected, after he said this, everyone’s spirits clearly rose.

“Brothers, we’re different from this guy! He has completely sided with the royal family of the Declan Empire and has long become their lackey! Not only has he killed our companions, he has also helped those detestable descendants of the royal family of the Declan Empire kill our companions! Do you think he deserves to die?”

“Damn it!”

“Kill him!”

“Kid, don’t stay in the city if you have the guts! If you dare to leave the city, we’ll definitely let you die without a burial place!”

“Yes! Try leaving the city if you have the guts!”

“Oh?” Chu Nan looked at the guy who was shouting at him to die without a burial place with a smile, “In that case, if I leave the city, you’ll attack me?”

Although the surroundings were noisy, Chu Nan’s voice still spread clearly and entered everyone’s ears.

That person was stunned.
He did not expect Chu Nan to stare at him alone and ask.

In fact, he was only shouting slogans with the crowd.
In fact, he knew very well that his strength was definitely inferior to Chu Nan’s.
If he fought alone, he would definitely die.

Then, he looked at the surrounding people and became bolder.
He shouted, “Hmph! Do you think I don’t dare? Let me tell you, we don’t need to follow any rules to deal with a damned traitor and lackey like you! Not only me, but all of us will attack you! Do you dare to leave the city?”

“Why wouldn’t I dare?”

Chu Nan grinned and ignored the fatty in front of him before walking down the steps.

When he walked to the row of people at the front, Chu Nan smiled and said, “Heh, please make way and let me leave the city.”

The people blocking Chu Nan were stunned and could not help but turn to look at the fatty.

The fatty frowned and shouted sternly, “Chu Nan! You really dare to leave the city?”

Chu Nan turned to look at him and only smiled.
He could not be bothered to speak.

Turning around, he walked straight towards the city gate.

Seeing that Chu Nan was about to collide with them, the people in front of him could not help but make way.

Soon, the crowd surrounding him seemed to have been cut open by a knife, opening up a path to the city gate.

Royes, who was observing the situation in the distance, praised when he saw this.

“Heh, the last time I saw this guy walk out in front of so many people with a calm face, I felt that he was extremely handsome.
I didn’t expect to see him again! If I were him, even if I died outside the city like this, my life would be worth it!”

Beside him, Bodi glanced at him and shook his head.

“Since you don’t care about your life so much, why do you choose to give up now? Why don’t you participate in the second stage of the Garden Hunting Assembly with me? Perhaps you have a chance to last until the end.”

Bodi could not help but shake his head.

He could not understand Royes’s thoughts at all, just as he could not understand his thoughts.

While the two of them were talking, Chu Nan had already walked near the city gate.

Unlike the last time he left, the group of people behind him followed closely behind.

If anyone who did not know better suddenly saw this, they would probably think that those people were all his followers.

“Heh, Chu Nan, you can do it! Don’t die so easily!”

When Chu Nan walked below the city gate, he suddenly heard a voice from above.

He raised his head and saw a thin and dark-skinned guy waving his fists and cheering.

This person was Royes.

Chu Nan was a little surprised.
He did not expect that someone would dare to publicly support him.


He raised his head and waved at Royes before walking out of the city gate.

The group of people following closely behind him immediately walked out and instantly covered a large area of space outside the city gate from the sky to the ground.
They were dense and did not leave any gaps as they completely surrounded Chu Nan.

In the end, the fatty slowly walked out of the city gate and looked at Chu Nan who was surrounded before sneering ear-piercingly.

“Kid, since you dare to shamelessly run to be the lackey of the royal family of the Declan Empire, you should know that you’re already dead.
Brothers, attack! Kill this lackey and teach those shameful fellows of the royal family a lesson.
Let them know”

Everyone’s vision suddenly blurred and Chu Nan’s figure suddenly turned into an afterimage.

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