1156 You Don’t Have This Chance

Looking at the reactions of the surrounding people, Chu Nan shook his head and snorted heavily.

“A group of fools! So what if our noble prince can satisfy all your requests? Do you have the life to take it?”

However, although the surrounding group of people revealed a trace of hesitation after hearing Chu Nan’s words, they quickly became murderous again.

Clearly, the promise made by Prince Safnis was very important to them.
Or perhaps, they had great expectations for him.
Otherwise, as super genius martial artists from all over the Milky Way, why would they abandon all their pride and come to be his followers?

“Tsk! Barbarian from the border planet, you’re courting death if you dare to offend Prince Safnis!”

Perhaps to show his loyalty, one of them suddenly roared at Chu Nan.
His entire body emitted a blazing white light and he collided with him.


Chu Nan cursed in disdain and felt a trace of anger.

These guys were actually really planning to kill him because of Prince Safnis’ words.
Their deaths were really not worth pitying.

To think that he could not be bothered to pay attention to them just now and planned to let them live.
Now that they insisted on coming to die, there was no need to show mercy.

Seeing that person collide, various exquisite data flashed through Chu Nan’s mind and he instantly calculated that person’s momentum clearly.
He flipped his palm and his figure flashed.
He suddenly blocked in front of that person and slapped out, hitting the top of his head.

The Fourth Revolution Internal Breath in Chu Nan’s palm erupted.
As the Quicksand Star Cloud gathered a vast amount of spatial energy and circulated, the Internal Breath light around that person was instantly shattered by Chu Nan’s palm.
A crisp sound sounded from his head and his entire head instantly shattered.
His body twisted strangely in the air twice before he fell silent.

Everyone who surrounded him was shocked, but at this moment, they had already attacked.
There was no possibility of retracting their attacks.

Everyone was a genius martial artist from the Milky Way, so they naturally knew that they could not weaken their aura at this moment.
Therefore, they simply made up their minds and everyone actually erupted with their strongest combat strength at the same time.

Everyone had the same thought.
They had to firmly suppress Chu Nan from the beginning and not give this guy any chance to break through one by one.

Otherwise, with the shocking strength Chu Nan had displayed, they really did not have the confidence to kill him.

Feeling the terrifying spatial energy surging from all directions, Chu Nan sneered and threw out the dead person.
His Internal Breath circulated wildly and the Arhat Overlord Golden Body was activated again.
He completely ignored the attacks of the three people behind him.
He twisted his waist and threw a punch at a person on the left.

At the same time, several more bolts of lightning struck down from the sky, forcing the three people on the left to dodge left and right and try their best to dodge.

The person who was locked onto by Chu Nan moved around.
Although he narrowly avoided all the lightning attacks, he was forced to the front by Chu Nan and could only receive his punch head-on.

When that person saw that he could not dodge this punch, his heart shook, but he forced out a trace of ferocity in danger.
He no longer thought about how to dodge the attack and simply circulated his Internal Breath with all his might before throwing a punch.


When the two fists collided, that person’s right arm was broken inch by inch and he spat out blood.
Almost half of his upper body was crippled by Chu Nan’s punch and his body was sent flying.

Although he looked extremely miserable, he still saved his life.

When the others saw this, although they were still shocked by the powerful strength Chu Nan displayed, they could not help but feel a trace of joy.

It seemed that Prince Safnis was not wrong.
This guy had just received so many punches from him and was already at the end of his rope.

Otherwise, with the might Chu Nan had displayed when he first killed the three of them, this person would definitely not survive if he fought him head-on.

With this thought, everyone’s attacks on Chu Nan became even more intense.

As Prince Safnis had said, Chu Nan’s performance was clearly getting weaker and weaker under everyone’s attacks.
Gradually, he seemed to be unable to resist.
From time to time, he would reveal a flaw and be struck by everyone.

However, because of the protective golden light of Chu Nan’s Arhat Overlord Golden Body, these attacks did not cause any substantial damage to him.

On the surface, one could still see golden light flickering around Chu Nan, revealing a swaying appearance and looking like he would not be able to hold on at any time.

This scene immediately increased everyone’s confidence and fighting spirit.
For a moment, more than ten people displayed their divine techniques and firmly sealed Chu Nan in the middle, causing him to only be able to endure the passive defense of the golden light.
Gradually, he could not fight back.

Everyone became braver as they fought.
Prince Safnis, who was watching the battle from the side, gradually calmed down from his initial worry and beamed with joy.

Seeing that the situation had already stabilized, Prince Safnis simply calmed down and mobilized his cultivation method to recover.

According to the current situation, even if he did not attack, Chu Nan would still die in the end.
However, compared to letting him die under that group of people, it was naturally more satisfying to personally kill this guy.

Everyone continued to attack Chu Nan.
In the beginning, as the intense battle between the two sides became longer and longer, everyone gradually discovered that although Chu Nan had always seemed to be about to shatter the protective golden light in the next moment and be struck by their attacks, heavily injured or even losing his life, he had always barely endured everyone’s attacks and was not truly heavily injured.

Under everyone’s storm-like attacks, Chu Nan had been on the verge of collapse, but he did not fall.
He was like a tumbler that would never be truly knocked down.

After fighting for a period of time, everyone discovered that their Internal Breath had mostly been exhausted, but Chu Nan still maintained his appearance.
They could not help but feel anxious and flaws began to appear in their moves.

After waiting for a while, Chu Nan, who had been surrounded by everyone, suddenly spoke.

“It seems that you don’t have anything new to show me.
Then, this is the end.”

As soon as he finished speaking, golden light erupted from Chu Nan’s body.
He suddenly accelerated and instantly disappeared from everyone’s vision.

In the next moment, Chu Nan had already arrived behind one of them and slapped out, hitting his back.

That person spat out blood wildly, and his body twisted irregularly as he fell from the sky.
It was obvious that he was dead.

While the others were still in shock, Chu Nan’s figure flashed and he arrived beside another person before hitting his neck.

With a crisp cracking sound, that person’s neck tilted to the side and his head broke at a 90-degree angle.
The light of his Internal Breath instantly faded and he floated into the distance like a rock.
Clearly, he was also deader than dead.

Earlier, everyone was clearly still crazily surrounding Chu Nan and it was as if he would be killed by them at any time.
However, in the blink of an eye, he had actually killed two people in a row.
The remaining people could not help but be stunned and could not react to what was going on.

At this moment, Chu Nan stopped and glanced at Prince Safnis who was originally adjusting his breathing in the distance but was looking over in shock because of the sudden change.
He revealed a brilliant smile to him and turned to look at the less than ten people who were still alive.
He sighed and waved his hand.

“Sigh, I’m still not interested in killing.
I’ll give you another chance.
Get lost.”

The remaining people looked at each other and did not dare to hesitate anymore.
They turned around and flew in all directions.
A moment later, they all disappeared into the vast night sky.

Only then did Chu Nan turn around and look at the stunned Prince Safnis who seemed to not know how to react.
The corners of his mouth curled into a cruel sneer.

“Heh, Your Highness, those guys are only accomplices you found.
I can be merciful and let them go, but you…”

Chu Nan raised an index finger and shook it at Prince Safnis with disdain.

“There’s no such opportunity.”

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