Third Person Pov

*Location : Jacks Hell*

*Inside Castle*


In a large royal bedroom , any women who see such sight might fall in love , as a very handsome pale skin man that put even the earth most handsome models into shame , with his chiseled chest and having 10 packs abs and with physique like of an Greek god can be seen sitting in bed with book in his arms , writing something on it.

After he done with his work. When the men thrust his hand in the air suddenly , a void-like Portal tear out of space fabric which is beyond of any human comprehension and he pick up the notebook and throw it into this void portal , as if understanding its purpose has been done , it by itself close its void portal and completely fading away from the existence as if their was no void hole in the air first-place.

Jack Pov : –

sighh its really troublesome as I have do not have all the necessary knowledge of marvel universe , as I have only the knowledge of MCU version not the comic version as I have little bits knowledge of it. For now I should start to recall the events time and dates , places of the plots. It better I have wrote all of the knowledge of marvel world I know , and also plan to use all these events to gain benefits from it. Now the upcoming various events will be start in few years that is ”Captain America the first Avenger than ”Ghost Rider ” after that ”The Blade ” . So now I have to wait for Steve Rogers born until than I will explore all my system function, and trained myself and also find a way to get inside earth without attracting attention of Ancient One and Odin.

Ohh I have not received the starter pack, well my sudden isekai in marvel and gaining system excitement I have not received it properly I should accept it , now.

”System show me the things I received from yesterday starter pack ”


[Right away host.]

” Huh? , wait did i also have got my own A.I like same of those fanfic novel, will be like those slavery system. ? ”


[Host, does not need to be worried as after host has added system in applications , the system was specifically designed only to serve the host to his best and no , host I am different from those novels as every system are different types and each of the system are unique of its own and for such slavery system like those from fanfic are weak ones and are mostly control by the outer gods/R.O.B to fool and turn the users of the system into slave to do any type of task, while this system is total free control from such things and is especially served it user and make him one of the strongest being , and also the one responsible for transmigrating host in marvel world do not have any ill intent and just by wimp create me , as the creator just did What has host has instructed in applications.]

”Ooh I see I guess like other various novels It must work of ROB for my present situation, it not that I am complaining but I am thankful I didn turn into any of those slave system user , but instead I was lucky I found more than I could ever wish for and thankful for such opportunity. ”

” well than what should I call u as now u going to be with me for whole life. ”

[The host can named me.]

” Well I am not good at naming but since u are going to be with me and also serve me so than I have perfect name for u since u are based on devil system the name should be similar to it , so from now onwards u will called…DEMIURGE..a perfect name for u as a devil spirit of the system , and also due to me watching overlord in my past life I loved how demiurge serve his lord , So how is the name and also can u change your voice same as demiurge from overlord , only the voice not his personality, as his personality is something I honestly won able to find it comfortable, and also hearing your emotional robotics voice too gives me creepy feeling, so did u like the name?. ”

[.Thank you, host for naming me.]

” hahaha good, now than show me yesterday notification and also stop calling me host now call me diablo for now onwards as i wish to start a new and fresh chapter in my life . ”

[As u wish Sir.]





[Congratulations , you got bael & belial clan abilities Destruction and worthless]

[Congratulations , you got [high level demon] (like Eg- zeldris , meliodas) , abilities from Nanatsu No Taizan World.]

[Congratulations, you got soul weapon Wolfs Gravestone, from Genshin Impact World.]

[Congratulations, you got(high-level) observation haki from One Piece World.]

[Congratulations, you got panties of Roxy Migurdia from Mushoku Tensei World.]

[Congratulations, you got Avalon(Scabbard) from Type Moon World.]

”Hmm the gift from starter pack is good but…What with these panties? Demiurge care to explain me about it?. ”

[Forgive me sir, all those are items are based on luck or when situation arises when host need something to help in his situation than said item will be gift in rewards or gacha(but in low probability in gacha).]

”I don see it any useful uses now, or maybe its better Demiurge destroy the item now I got from Mushoku world, wait can the item be sold in shop?. ”

[Yes sir, any items , sir can wished to sell in shop and get soul coins from system and even the items/object of outside world can be sold in system [SHOP] function , in return u will get soul coins for the price of the said items.]

”okay than sell it, quickly. ”


[Host has got 5000 soul coins]


”WHAT the fck with amount value of it as 5000 soul coin is not low amount , hey Demiurge what is the value of panties? what is the special about it that I got this much amount of soul coins?. ”

[Sir, the item Panties of Roxy Migurdia is very popular amongst the otakus like rudeus Greyrat one such otakus who is also refer by Sir as ”The pathetic cuckold bitch ” and also the panties when wearing as undergarments or wearing in users head, the user will get boost in water magic(Eg- For low novice mage rank they will be 25x times powerful than other novice rank mages and also can defeat a group of high tier intermediate rank mage and even defeat a inexperienced low High tier mage , and for low High rank mage they will be 12x times powerful and able to defeat an army of high rank mage and also powerful enough to inflict major injury on Grandmaster mage rank if taken by surprise , but it will be useless for mages who are beyond high rank , this item is very much used by novic rank mages.]




”…sighh, Demiurge whenever if such items in form of like the panties , immediately sell this item in shop. Okay , Now let forget about it and look at other things I have got. ”

” Now Extract all of it one and one and no need for any full details as I already have knowledge and information on all this as these are quite famous in back in my previous life , but only display the ability names of its. ”


[You have acquired Destruction and worthless clan trait the ability are being fused in host.]







[Process completed] [My Lord , u can check it in your [skills & abilities] function to get proper understanding and information of the skill.]



[Does host wish to fused high rank demon bloodline (From nanatsu No Taizan World)]

[Sir , your race will change after fusing with these bloodline as the demon bloodline, especially of high rank is from Nanatsu No Taizan World which from different universe and these bloodline now in marvel universe and also fusing with it , will entirely change Sir Race into much more , it will create a new race that ever seen in marvel universe , in short u will one of your only kind in future if u have descendents with your blood , they won be able to denied your orders and you can even kill them with one thought as your progenitor of the new race so u have complete control of of descendents]

”okay than , will it be any harmful for my body and also I know that after fusing with it , I will be complete anomaly in this universe after all this going against the rules of marvel universe, I guess it won be long before I am in radar of One below all and his other half OAA and especially beyonder ”.

[No sir , no harm will come to you.]




[The high rank demon bloodline is being synchronize in host body]

[All high level rank demon abilities acquired namely –

1. Power of Darkness.

2. Purgatory Fire.

3. Soul Stealing.

4. Indura Transformation.

5. Control of Lesser Demon.

6. Possession.

7. Demon Mode.

”hmm good , also Demiurge next time the ones which i don know of only introduce the name in short , kay. ”

[Yes, sir].


[Wolfs Gravestone Sword is transferred to User Inventory, the user can check in it.]

[Beware , Host will experience slight headache, when acquiring(high level) observation haki, Does Host wish to proceed.]

”Yes , do it. ”







”khukk, cough..damn I don know how to say describe these feeling , it like having daredevil super sense but much more powerful , like able to see any hidden corners of any place with the range of above 1000 km in dome shape from my point and like having invisible eyes inside this range of my , looking all my surrounding in one , I can see clear image of outside of castle just being inside of my room. Since its high level , as top user of observation haki user can see future by few seconds or more as their no limit in it , also can distinguish people Personality by their aura whether he/she is good or bad person , and even can read thoughts of the people. Demiurge can u tell which level now I am? ”

[My Lord, The observation is upgradible and has no limit if a user is not restricted by his race or by being stuck at bottleneck and unable to proceed , and experts like Edward Newgate who can see 10 second of future ,if he train more and didn have any bottleneck or Super Talent like you Sir than he can see more than seconds in future as observation haki has no limit, as during Ace execution only mihawk with his unknown level of haki was able to sense shanks arrival than others observation haki experts , which means host can develop his observation haki to unlimited if he is not stop by bottleneck or having no talent , in which you Sir having with no limit without any worry of being stuck in bottleneck and having super talent can train his observation to infinity, but still beware , my lord high level beings can deduced that someone is spying them, but won be able to find you since you are shielded, but they will know they are being spied.]

”Damnn , soo these is the feeling of being OP its like being Omnipresent , but still I know their are beings, who can hide from my observation haki with their powers, okay bring the next item. ”

[Does host wish to bind , Avalon(Scabbard) in his soul?]

”Yes. ”


[Its done , My Lord.]

”Having my previous Regeneration , and now adding high rank demon regeneration(from Nanatsu No Taizan) plus Avalon doesn it make me unkillable , other than cosmic being or destroying my soul no one can kill me.


”Hmm , yes Demiurge , what is it. ”

[Sorry of sudden interrupting, Sir you have more rewards waiting to be received.]


”What, their is more? , wasn this much was given to me in starter pack. which rewards are u talking about? ”

[Sir, its for completing Hidden Quest.]

[Be The Hell Lord , Become one of Hell Lord in marvel world.

Rewards : Persain Heretic God Verethragna all Powers and abilities , chains of heaven endiku(modified).]

[One of a kind , being the only being with unknown unique race that the marvel world has ever witnessed.

Rewards: Five-leaf clover grimoire(modified) , soul- weapon: Singer Sword of Inori.]


[Sir, you can keep all types of swords in the grimoire , as by doing these , the swords can gain boost and many types of buffs like slaying effects against gods and demons and other minors things , and also the grimoire contains many uncountable numbers of magic sword arts skills and spells.]

[Does user wish to extract it.]

”damn , whenever I get something from system it is always OP rewards not that I complaining. ”


[Chains of heaven , endiku is linked with User soul now.]



[Sir beware , as now you are going to fused a god all abilities so the process will be painful.]

”Well no pain, no gain , just do it. ”



[Transferring all powers of Verethragna to host in



1 ]

”khukhh ahhhhhhh damn i painful…..shit I am losing my consciousness , Demiurge take care of me until I wak….e…u..p…. ”

[Yes, Sir leave it to me.]

*After 5 hours later*

” hmmm ”

”haaaaa ”

”Demiurge? ”

[Yes , Sir.]

”Did someone happen when I was unconscioused?. ”

[No, Sir nothing happened, Sir your physical strength has grown tremendously and also your massive increase in magic power too and a unknown source energy is found inside your body, after scanning it , from the results it is identified as divine energy , in short Sir u are now a part God now , and also do u want to name your race now.]

”hmm being a progenitor of new demon race and again becoming a god , well what can I expect I have long ago give up on my bullshit situation , I should go with the flow , so for the new race name it , Demon God as their no demon race with such name other than those called evil elder gods , so Demon God , sounds good as me being a God race and also a new progenitor of new demon race I should named myself such as that, in future I guess my descendents and my people would worship ma hahaha ,well joke aside is it done? ”


[Yes, Sir.]

”After getting so much good stuffs and OP rewards I don think it will take time for me being one of powerhouse amongst the hell lords and also in universe. ”I said while smiling thinking about my future.

”Okay , than Demiurge start a new training program of for me , plan the best and effective training plan for both in magic area and physical area , utilising my full capacity of my super talent and seed of limit(oh I kept it in my inventory , I should eat it)as this is marvel world , the cutthroat world where anything can happen any second, where even human can kill cosmic being, where mental ill beings like the purple potato snapping his fingers and erasing half of the people in universe. And I don want to be a lamb that is waiting to be Butcher by such retards.


*In Earth*

*Location : Nepal*


???? Pov

”Something is happening , the timeline of the future is changing, someone is changing the future and the culprit of it, can be even locate by Eyes Of Agamotto, the one who cause this must be powerful enough to hide themself from time stone itself. which is very worrying news as no being can hide from infinity stone especially not from time stone, not even gods can hide themself from time stone, not even King of Asgard Odin Or heimdall the watchman of gods , this work must be of cosmic beings or the anomaly who must use powerful artifact that is able to hide from sight of time stone….sighh I am getting too old for this shit when I will get holiday , ooh strange when will u come , I have to wait for another decade for strange to take this mes-cough responsibility , hmm my sweet honey tea must be ready by now ”. Said a bald lady

[The Ancient One(Yao)

Age : – unknown , maybe a few hundred years.

Affiliation/Position : – Masters of the Mystic Arts , The Supreme Sorcerer.

Fetish/likes/hobbies : – peeping on people future like a pervert , Drinking tea addict , being a mysterious bitch , throwing people in illusion magic in surprise(like with strange). ]


Author Note

. As U know my MC is demon , so he will do some things like manipulating , scheme such and that , he won be some goody old shoes , as he is devil and he will help someone for his own benefits and gains, so don compare him with heroes as he is not hero , but something line of anti-evil neutral , in near future u might see netori scene where MC cucking others, this netori means he will steal the womens , he will not share as he obsessive towards his womens and also I hate such disgusting things like sharing/netorare , or being c*uckolds themselves. And let leave these topic and also yes womens he will have harem..Yes u heard me right a harem a big ass family pack harem , I have put harem tag so I hope that non harem readers will not shout like its heresy , its blasphemy , Something like that in the comments section. Also I will not have some Pokemon picking harem where MC found female and he will pick up like he is throwing some poke ball and catching them , I hate harem where their is no chemistry or romance in it as girl in that harem are no different from Having some barbie doll or trophies , not happening in this fan fic , yes it will huge harem but after establishing nice romance and chemistry with the women properly MC will have her in harem as for who are in harem it will added in auxiliary chapter as the story goes by and when MC established connection with the women he likes.

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