Inside a house , in a dark dim room of the second floor of the house , a 18 year old boy with lean yet muscular body while wearing white tank top with Boxers , and looking at his computer screen while wearing spectacles could be seen intently focusing in his computer , in the computer a movie was being played that is Avengers: EndGame this was his fifth time watching.

As the Scene were played were Tony Stark aka Iron Man snapped his fingers which brought the end of the Thanos aka The Purple Potato along with his army , moving back to Scene where Tony Stark funeral is held.

”No matter how much time I see this movie , its still best amongst all the movie franchise of marvel , specially the scene when Captain America spoke ”Avengers Assemble ” damn just seeing whole different levels of war brought chills down my spine , haaa man but no matter how much time I see the scene where doctor strange show the one of his finger to Tony , which Tony come to realisation the meaning of it , bring tears in my eyes , damn it if their was another way than Tony don have to die , or Morgan stark wouldn have to grow without any father figure. ”

” And their many pot holes like what happens after Steve goes back to time to reunite with Peggy Carter doesn it affects timeline , won it brought attention of TVA , does Steve have childrens with Carter or the part how did he hide from the eyes of hydra and sheild when he gone back in time as he spending time with one of founder of shield Peggy won he be found out?? damn it so confusing haaa. ” Said Jack William

” I feel bad for Morgan , now she would grow up without any father figure in her life, no matter what no one replace their father figure , poor Morgan I hope if their was part were Morgan and Tony could interaction between them it would be great as child without their parents is really…., haaa I know these as what its feel like without having your parents in your life. ” spoke Jack softly while staring at one photoframe where an 3 people can be seen in picture while one the person who is male in his 40s year can be seen standing while having same similarities face as Jack but look much older in this picture, he could be seen smiling and a happiness can be seen from his face and by his right side, a Mid 30 year old woman with long black hair wearing a khaki straw hat with having a tender smile looking lovingly at a small child, who is like 5~7 years old is laughing while playing with the toys in his hands.

Jack sighed sadly while seeing it.

”I miss both of u ” whisper Jack while emotionally look at his family picture.

”How many years it been hmm , 12 years huh . ” said Jack reminiscing his past

” My parents , Mark William and Elsa William , my dad was successful Business man he was respected and praise by people in business market for his management skill and his leadership and my mom was an well know famous doctor she was loved by everyone in her hospital for kindness and for helping the poor who doesn have money to do operation in free specially for childrens , they both died in an accident that occurred on 12th December , they were coming to home….that day the weather was bad and its snowing heavily people find difficulty in driving in such weather , my parents after finishing their work they were coming in home as I was alone with my uncle and aunt , I have request them to come quickly as I feeling lonely without my parents , so than accident happen when my dad driving the car unexpectedly a car came suddenly in front of their car , my father at last moment cannot move or press brake as due to snow it stuck car tires which make the car unable to move and the car crash right in middle of dad car. ”

” Its was after 2 hours I got the news from uncle as cops called him …that day something inside of me broke , I hurry up with my uncle to hospital where my parents are , after reaching their I got the news that both of them couldn make it ,That day my whole world was slip up from me I don what to do , I scream , cried hitting anyone the doctor, cops or the nurse who said that my parents are dead I couldn accept it I denied it. ”

” After that I start to live with my uncle house as my uncle was brother of my mother so he taken my responsibility to take care of me until I am grown up enough to take care of myself and also I will be able acquired my parents fortune they left behind , when I turned 16 , I was mature enough for people of my age after I experienced that tragic night , I was thankful for uncle who take care of me so I decided to lived alone as my aunt was frustrated from my presence and she was also greedy for my parents money and was planning to take away my rights , so I from my help of my family lawyer decide to give 12% of what I owned to my uncle and and making education fund for his children as a thanks for taking care of me, I have put forward condition with my lawyer help, so that my aunt won be able to lay her hands on the money education or forced money from uncle after he retired from his job.

”So after completing my studies I decided to manage and while managed my father business and while doing charity

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