A public trial has begun.

Negative testimony and evidence are piling up against Empress Lethenia.
People blamed the empress for poverty, plague, and all the other terrible things that happened.

Before she knew it, her death was drawing near.

Asha’s emperor and her husband, Ian Hart, remained indifferent as he watched the empress being insulted.

He had a cruel attitude, as if he had no feelings left for the woman he once loved ardently.

However Rosetine, the emperor’s beautiful mistress, read a small hesitation in the emperor’s eyes.

She took the emperor’s hand and nodded her head as if telling him to decide quickly.

At the desperate gaze of his lover, the emperor regained his cold reason.

He sentenced his wife to death.
The people cheered the emperor’s decision.
Some were relieved that the bad luck surrounding Asha would disappear, while others said that such a woman should be killed most brutally.

Now all she had left was a terrible death.

Lethenia smiled and raised a corner of her mouth at the sight of them wanting to kill her so badly.

“Kill that wicked witch now!”

On the day of the burning, thunder rumbled off in the dark sky.
Soon the rain began to fall.

She was tied to a rope and taken to the stake.
People jeered at the abominable witch and threw filth at her.

The beautiful silver hair smelled dirty because it had dirty things on it.
Then, she was hit by something hard and heavy.
Blood flowed over her forehead.
Her head rang.

Her blood-curdling rage and despair forced her to take deep breaths.
Then the black mark on her chest, climbing up to her neck and up to her cheeks, became clearer.

Those who saw it screamed in horror.
They went into a frenzy and told them to burn the witch away as soon as possible.

It was noisy.
Raging cries to kill her, ridicule of strangers, and the children’s crying made a chaotic atmosphere… The rain intensified.

Lethenia would rather be deaf to the unpleasant noise.

Tired, she slowly closed her eyes.
She didn’t want to be reborn as anything.
She wanted to disappear permanently. Can I relax now?

At that moment, a strange voice of unknown origin came from somewhere.
It was a sound that only she could hear.


For a moment, all the scenes turned black and the noisy surroundings became quiet.

The screaming crowd, who had lost their reason, the terrible burning stake where she was tied tightly, the gloomy sky full of dark clouds and the loud sound of rain were all gone.


The unpleasant laughter coming from nearby heightened the fear.

She looked around, but she couldn’t see anyone.
Only her sense of hearing became more sensitive in the dark.
The laughter was drawing nearer.

The sticky hot air surrounded her.
She instinctively perceived danger.

Her whole body stiffened as if it had become a tiny mouse caught alive by a poisonous snake.

Soon after, the unidentified entity began to whisper an incomprehensible strange spell.

At that moment, something tore into her chest and dug into her heart.
That’s how she lost her heart.

The sharp blade danced around and tore her heart into pieces.
The pain gave her shivers all over her body.

She felt suffocated and dizzy, to the extent that she wished she would die sooner rather than later.

She wanted to scream, but no voice came out.

Her eyes, which never shed tears even after being dragged to the brazier under false accusations, were now filled with tears.

She was in extreme pain that humans could not even imagine.
All she could do was pray earnestly in her heart.

Please kill me, anyone.

Then, she felt warm and soft hands resting on her forehead.

A bright light that seemed to dispel all the bad things that were shining upon her. 

The hand came down from his forehead, caressing her cheek and stroking her lips.
It was a very pleasant and warm touch.

Maybe it was God who was trying to get her out of the devil’s pit.
She was anxious to hold on to that touch.

The pressure that had been tightening her breath loosened.
The pain from ripping her heart also gradually subsided.
The grotesque laughter faded away with the unpleasant air.

The extreme fear she had just felt receded and her breath began to stabilize again.
But she faced a strange emptiness.

The pain disappeared, but it was sad that the heart that was taken could never be recovered.

The touch of salvation grew farther and farther away.

Don’t go.

She wanted to hold on, but her voice still didn’t come out.
The lingering sense of soft a

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