In half a month, that variety show would begin shooting.
And she would get busy shooting for it in the coastal city five days a week.

Shi Yin felt that the recording time of this variety show was too perfect, and this would help her avoid the embarrassment of a newlywed couple who didn’t have any emotional foundation.

When Shi Yin was busy practicing her cell rang, and the caller id was “Meng Ran”.

Meng Ran was the agent of the female lead in the original book.
Although she was a woman, she still had neat short hair with heroic looks. 

Shi Yin picked up the call and said, “Hello.”

Meng Ran cleared her throat and asked, “Can you hear me? I am going to pick you up.”

Shi Yin frowned and asked, “Pick me up now? Is there any appointment?”

While sitting in the car, Meng Ran raised her slender finger and grubbed her forehead.

“Did you not remember that today you are going to shoot the cover of a magazine?”

Shi Yin, “…”

It was not that she had forgotten, it was just that she didn’t even know about it.

There was no such shoot mentioned in the novel!

“Ohh, I remember…” Shi Yin vaguely answered, “Then…I am going to take a bath now.”

Shi Yin immediately hung up the call and ran into the bathroom.

After waiting for more than an hour for Shi Yin outside her door, Meng Ran opened the car door and wanted to get out and look.

“I’m here! I’m here!” Shi Yin trotted over in high heels, while flexibly lifting her skirt.

As soon as Shi Yin got in the car, her little assistant quickly handed the bottle of mineral water to her.

“Sister Yin Yin, drink water!”

Shi Yin smiled, and took a few sips, she was feeling thirsty.

Meng Ran told Shi Yin, “I just 

heard that their prince was going to come with two of his friends.
When he comes, Yin Yin, don’t get distracted.”

Shi Yin frowned, and asked, “Why would I get distracted if he comes? Do any of them have an immortal beauty?”

Meng Ran mysteriously said, “As far as I know, you know one of the two friends of the prince.
The person is someone you have always liked and missed.”

Shi Yin’s mind blanked for a second, and then she understood.

“You mean Zhou Si Yang?” 

Meng Ran raised her eyebrows, and said, “Every time you look at him with such an obsessed look, like in your eyes there is nothing more important than him.”

“But today’s shooting is very important, if you get a good response, your popularity will improve by several levels! In the future, you will not have to worry about getting high-end brand endorsements.”

“So, today you have to perform well, and not get distracted by him.”

Hearing Meng Ran’s words, Shi Yin couldn’t laugh or cry.

She teasingly smiled and assured Meng Ran.

“I will think about it at that time!”

Meng Ran grabbed Shi Yin’s neck and pressed her into her arms.

“Ohh, after not seeing you for a few days, the little girl learned to tease Brother Ran.”

Shi Yin raised her head and resisted the urge to move out from Meng Ran’s clutch.
She deliberately cast a wink at her, and yelled, “Brother Ran!”

Meng Ran pushed Shi Yin away while vomiting disgustingly, “You! Shut up!”

Shi Yin leisurely sighed, she knew that Meng Ran couldn’t stand that kind of high pitch voice the most.

The assistant sitting next to her couldn’t help giggling.

Meng Ran squinted her eyes and said, “Xiao Meng!”

Xiao Meng instantly shut her mouth, her face flushed red holding back her laugh.

After traveling some distance, the car broke down in the middle of nowhere.

And the agreed time for the shooting was approaching, if they couldn’t arrive on time then the shooting would be delayed, and they not only have to be accountable for the excess costs but it would also be considered as a breach of the contract. 

And they would have to compensate the other party for the liquidated damages.

The saddest thing was that there were not many cars passing by on the road.
It was hard to rent a car there.

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