In the large well-decorated room, a white-haired elderly man was sitting on the main seat.

And on his right side, a middle-aged couple and their daughter were sitting.
And on his left, leaving a vacant seat apart, a handsome young man was sitting. 

There was a middle-aged housekeeper, who was standing behind the elderly man.

Although the room was very big, there were only a few people in it.

Today was a small family dinner, they didn’t invite any other relatives or friends.
Both families mainly wanted to discuss the engagement of Zhou Si Yang, the only grandson of the Zhou family with the Shi’s daughter Shi Yin.

At the moment, Shi Yin was looking at Zhou Si Yang, who was sitting like a sculpture with a stupid expression and playing with his mobile phone.

“Wu Kang.” the elderly man asked in a deep voice, “When will Cheng Yuan arrive?” 

As soon as the old man asked, the door was opened.
A man with a pale face was pushed inside the room in a wheelchair. 

The man nodded his head to everyone present, and in an apologetic voice said, “Sorry, I am late.”

“It’s not too late, hurry and sit down.” Shi Yin’s mother, Tang Yu Lin smiled and spoke.

“Okay, now we are all here,” Elder Zhou waved his hand, and said, “Wu Kang, let people serve the food.”

“Okay, Lord.” Wu Kang said, and the servant went to serve the food.

“It’s a life-long event for Yin Yin and Si Yang, I think we should listen to what they both mean and see when they want to settle down.” Old man Zhou Jin Feng spoke.

Shi Ming Yuan nodded and said, “I agree.”

Zhou Jin Feng cordially shouted, “Yin Yin?” 

Shi Yin didn’t respond.

Several people looked at her waiting for her response.
Tang Yu Lin, who was sitting next to her, quickly raised her hand under the table and twisted Shi Yin’s thigh.

Immediately, Shi Yin came back to her senses and screamed in pain.

Shi Yin looked in confusion at the strange faces that were present in the room.

Her mind was blank. Who was she? Where was she? What was going on? Who were these guys? 

“What do you want to say to Grandpa? Do you have any thoughts on this marriage between you and Si Yang?” Tang Yu Lin promptly tried to redeem the situation.

Shi Yin gave a dumbfounded look, and tentatively asked, “With whom?”

“Si Yang!” 

Tang Yu Lin tried to maintain her smile and snarled in Shi Yin’s direction and reminded her, “Don’t you always tell me that the biggest dream in your life is to marry, Brother Si Yang?”

Shi Yin frowned listening to those words.  

Wait a minute! Why was this name so familiar? Even the sentence was so similar? 

Shi Yin instantly looked at the person sitting opposite her, and in an uncertain voice asked, “Zhou Si Yang?”

Looking away from his phone, Zhou Si Yang raised his eyebrows and asked, “What?”

This person was Zhou Si Yang?!

Wasn’t that the name of the scumbag male protagonist in that tragic and sadistic book that she had just finished reading? 

What was going on?!

Shi Yin hurriedly stood up, shocking Tang Yu Lin who was sitting next to her. 

Tang Yu Lin hastily pulled her hand and signaled her to quietly sit down, but Shi Yin threw away her hands.

Covering her belly, with a painful expression she said, “Sorry, I have to go to the bathroom.” 

Before anyone could say anything, Shi Yin rushed out of the room.

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