Shi Ming Yuan cleared his throat and cautiously said, “Yin Yin is just stepping into the entertainment industry.
And it would be good if she could not expose her marriage first.
For celebrities, romance and marriage have a great impact on their careers, so if she could wait for a while…”

Zhou Jin Feng nodded and said, “I understand what you mean.”

“But, this is Cheng Yuan’s marriage after all…” Master Zhou added, “We still have to listen to his thoughts first and see what he wants.”

In fact, Zhou Jin Feng minded it.

Who could be selfless??

Although he knows that his youngest son was a sick child, he also knew that Shi Yin, a well-known eldest girl who married Cheng Yuan, was a bit wronged.
No one knew when she would become a widow.

But since they agreed to the marriage, Zhou Jin Feng naturally wanted to have a grand event so that everyone would know that his son Zhou Cheng Yuan had married a good wife.

This was originally a festive event, why should it be hidden??

But this was just his personal opinion.
Shi Ming was not a member of the Zhou family, so naturally, he had different ideas.

Besides, he had selfish intentions, and Shi Ming Yuan had nothing to do with him.

Who would want to marry her healthy daughter who was still in her early twenties to a terminally ill patient who could die at any time? 

Who didn’t want to choose a good and healthy son-in-law for their daughter?

If Shi Ming Yuan had other ways to save the company, he would never have come to the point of selling his daughter for benefit.

He was already very sorry for his daughter, and now he could only try his best to seek the greatest benefit for his daughter.

Shi Ming Yuan had thought of all retreats for her daughter.

After Zhou Jin Feng said that, the eyes of several people fell on Zhou Cheng Yuan, who was quietly sitting in a wheelchair silently listening to them.

Zhou Cheng Yuan’s face was pale.
Although he was tall, maybe because of the disease he looked very thin and weak.

Zhou Chen Yuan pondered for a moment before raising his eyes and looking quietly at Shi Yin. 

Shi Yin blinked and innocently stared at him.

At the moment, Shi Yin only cared about whether she could marry him or not.
And she had no opinion regarding the issue.

Anyway, even if the news of her marriage became public, she would eventually become single again. 

Hiding or not hiding would have no effect on her.
It would be even better if her marriage with Zhou Cheng Yuan could help her block other peach blossoms, it didn’t seem bad.

Zhou Cheng Yuan watched the innocent blink and suddenly a very faint smile appeared on the corners of his lips.

He unhurriedly said, “Yes…As long as Shi Yin is good, she can do anything.”

Hearing it, Shi Yin was surprised.
And the villain in her heart was yelling happily in circles.

Does this man like to pet his wife?!

A few days ago, he told her in a text message, “As long as you like it, you can do whatever you want.” 

Now, in front of several elders, he said it again, “As long as Shi Yin is good, she can do anything.”

What kind of fairy man is this?!

Now that Zhou Cheng Yuan had said so, Zhou Jin Feng couldn’t say anything to oppose him.

So Zhou Jin Feng had no choice but to compromise, but in the end, he made one simple request, and that was to ask Shi Yin and Zhou Cheng Yuan to get a marriage certificate.

The Zhou family had already compromised, to not hold the wedding.
So Shi Ming Yuan didn’t dare to ask too much. 

Anyway, after Zhou Cheng Yuan’s death, Yin Yin would be single again.
And at that time the Zhou family wouldn’t be able to do anything to her.

Therefore, Shi Ming Yuan didn’t refuse Zhou Jin Feng’s request.

Afterward, the two families discussed when Shi Yin would move in.

Because of Zhou Cheng Yuan’s health, Zhou Jin Feng wanted Shi Yin to quickly complete the marriage with Zhou Cheng Yuan and move in as soon as possible. 

After all, for Zhou Cheng Yuan, each day was counting.

Therefore, for this marriage, Zhou Jin Feng decided to skip the step of getting engaged. 

And directly checked the almanac to choose the nearest good date to get married.

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