ewy arms stood out.

That kind of body never fails to make her feel strange and make her heart yearn for no reason.

Recognizing the situation, Cherryl turned her eyes elsewhere instead of observing the man.

“This is my one and only daughter, Cherryl.
She was as famous for her beauty as her mother.”

Marquis Milose introduced her to the man with exaggerated hand gestures.

“—and, this is the Grand Duke of Blkanov.” Her father continued.
“She is a visitor from the far North, so please treat them with respect.”


As sweat trickled down Cherryl’s forehead, she turned her attention back to the man.

He had a rough and dangerous aura in him despite his handsome exterior.

“No wonder I felt strange.”

This must have been Kade Blkanov, the main character of the original novel.

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She initially thought of him as an older man.

‘Why did someone from the North—the leader of these bandits- come to visit this remote area in the central region?’

The suspicions she couldn’t bring herself to utter wandered at the tip of her tongue.

Pushing away from the clutter of unnecessary thoughts, Cherryl greeted them kindly.

“Nice to meet you, Your Grace.” The man’s thick eyebrows furrowed slightly.
“It’s an honor to be in your presence along with the Marquis.”

“Huh? Wait a minute.”

Cherryl picked up one strange thing.

What did they mean by ‘the Great Duke of Blkanov?

Did he become a Duke?

It’s a bit different from what she knew from the original novel, and she sounded awkward even if she said it herself.

Cherryl stared at a circle on the pretty wall in front of her before scrutinizing the man carefully.

He smirked and put down his glass of wine.

“You seem suspicious, My Lady.” The man said in a deep baritone.

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He sounded cold due to the inflection of his Northern accent but it was clear and understandable.

Cherryl focused on the man nervously.
“Did you think being a chief of the bandits fit you better than noble deeds of a Great Duke?”

The man let out an amused laugh and for her, it was a heart-breaking moment.

In an instant, Cherryl felt like a little rabbit standing in front of a carnivore.

But then, a more honest response came to the surface.

“Do I look better as a bandit than a duke, My Lady?”

She wanted to get a mirror and show the man his own reflection.

Yes, he was handsome, but he was obviously the head of these bandits.

Why would he make himself as high as the aristocrats in this Empire?

Even in the original novel, he was a man who commanded thousands of bandits.

Cherryl answered unknowingly.

She replied in a small voice that was close to a sigh.

Icy silence followed, and Cherryl felt all their attention was on her.

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