ot all dressed up.

 The elegant dress showed her womanly curves all too well, while the silver-blonde hair cascading behind her waist was the icing on the cake.

Not wanting to get carried away from contrasting emotions, Cherryl shook her head.

“Well, I’d like to change my ring.”

She wasn’t comfortable wearing thumbnail-sized jewelry on her ring, so she took a simple silver ring from the jewel box.

It was her deceased mother’s heirloom that she cherished so much.

Cherryl couldn’t wear it often because she was afraid it would wear out, but she always felt comforted with it on her ring finger whenever she was sad or anxious.

“This isn’t my first life, so I’m confident everything would work out.”

Is this for real? 

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She reincarnated, but she was already sold to an unknown bandit because of his greedy father and stepmother!


Even her second life wasn’t normal either.

Cherryl’s past life was a long distant future from now.

The modern era had airplanes flying in the sky and communicating with people on the other side of the world with a snap of a finger.

She grew up as an orphan who had dreamed of endless possibilities but instead, she died of infectious disease after a year of doing homework and chores.

It was such a humble and sad life a twenty-three-year-old could express in one sentence.

It was a miracle to open her eyes again and become a newborn baby.

“Cherryl.” That’s what the warm-hearted beauty she believed to be her mother had said.
“Your name is Cherryl Milose.”

It wasn’t until a couple of years later that Cherryl realized that she was reincarnated in a book she enjoyed reading in her past life–a tragic novel entitled ‘Descendants of Fallen Heroes.’

Her current reality felt ridiculous, but Cherryl’s life wasn’t as bad as her past.

She was the only child of a wealthy aristocratic family and a caring mother by her side.

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Her biological mother was a woman of great character and deeply admired by everyone.

 She was a famous beauty in the Empire and a senior graduate at the Academy. 

She died of illness even before Cherryl reached puberty.

She thought her life would go smoothly, but it had become twisted little by little since then. 

A vulgar woman had replaced the vacancy her biological mother had left and bullied her for no reason.

She wasn’t just a stranger but a thief…

“I’m just guessing, but I’m still wary of the situation.”

For now, she hoped it would be just a meal with her father’s friend, just as Lucy said.

“What does this mean?”

Suddenly, the ground trembled as if there was an earthquake.

The sound of hooves from galloping horses followed.

Men had ridden their horses fiercely as if the devil was at their heels.

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