Chapter 029: Student, have you heard about Tom Sue? 1.29

It shouldn’t be.

He hasn’t even said anything.

Luo Ling’s family was also hiding his identity.
There was still the System to help cover the tracks, so it was impossible for anyone to know his identity.

This newly recognized Little Brother seemed to be a bit of a show off ah.

Yin Siqi didn’t get their thoughts.
She glanced at Luo Ling, then she sneered.

“Scare me to death? Heh… As if this rubbish outfit can really scare me to death.”

The mocking tone changed to a vicious tone.

“In the end, what gave you the courage to dare to come here, too? Don’t you think it’s not shameful enough? Aren’t you afraid that others won’t know that you’re poor?”

Luo Ling’s face changed.
His originally harmless expression instantly became indignant.

Luo Ling clutched his chest, feeling hurt.

Knowing that he was poor, yet still stabbing his heart.
It was really bad, and anger-inducing!

Luo Ling bulged his face and said, “You hate me for being poor, then you can make me not poor if you have the ability.”

Even if he was really poor, he didn’t hinder anyone, truly.

Looking at the Supporting Female Lead who was stunned by his words, Luo Ling started educating her with meaningful and heartfelt words.

“As a lady, you should have a little self-cultivation to be able to get married.
If your parents knew that you were like this, they would cry.”

“Furthermore, the rich and the poor in this society are all human beings.
I didn’t eat your home’s rice.
How can you, a young lady, maliciously hurt other people’s feelings in this way?”

At the final part, Luo Ling took on the posture of an elder and sighed, “You won’t be able to get married, child.”

Wang Chang and the others were surprised to hear the tone of “hating iron for not becoming steel” and they all just wanted to give Luo Ling a thumbs up.

Having been educated, Yin Siqi’s face turned from green to pale, then from pale to black.
Her expression on her face went from unsightly to distorted.

She pointed at Luo Ling with her other hand on her waist, and her nose was about to become crooked.

“Y-You, you bastard, just you wait.
This young lady must humiliate you.”

Step-by-step, she walked towards the Security Guard at Lafayette’s door, then she took out a black gold card from her bag.
After that, she said a few words.

The Security Guard immediately took out a walkie-talkie and began to report something inside.

After a while, a group of people came out of Lafayette.

The leading person’s suit was well-ironed and he looked to be in his forties.
He looked like an elite executive.

Luo Ling crossed both of his hands in front of his chest and muttered in an upset manner, “Isn’t this what is commonly known as ‘beating the small one and the older one comes’1?”

“Pfft…” Wang Chang and the others laughed out loud, one after another.
Their worries just now disappeared in an instant.

The way they looked at Yin Siqi also became weird.

Yin Siqi, who turned around, didn’t pay attention to their expressions.
She pointed towards Luo Ling and ordered the people who followed.

That’s him.
You properly teach him a lesson for this Miss.
A poor nobody dared to fight with this Miss and dared to come here.
What the hell.”

Yin Siqi especially disliked Luo Ling and wished that she could k!ll him directly.

It was just that she came in a hurry today and didn’t bring anyone with her.

As for Wang Chang, he was just the son of the dog under her father.

If he dared to bark, she would ask her dad to kill the dog.

The strong black aura surrounded Yin Siqi, almost covering her entire face.

Luo Ling was shocked, how dark could her thoughts be ah?

It’s too scary, okay?

Sure enough, the saying ‘a woman’s heart is the most poisonous’ was not false.

Of course, not all of them, but Luo Ling just happened to meet one.

After listening to Yin Siqi’s words, Lafayette’s Lobby Manager immediately informed the Security Guard, “You guys, follow Miss Yin’s words and properly take care of it.”

After speaking, he turned his head to Yin Siqi and gave a flattering nod.

“Miss Yin, I’m really sorry.
It was our fault that you encountered such a bad thing today.”

“In this way, your consumption today is all on me as a little apology.
I hope that you don’t take offense.”

She’s the mayor’s only daughter.
The Manager must take care of her well.
Later, when he wanted to achieve success in his career, would he still be afraid of difficulty in the future?



beating the small one and the older one comes – it’s like how you beat the other child and the child went to complain to their parent, so now the parent came to teach you a lesson.

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