Chapter 024: Student, have you heard about Tom Sue? 1.24

“Mom, how terrifying.” Looking back at the group of people who followed behind him, Luo Ling screamed even more in fright.

“Ahhhhhh, don’t chase me.
I didn’t do anything, please let me go.”

While running, Luo Ling wailed inside his heart, ‘What was this all about ah.’

‘Tong’er, very urgent ah, so urgent ahh, extremely urgent ah.’

The voices calling out to him from behind, one after another, made Luo Ling dare not stop at all.

Too tragic.

Who did he provoke?

Why was it so difficult to go to school?

Luo Ling raised his head to the sky with a deep sigh.
He accelerated his speed, his footsteps flying in the air.

Turning east and dodging west, when Luo Ling was about to become crippled, the road ahead finally came to an end.

Luo Ling, who was looking up at the towering wall: “…”

This luck was also remarkable.

He bitterly turned his head around and leaned against the wall.
“Umm, if you have something to say, you have to talk about it.
A gentleman uses his mouth and not his fist.”

Looking at the group of people around him, Luo Ling nervously swallowed his saliva.

Could it be that this was the karmic retribution within one’s lifetime?

He wondered if calling the Male Lead’s name, would it be like “speak of the devil, and the devil shall appear”?

Luo Ling silently called out inside his heart.

‘Host, isn’t it fun to be mischievous for once?’

The System couldn’t watch on anymore.
Its Host was really different from those ‘flirtatious sl*ts out there!

It made it want to beat him.

Luo Ling’s mouth deflated.
It was rare for him to not respond.

But in his heart, Luo Ling didn’t agree one bit about being mischievous.
He was being extremely well-behaved.

“Hey, hey, don’t come closer.
If you come any closer, I’ll shout.”

More than a dozen pairs of eyes looked like some dogs who had just seen a bone when they looked at him.
Luo Ling felt that his nerves were fried.

Seeing them approaching him step by step, as Luo Ling was considering whether he should climb up the wall or not, the group of people in front of him suddenly howled in grief and knelt down in front of him.



What just happened?

“Student Luo Ling, we really know we were wrong.
Please forgive us.”

“Student Luo Ling, we had eyes, but failed to recognize Mount Tai1.
You don’t have to lower yourself to our level.”

“Yesyesyes, Student Luo Ling, just treat us as garbage and throw us away, okay?”


Luo Ling was dumbfounded by hearing them speaking highly of him, one after another.

As he foolishly looked at the kneeling people and repenting their deep emotions, Luo Ling reflected on his life.

Could it be that he was too charismatic and that they were all subdued by him?


*cough cough cough*… Just kidding, just kidding.

Luo Ling had a very clear picture in regards to how outstanding he was.

After some consideration, he tentatively asked, “Well, did you all… misunderstand something?

Luo Ling had not been to school for several days, so it was impossible for them to do anything.

As a result, he saw the various colors of hair frantically shaking in the air.

Luo Ling: “…”

They were very distinctive -_-||

“Student Luo, we had wasted your time and even delayed your itinerary last time.
In this way, we will compensate you with two million.
Look, isn’t it enough?”

These days, Wang Chang fully understood the feeling of being bullied by himself in the past.

Relying on his own wealth, Wang Chang didn’t care to look at other people.

Now that he had kicked the iron plate, it really hurts to the point of heartbreak and every second was a torment.

The rest of the people were not far behind, they hurriedly declared their positions.

“Two million won’t work, three million.”

“Three million is also possible.”

“If you can forgive me, ten million.”

“Or you say the price, and we will give you what we can.
We will find a way to get it if we can’t give it.
All of us will listen to you in the future.
If you say go east, we will never go west.”

Their appearance of clamoring for the price, it was as if they were afraid that Luo Ling would not accept it.

In the end, they didn’t notice the way Luo Ling looked at them.
His eyes had a wolf-like green light in it.


TL note: Green light here is greed.



Had eyes but failed to recognize Mount Tai – “fail to recognize a VIP/a person of eminence” or “be unable to identify a person of great ability”

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