Chapter 020: Student, have you heard about Tom Sue? 1.20

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Walking on the quiet path, Wen Ran looked up at the blue sky.

It was clean and bright.

It was a bit like that person’s eyes and smile.

Luo Ling, the previous events, whether it was coincidental or whatever, it will end here.

I… I won’t care about it anymore.

I’ll let you go, so you let me go too.


There was one thing that Wen Ran wouldn’t just let be.
As long as he didn’t reach the end, he would fight to the bitter end.

 ‘Achoo, achoo.’

Luo Ling bit the spoon and lightly rubbed his nose.
He vigilantly looked at Zong Yujin.

Was the Male Lead thinking about him again?

From the corner of his eyes, Luo Ling saw the fragrant chicken legs in front of him, could it be…

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Luo Ling hurriedly reached out with his hand and pulled it in front of him, then he lowered his body slightly.
His eyes were also wide open.
The movement of chewing the Shrimp balls in his mouth couldn’t help, but speed up.

As if Luo Ling was afraid that his food would be robbed.

Zong Yujin was in a good mood as he watched him and in amusement thought, ‘This little ungrateful guy.’

Zong Yujin had helped Luo Ling just now, and Zong Yujin had even bought food for him. What’s wrong with sharing a little bit with him?

“Hey, don’t stare at me.
I’m scared.”

Luo Ling shrank his neck, but the speed of eating didn’t slow down at all.

Zong Yujin handed him a Sugar Roasted Chestnut and spoke through gritted teeth.

“Since you are afraid of me, put down the things.
I bought them.”

This little guy was really making him angry.

Luo Ling didn’t care about the feelings of the person above.
He quickly grabbed the bag, held it in his arms and touched it all over several times with his head lowered.
After that, Luo Ling fiercely said.

“I touched it all over.
It’s all mine.”

The unspoken implication, ‘Don’t think about it.’

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Zong Yujin was rendered speechless.
For a while, he couldn’t find the words to refute.

Zong Yujin’s lips moved, then he finally calmed down.

He lost, he lost.

With no one ‘bothering him’, Luo Ling smoothly filled his small plump belly with food, and became satisfied.

Luo Ling leaned on the chair, and touched his bulging stomach while savoring the aftertaste.

He was full, then it was time to sleep.

Looking at the person sitting on the opposite side, Luo Ling smiled and spoke.

“Zong Yujin, I’m going to sleep.
Go eat quickly.
It’s not good to starve.”

“Then why didn’t you leave some for me just now?” Zong Yujin coldly asked.

Luo Ling’s round eyes turned round and round, then he solemnly replied.

“How could this kind of junk food be shared for you to eat? You will have diarrhea if you eat it.”

Zong Yujin’s indifferent face nearly collapsed when he heard Luo Ling’s righteous nonsense.

Luo Ling must be his nemesis.

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Luo Ling jumped up and pushed Zong Yujin, “Oh, why are you so overly sensitive, go quickly, quickly.”

A typical case of being thrown aside after being used.

However, the person who was being thrown away felt it very obviously, yet Zong Yujin couldn’t get angry as he was sent away in a daze.

Zong Yujin nearly doubted whether he had a masochistic constitution or not.

He disdained those people who curry favor with him.

Yet he couldn’t ignore those who go against him.


After Luo Ling made sure that Zong Yujin was gone, a sly look flashed in his beautiful phoenix eyes.

Luo Ling quickly closed the door and slipped away.

A golden nest and a silver nest were not as good as one’s own kennel.1

It was still more comfortable to sleep in his own bed.

Luo Ling threw himself onto the bed, rolled around several times before pulling over the pillow, closing his eyes and falling asleep.

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Luo Ling, who had fallen into a deep sleep, didn’t hear the System prompt.

 ‘Ding! The Male Lead has a favorable impression of 89%.
Please make persistent efforts to capture the target Male Lead and embark on the pinnacle of life.’

80, love at first sight, it started with appearances.

81-90, Like, loyalty in habit and character.

91-99, love, falling into your own brilliance.

100, live with the same quilt, die and be buried in the same tomb.

“Ah, I’m sorry, sorry, I didn’t mean to.”

Wen Ran nervously tugged at the corners of his clothes, apologizing with an uneasy expression on his face.
His bangs covered the flash of excitement in his eyes.

It didn’t really take much effort.



There’s no place like home 

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