must have been intentional.

If he was not there, if he didn’t exist, then he…

Wen Ran lowered his head, concealing the murderous intent in his eyes.

Don’t blame him.
Afterall, let Luo Ling get in his way?

“Hiss.” Luo Ling gritted his teeth, his face was about to wrinkle into a ball.

Luo Ling was very afraid of pain, a little dab made him overreact.

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Although this problem seemed a bit girly and delicate, he couldn’t help it.
It was his disposition.
He was also very desperate.

Zong Yujin exuded a cold aura again and again.
He was very dissatisfied with the school doctor, who was applying ointment on Luo Ling.

“You put it down.
I’ll do it.”

The School Doctor had been trembling from fear earlier on.
His hands were shaking and a cold sweat had broken out on his back.

Being under the sight of this young master really gave him a great amount of pressure.

When the School Doctor heard what Zong Yujin said now, he quickly put down the things and stood up to make room for him.

The School Doctor wiped the drops of water(sweat) from his forehead, filled with lingering fears.

Zong Yujin dampened the cotton swab and looked at the brave guy with a bruised arm in front of him.
Inexplicably, he wanted to laugh.

“It’ll be done soon, bear with it.”

Carefully, he dabbed the cotton swab on the area where the medicine had not been wiped yet.
Even though he was already moving lightly, it still caused the other party’s body to tremble.

His eyes darkened.
Zong Yujin lowered his head and approached the red and swollen elbow, then blew slowly.

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The warm breeze fell on it.
It was warm and humid, making the tingling feeling disappear a little bit.


Luo Ling, who had been closing his eyes tightly, opened his eyes only to clearly see Zong Yujin’s actions.


Zong Yujin actually, actually…

How condescending.

It was completely different from the information Luo Ling had learned.

Luo Ling, who had always regarded the opposite party as merely the target of the game and the others as passers-by, his calm heart fluctuated at this moment.

Should he change his mind?

At least this person in front of him, Luo Ling couldn’t treat Zong Yujin as an irrelevant target like before.

Zong Yujin blew again.
Obviously, it was done with the same intensity as the previous time, yet Luo Ling felt a little hot.

It wasn’t uncomfortable.
Instead, it was itchy.
It was an indescribable feeling, making Luo Ling’s eyelashes tremble.

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