Due to inertia, Su Yan suddenly fell into Ji Wuyou’s arms.

   Both of them were taken aback at the same time.

  Ji Wuyou frowned, looked at Su Yan with a calm expression, and said, “You are not Su Yan.”

  He used declarative sentences instead of interrogative sentences.

  Obviously, he is very sure of my guess.

  04 reminded her in her mind: “Master host, your current personality has greatly violated Su Yan’s own character!”

  Su Yan did not answer, she raised her small face and looked at Ji Wuyou silently.

  After a moment, she asked, “What did my brother see in my eyes?”

   Ji Wuyou: “…”

  Is this woman a fool?

  Su Yan asked again, “Are there any little stars or something?”

  Ji Wuyou frowned, his eyes full of impatience.

  He pushed Su Yan away, his thin lips spit out one word, “Idiot.”

Pushed away, Su Yan shrugged and said slowly, “But I think my brother is more idiotic.
Don’t you always hate me and how I pretend to be like my mother? Actually, I also hate it, but to get the likes of my brother and uncle, I am also very distressed.”

  This answer seems reasonable as an explanation as to why Su Yan suddenly changed her personality.

  04 In the system space, hearing this answer, he felt a sense of speechlessness.
It unexpectedly feels suitable?

   “You can continue to act like that.”

   Ji Wuyou continued to walk forward, with his long legs walking fast.

  Now that she is less than 1.6 meters tall and only has a pair of short legs, Su Yan has no choice but to trot all the way.

  She was completely unaware of how stupid she looked in Ji Wuchen’s eyes at this time.

   She looks like a short-footed cat, trotting “Da, Da, Da”—

  Su Yan is so angry, as she is already panting from exhaustion, while the person in front of her is still walking leisurely.

  She stopped in place, gritted her teeth and said, “Brother, can you go a little slower?”

  Ji Wuyou raised his eyebrows, and his eyes were stained with a small smile.
The smile was very shallow, and it was easy to overlook if she didn’t pay attention.

  He turned his head, “It’s your fault that your legs are short, why do you want others to accommodate you?”

   Su Yan who was physically attacked: “…”

   “Ji Wuyou!”

Yo? When you’re not pretending anymore, turns out you’re so courageous?

   Ji Wuyou raised his eyebrows, but he didn’t even notice that his pace was much slower than before.

  Su Yan is almost exhausted, she has never walked so many roads, especially the original body is still a scum when it comes to physical activities.

  She rolled her eyes and stared at Ji Wuyou’s back, suddenly speeding up, running.

  04 who sensed what Su Yan wanted to do, promptly reminded, “Master host, no—”

  Before the system even finished speaking, Su Yan jumped directly onto Ji Wuyou’s back.

   Ji Wuyou’s whole person was stunned on the spot.
If he’s not dreaming, then it is true that Su Yan, the stinky girl, jumped on his back, right?

  He was pale, and coldly ordered, “Su Yan, you better get off my back quickly!”

   Su Yan was afraid of him before, but now Su Yan that fear is absent.
If she can find a ride for free, why would she easily let it go? What a joke!

  This is a busy street, and cars can’t get in at all.

  In crowded places, she walked for a long time before finally arriving to where he was.
Su Yan had already thought about it before she came, anyway, it is absolutely impossible for her to go back on foot.

“I wil not,” Su Yan flatly refused.

   Ji Wuyou smiled angrily, “Su Yan, do you really think I won’t hit a woman?!”

   “But I’m not a woman yet, I’m just a little girl.”

   Ji Wuyou sneered, he had never seen such an annoying little girl.


Translator’s Note:Ji Wuyou’s statement about Su Yan’s legs has me personally offended.

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