In Xiong Peilan’s words, that is that since Su Yan has been taken of by her, there is no need to squeeze in a classroom full of sweat in the summer and study with those ignorant kids.

  She can sit in a luxurious private classroom and receive one-on-one personal education services from a private instructor.

  All of this is considered by Xiong Peilan to be her credit.

When Su Yan entered the gate, she was grabbed by Xiong Peilan, who came out in a hurry, “Where have you been? Your brother ran out, don’t you know?! Now your father is going crazy at home.
Everyone has gone looking for him, and you should hurry up! Don’t come back if you can’t find him!”

  The black wound on Su Yan’s arm was even more severely pinched by Xiong Peilan.

 She made a painful “hiss”, and was about to get angry, when a warning from the system suddenly sounded in her mind.

   “Don’t master host! Now you are in front of one of the key characters, don’t collapse the set, please restrain yourself a little, okay?”

  Su Yan thought that I restrained your uncle*, and said silently: [Su Yan will become black sooner or later, what’s wrong with me blackening in advance?!】

  04 As a system, for the first time in his life, he feels helpless.

  Su Yan is the most troublesome and most lawless one of all his previous hosts.

   “What are you doing, why don’t you go?!”

  Xiong Peilan saw that Su Yan didn’t speak, and didn’t take it to heart.
Su Yan usually looks cautious and introverted.

  If she suddenly gets angry, that’s when something’s wrong with hell!

  Su Yan was pushed twice and did not move.

   “Mom.” She raised her eyes and smiled sweetly.

   For no reason, Xiong Peilan felt a little bit chilly, she curled her eyebrows, and said impatiently: “What? What’s the matter with you today! If I asked you to find someone, you just go, what are you doing here?!”

  Hearing this, Su Yan’s face did not change its color.

The smile became brighter, she pulled the strap of the schoolbag and said cleverly: “Mom, I met my father today, but I don’t have any money for my father anymore.
He said that he will come to you for money after a while, and hope you will do well to prepare.
Oh, yes, Dad said, if he can’t get the money, he will probably choose to die~~”

   After finishing speaking, she left Xiong Peilan, who was standing in place, trembling with a green face, and turned around and left.

  If you want to say otherwise, why can this small world only revolve around men and women? There is no doubt that there’s a huge bug when someone with an identity like Xiong Peilan can actually marry into a wealthy family.

  In reality, since Xiong Peilan is like this, if you really want to peacefully marry into a wealthy family, you must first take off her skin!

  Su Yan yawned, pulled her eyelids, found some cash in her schoolbag, and looked for a cold drink shop and went in.

04: “…Master host, what are you doing?”

   “Eat ice cream.” Of course, Su Yan squinted her beautiful eyes with enjoyment.

   “Don’t you go to find the soul shard?”

“Can’t you find his position? The ultraviolet rays are still very strong, and it will tan me.” Su Yan took the task for granted.
“Will anyone snatch it?”

  04: “…”


  The sky is getting dark.

The Ji family has gone crazy.

  The young master of their family lost his the mobile phone that was equipped with the positioning system, and the watch with the positioning chip was also thrown into the sink at home.

  The entire A city has almost been turned over, and no one knows where Ji Wuyou has gone.

  Su Yan sat in the cold drink shop for nearly three hours.
Seeing that it was almost time, she patted her skirt and walked out of the cold drink shop.

   “04, address?”


Translator’s Note:

I restrained your uncle – this is one way where Chinese curses where it’s like she’s saying “who are you to tell me to restrain myself, what if I restrain you?” but they use the uncle.

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