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  ”Do you know why I took the initiative to approach you? It was all because I pitied you! But now I think you are not pleasing to the eyes, so you should disappear quickly!!”

  At that time, Pei Ruyue had forgotten how she felt when she said that sentence, but there was one thing she would never forget.

  It seems that only by saying this, can she find a little bit of comfort for her humbleness.

  But the good times didn’t last long.
Pei Ruyue thought she had found a rich boyfriend, and later, she was fortunate to attend her boyfriend’s birthday party, but at the party, I met Ji Wuyou!

  Who would have thought that the boy with the strangely ill and withdrawn character was in fact the son of the richest man in the country, Ji Cheng’s only heir?!

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  Compared with him, her boyfriend is not even worthy of giving him shoes!

   “Yueyue? What are you thinking about Yueyue! Aren’t you going to clean up Su Yan?”

  The girl next to her gave her a push, and Pei Ruyue suddenly returned to her senses.

  Her expression is a little pale.

  After all of that, can she really return to Ji Wuyou’s side?

   “Go, go!”

  She can think of how to do that later, but the top priority is to clean up Su Yan’s ass first.

  The humiliation she suffered today must be returned to her!

  Pei Ruyue brought the group of girls to the bathroom in a haughty manner and pushed the door open.


  A pot of dirty water suddenly fell from the ceiling and poured on Pei Ruyue and the others.


  The water still smells of feces and urine.
It should be the water used by the cleaning aunt to mop the floor, and it has not been cleaned yet.

   Pei Ruyue let out a few nauseous retches, and clenched her fists so tight that her fingernails almost cut her own palm, “Bitch!!!”

  She yelled in a sharp voice, her tone full of spite.

  The group of girls looked at each other, almost crying without tears.

  They were here to embarass someone, but now they are all wrapped up in their own embarrassment.

   “Go! Go in! How many of us can’t clean up a little bitch? This loss can’t be for nothing!”

  It was final.
Pei Ruyue hates Su Yan very much.

  If you don’t clean her up today, Pei Ruyue can’t even eat in anger and hate.

  Of course, even if she doesn’t tidy someone up, she doesn’t think she can still eat tonight——

   “Yes! We’ll make her pay.”

   “Just let her wait! I will press her head into the cesspool!”

  A group of girls gritted their teeth and rushed into the bathroom one by one.

   “Why is there no one here?”

  Pei Ruyue pushed open the toilet cubicles one by one, only to find that they were empty and there was no one in the bathroom.

  The students in the school had already left.
At this time, there were only five of them in the huge toilet.

  A few people panicked a little.

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   Just then, a slight “click–” sounded.

“Not good!”

   Pei Ruyue suddenly turned her head, rushed to the door of the toilet, and pulled the door handle forcefully.

  Unfortunately, it is already a step too late.

  Her eyes were red with hatred, and she kicked the door bitterly.

   “Su Yan, you bitch!! Hurry up and open the door and let me out!”

   “What do we…what do we do?”

The other girls’ family background was not as good as Pei Ruyue’s.
Moreover, their grades were not good, and they were all small attendants who followed Pei Ruyue around, trying to curry for her favor.  

   Seeing that the toilet door was locked at this time, the girls had already started to panick.


  At this time, a light laughter sounded outside the door.

  The voice of a girl, soft and sweet, was heard in the ears of Pei Ruyue and others, but it was like poisoned honey, which was creepy and deadly.

   “You are so stupid.
Where did you get the courage to find trouble with me?”

  Su Yan folded her arms, her voice was sweet, but her smile did not reach the bottom of her eyes.

   “Su Yan! You wait! When I get out, I must kill you! Ah!!!”


Author’s Note:

Su Yan: I’m sorry, I played too much~

Translator’s Note1. Hick – the sound of someone either trying to to swallow a sob or someone trying to breathe, but can’t

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