Ye Xiaoan quickly lowered her head, for fear that her friend would notice her malicious thoughts.

  Xie Ranran is still young and still thinks simply.

She smiled and slammed Ye Xiaoan’s arm, holding her chin in anticipation, “An An, do you think Su Yan and Ji Wuyou are really brothers and sisters? But the two of them don’t even look alike at all, and they also have different surnames.
Why do I think the two of them match well! Just like the heroes and heroines in the TV series!”

“I don’t think it’s a good match at all!” Ye Xiaoan squeezed her small fist, like an irritated little beast, “They are brothers and sisters, if they are together, it will be incest! What if she took her mother’s surname? Anyway, don’t guess.

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   Ye Xiaoan’s tone was not very good, but Xie Ranran didn’t notice it.

  She nodded, and said with some embarrassment, “That’s what I thought, then I won’t say it later.”

  Xie Ranran stuck out her tongue and Ye Xiaoan let her go.


  The day always passes quickly, and school will be over soon.

  When Su Yan went to the bathroom, she always felt that someone was behind her secretly following her.

  She turned her head abruptly, vaguely saw a corner of her clothes disappearing at the corner of the stairs in a panic.

   “Pfft…” Su Yan laughed derisively and walked into the bathroom slowly.

   “Hurry up! Keep up! Today I will teach her a lesson!”

  After Su Yan left, Pei Ruyue took four or five girls and walked towards the bathroom with gritted teeth.

   “But, Yueyue, wouldn’t it be bad for us to do this? In case the school finds out… and Su Yan’s family conditions seem to be pretty good…”

  Some people start to be double think and act timid.

Hearing that, Pei Ruyue gave her a blank look and said viciously, “What are you afraid of? She is not Ji Wuyou’s biological sister at all.
Her mother is just the lover of Ji Wuyou’s father, a little bitch under the fence, if you will.
Look, even if she is beaten, she will dare not tell her family!”

  Pei Ruyue’s family can only be considered well-off in city A.
From the beginning, she knew what her goal was.

  It’s just that there was an accident at the time.
Ji Wuyou, who had just entered this school, had a gloomy character, but he looked handsome and outstanding.
At that time, Pei Ruyue did not resist the temptation, and deliberately approached Ji Wuyou and became friends with him.

  The classmates are all rumoring that the two of them are boy and girl friends, and Pei Ruyue is vain and has never clarified it to anyone.
She let it go, until she met a boy with good family conditions in all aspects, and soon became boyfriends with him.

  When Pei Ruyue thinks about what she said to Ji Wuyou back then, she regrets it deeply.

  It was also in a stairwell.
She blocked Ji Wuyou in the corner and arrogantly raised her chin and ordered, “Ji Wuyou, don’t pester me anymore! I already have a boyfriend!”

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  At that time, Ji Wuyou’s expression was very cold, he lowered his thin eyelids, and slowly nodded.

   What Pei Ruyue hates most is Ji Wuyou’s expression, always indifferent to everything.
Everyone envied her for getting close to Ji Wuyou, but they didn’t know that everything was her initiative.

  Ji Wuyou has never said anything to her.
Seeing Ji Wuyou’s expression at this time, Pei Ruyue feels even more disgusted in her heart.

So she used extremely vicious words to irritate Ji Wuyou, “For a person like you who is withdrawn, poor and sick, just go home and stay! You are like a vampire in a movie, you should never be seen outside!”

Translator’s Note:Wow vicious b”tch

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