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She stood there, taking back her hand that was held by Ji Wuyou, “You go back.”

Ji Wuyou squinted his eyes and looked at her calmly, without any traces of emotional ups and downs in his eyes.

“Is your hand not hurting? Go to the infirmary.”

Su Yan was shocked.
In fact, she was just hit by Pei Ruyue before she had time to take her hand back.

She didn’t feel the pain before, but now As Su Yan looks down, the back of her hand is swollen like a steamed bun.

  But what surprised Su Yan most was Ji Wuyou’s thoughts.

  His expression has always been indifferent or sarcastically smiling, making it impossible to see his inner thoughts.

“Really, you should go back now, by the time we reach the infirmary, it may not be me who’ll end up lying there.”

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Su Yan’s red lips curled up, as she said with a smile.

   Ji Wuyou’s cheeks are rapidly reddening.

Of course, this is not because of shyness, but because of the bright sunlight.
Ji Wuyou has sensitive skin.
He wears long sleeves, and his exposed skin are all beginning to turn red.

After a while, you may not be able to get out under the sun at all.

“You are not calling me brother now?”

   Su Yan’s little face stiffened.

Ji Wuyou stared at her with interest, but with a cold tone, “If you continue to stand here in a stalemate with me, your prediction might just come true, and when the time comes, I will trouble my sister to take me to the infirmary!”

  Meeting his bad eyes, Su Yan knew that Ji Wuyou was not joking.

With his uncontrollable personality, he might just stay in a stalemate with Su Yan.

She rolled her eyes, willingly conceding, “Let’s go.”


The road to the infirmary is not far.

The doctor on duty was shocked when he saw Ji Wuyou, who was pulling in Su Yan by her wrist.

The doctor hurriedly greeted him and asked, “What’s the matter? Why is your face so red? Did you fight with your classmates?”

Ji Wuyou’s handsome face is tight, his skin is red, and some sensitive areas have already started peeling off from the sun.

   “Give her medicine.”

Ji Wuyou ignored the doctor, his attitude was still very arrogant.
He pointed his finger, landing on Su Yan’s body.

Su Yan and the doctor almost both laughed angrily at the same time.

Between the two of them, who on earth looks more like a severely injured patient?!

“Oh… why don’t I give you medicine first? The wound on your face looks a little scary? You are young, and you looks so handsome.
If you are disfigured, it will be bad.”

   Ji Wuyou’s expression is indifferent, his eyes are cold, “I’ll say it again, give her medicine first!”

  Su Yan folded her arms and stood aside smiling like a flower.

She didn’t look worried, and answered the doctor silently in his heart: If this person really cares about his face, he won’t run out often under the sun to die, and then come back in embarrassment.

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It is also thanks to his sacred physique, otherwise that beautiful and exquisite face would have been disfigured by him long ago!


The doctor was startled by his cold eyes, rubbed his arms and surrendered, “Okay, fine, don’t regret it!”

While talking, he muttered and turned his head to look for medicine in the cabinet, “What kind of people…”

Of course, he was not only referring to Ji Wuyou, but including Su Yan.

  The two children are both pretty.
It is not an exaggeration to say that they are golden boys and girls.

The magnetic field between the two is extremely weird.
Although there is a kind of inexplicable connection, people will think they still dislike each other.

Look at the little girl smiling, the smile in her eyes will soon overflow!

It was like the back of her hand didn’t look horrible, even though it did, it was swollen.

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