nwilling to return to the subject.
This also caused the person to be in a long term comatose state.

  So what Su Yan has to do is to capture those soul fragments and let them come back with her willingly.

  If the mission fails, the soul fragment will automatically dissipate after their lifetime.

  Once one of the soul fragments has a defect, then the meaning of the existence of this system will be lost.

  Su Yan did not answer immediately after listening.

   Instead, she stretched out his hand lazily, half commanding: “Help me up—”

  The slightly pale hand, under the thin skin on the wrist, are lined with dark blue blood vessels, emitting a fragile beauty.

  04, as always, gentle and hardworking.

   “Yes, Master Host.”

  The system lifted her out of the azure water and placed her gently on the ground.

  Su Yan felt 04’s skin, it was cold, and there was not a trace of human temperature at all.

  She narrows her eyelashes slightly.

  In the next second, he guides her to the gorgeous door that opens into a white room that was out of sync with the surroundings.

   “Is it here?”

  ”Master host—”

  Su Yan’s fingertips just touched the door, her eyes turned white, and her body was instantly sucked in by the strong white light emitted by the door.


   “Dead girl! If it weren’t for me, could you enter this wealthy family and live such a good life?! What about this month’s money? Hurry up and give it to me!”

  Su Yan just opened her eyes, her arm hurts, so she almost fainted with the pain again.

  With hazy tears in her eyes, Su Yan gritted her teeth, picked something up, and threw it at the noisy ‘thing’!



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