Ji Wuyou narrowed his eyes.

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  In the face of Su Yan, Ji Cheng’s patience is still very good.

Su Yan curves her eyes, puts her hands on her knees, and whispers softly, “Uncle, I want to go back to school and go to class.”

   “No!” Xiong Peilan was the first to refuse.

Ji Wuyou’s thin lips pressed each other tightly, and thick mist gradually filled those black jewel-like eyes.


Faced with Xiong Peilan’s excessive reaction, Ji Cheng just raised his eyebrows and asked curiously, “Why? Is it the teachers at home that taught you badly? What’s wrong Yan Yan? You can tell uncle.”


Su Yan clenches and unclenches her fingers, her curled eyelashes drooped slightly, shaking slightly with the fluctuation of her heart.
She seems to be very worried and helpless.

“The teachers invited by uncle are all very good, but I am too stupid to keep up with the progress of my brother’s study.
My brother’s university courses have all been completed, but my progress is still in the junior high school level…”

  She raised her small face tremblingly, her beautiful eyes were clearly misty.

“Uncle, please allow me to go back to school?”

Ji Wuyou watched Su Yan’s acting with great interest, his fingers twitching under the table, his eyes darkening.

All the energy and annoyance received by Xiong Peilan from Ji Wuyou was transferred to Su Yan’s body.

And as always, Xiong Peilan pursed her lower lip, suppressed her anger, and questioned, “I asked you to stay and study at home to keep your brother company.
Your brain is so stupid, that even if I send you to school, you still won’t learn anything.
Did you come here to study? You think that if you don’t study, the Ji family can’t eat without you?!”

Su Yan heard these words, and as if frightened, she quickly lowered her head without speaking.

Ji Cheng hated Xiong Peilan even more.
He twisted his eyebrows, “Yan Yan is only a child, and she is still your biological daughter.
Why are you being so mean to her? Since she wants to go back to school, let her go.
It’s just a little thing.”

Su Yan hooked her lips secretly, and she would also like to thank Xiong Peilan.
If it were not for her words, Ji Cheng would not have agreed so simply.

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“But Wuyou will be alone…” Xiong Peilan said anxiously.

“I will go with her.”

Ji Wuyou’s face did not change color, slowly pulling out a tissue to wipe the corners of his lips.

His fingers are long and his nails are clean and round.
Under the thin skin are blue blood vessels.
The posture is casual, but indescribably elegant.

That kind of natural elegance is something ordinary people can’t learn.


Ji Cheng looked at Ji Wuyou like a lunatic, “Do you not know what your situation is? Do you want to be treated like a perverted lunatic by your classmates when you go to school?!”

   “So you want to keep me at home forever?”

   Ji Wuyou’s eyes are gloomy, and the mist is churning in his dark eyes.

  His slightly pale lips curled up, “Then I would rather die in the sun happily!”

Su Yan saw Ji Wuyou’s adam’s apple quiver up and down because of his emotional ups and downs.

A smile crossed her eyes.

It seems that Ji Wuyou is not completely satisfied, and he is full of despair in this world.

In fact, he is also very poor.
From birth, he has been treated as a fragile object.

Among his peers, because of his identity and background, people who know his identity will cautiously flatter him.
Those who don’t know his identity are either repelled or disgusted.

Ji Cheng fell silent.

Ji Wuyou stood up, his hands supported by the dining table, and looked at Ji Cheng condescendingly, and opened his lips, “That’s all, and I miss my classmates too—”

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