As soon as this thought appeared, Ji Wuyou said indifferently, “You have been fired, please leave now.”

   “Young Master Ji!”

  Moustache glared at Su Yan, and looked at Ji Wuyou in disbelief.

  He has been working here for a year.
Before that, no matter how he treats Su Yan, Ji Wuyou will not interfere.

  Why are you suddenly helping her to speak now?

  Moustache was afraid of thinking too much, and would never be able to think that Su Yan’s core was already different.

  This new core is broken, her eyes were particularly clear, and it is especially hateful.

  Ji Wuyou looked at Moustache’s pleading eyes as if it was nothing, his thin eyelids narrowed, his lips lightly parted, “Leave–“

The tone was extremely cold, making the surrounding temperature seem to drop to zero suddenly.

  This time, even if Moustache was not reconciled, he can only leave in a dingy manner.

  The rest of the people all bowed their necks and proceeded carefully.

  At the same time, they also had different perceptions of Su Yan.

   Even if they all hate it, with a mustache as a precedent, who would dare to have the slightest disrespect for Su Yan?


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   Ji Wuyou’s black eyes rolled and fell on Su Yan’s delicate little face.

  After hearing this, Su Yan tilted her head and smiled with a particularly sweet smile, “Of course, if my brother’s hand can be removed from my head, I will be more satisfied—”

  Her apricot eyes are black and white, and her smile is shallow, only reaching the surface.

  Ji Wuyou chuckled, stared into her eyes intently, and slowly pulled his hand away.

  Under the desk, the young man’s slender fingers twitched slightly, as if his fingertips was still touching the girl’s hair, soft and fluffy to the touch.

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