When Su Yan walked out of the bathroom, Ji Wuyou was no longer there.

  She smiled and joked, “This game is very fun, I think I have fallen in love with this game.”

  04: “…”

  He wanted to say that their mission is serious!

  However, looking at Su Yan’s attitude, it is clear that she did as she said, treating this strategy mission as a game.


  Su Yan slept for a while, and it was noon now.

  Ji Cheng is busy at work, often flying around the country, and so she rarely sees him.

  And once Ji Cheng is away, Xiong Peilan will naturally not perform at home pretending to be a good wife and stepmother.
She went out early in the morning, either to do beauty treatments or to go shopping with her little sisters1.

  Without Ji Cheng, Ji Wuyou is the first master in the entire villa.

  Of course, even if Ji Cheng is there, no one can stop Ji Wuyou from doing what he likes.

   She was already warned, so Xiong Peilan wouldn’t dare to provoke her in front of Ji Wuyou.

  The whole villa is quiet, in accordance to Ji Wuyou’s wishes.

  During the day, the air conditioner is turned on in the whole villa, and the lights are all dim.

  It was guaranteed that there will not be a single trace of the sunlight in any place where Ji Wuyou is likely to appear.

  However, Su Yan hates this feeling of cold and dimness.
It is no wonder that Ji Wuyou has developed such an unstable temperament.

  If from when she was young, she would not be able to appear in the sun, being treated like a vampire every day, only staying in a cold and dark house, it would be guaranteed that her psychology will probably not be normal.


  After lunch, Su Yan went slowly to the classroom on the third floor.

  Upstairs there are rooftop swimming pools, gardens and various fitness equipment.
There are also home theaters, learning classrooms, and game rooms built according to Ji Wuyou’s hobbies and interests.

  The entire third floor, it can be said, is completely prepared for Ji Wuyou.

  This is also a place Xiong Peilan cannot set foot in.

Su is quite busy, letting us wait for you for so long.
In fact, if you don’t like studying, you can rest downstairs.
There is no need to come up.”

  This is Ji Wuyou’s foreign language teacher.

  Of course, because Ji Wuyou hates Su Yan, his teachers will not like this little pitiful girl who lived under the fence.

  Furthermore, Ji Wuyou only studied university courses.
With her original IQ, even her high school courses were not fully understood, but she was forced to stay here all day to accompany Ji Wuyou, and listen to those lessons that she doesn’t understand at all.

   In the eyes of these so-called social elites, isn’t she just a foolish idiot?

  If the former Su Yan was here, she would only apologize, and then sit back in her place with red eyes.

  Even Ji Wuyou stared at her with a smile.
Leaning in his chair with his arms folded, he looked like he was ready for a good show.

   However, it is a pity that Su Yan is destined to disappoint him.

  When did Su Yan ever allow herself to be the aggrieved person?

So she merely drops her textbook onto the table with a snap, and sat lazily on her own position.

With sarcasm, she looked at the mustached foreign language teacher, “If the teacher does not want to wait, he can go to Uncle Ji and be advised to resign.
You know teacher, your dog-seeing behavior is totally useless.
Being a teacher, since you have a high salary, you have to pay the same amount of patience.
While you are holding a high salary, you sneer at my identity.
Teacher, don’t you think your behavior just makes you a hypocrite?”

Translator’s Note:1.
little sisters – little sisters here are not actually biological little sisters.
It just usually means girl friends.


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