Ji Cheng has been in the business world for decades.
What big storms had he not seen? Xiong Peilan’s careful thinking has nowhere to hide in his experienced eyes.

  He can keep a vase1, but it does not mean that he will scold his only son for a woman who is only with him for money.

  Ji Wuyou is the only blood left for him by his beloved woman!

“Wuyou hates other people touching him.
Do you only know that now? Since you don’t want to be embarrassed, then don’t take the initiative to provoke him! Xiong Peilan, I will warn you again to take your careful thoughts away.
If you are not happy, just get out of this house!”

  It’s nothing more than a woman.
With his current status, what good-looking woman can’t be found?

  Xiong Peilan went stiff, “Husband…”

  ”If you want to be a rich wife, then take care of yourself!”

   Once Ji Cheng finished speaking, he went to Ji Wuyou’s room with the family doctor.

  Naturally he did not notice, Xiong Peilan who was behind him, with a beautiful little face, which became marred with an extremely hideous expression!


  The bright sunshine in the morning sneaked in through the gaps of the tulle curtains, and the golden sunshine sprinkled into the pink bedroom set up like a princess room, leaving mottled golden shadows.

  The girl’s thin body was curled up in the large and soft bed, her body sank deeply, revealing only a little dark hair top.


  After a good night’s dream, Su Yan rubbed the sweet smell of quilt, raised her eyes lazily, and rolled over.

  But right the next second, she was stunned and shaken out of her sleep dazed state at the sight of a teenager wearing a simple white T-shirt and loose trousers standing by her bed, just staring at her blankly.

  The not-so-warm sunlight outside the window fell on his head, making his hair darker and somehow purer.

   She didn’t know how long she stood in her room.

  Su Yan gathered her hair and slowly laughed.

   “Morning, brother.”

  The exquisite eyebrows and eyes of the teenager are like frost that even though the lips are curled, it was obvious that the smile does not reach the bottom of his eyes, “Morning.”

  Su Yan yawned and lay lazily by the bed, and asked, “Then can I ask my brother, since you broke into your sister’s boudoir2, what do you want to do?”

  The girl’s voice was soft and gentle with a nasal sound indicating someone had just woken up.
It sounds simple and harmless.

  If last night hadn’t happened, Ji Wuyou wouldn’t believe that the girl in front of him was actually that bad.

   “Get up and go to class.”


  Su Yan patted her head and suddenly realized.

  She’s been salted fish3 for too long that Su Yan had forgotten that the original body was in a class with Ji Wuyou.


   “Thank you brother,” She smiled sweetly.

  She doubts that’s all he’s here for.
After all, would Ji Wuyou be such a kind person?

  She sat up, tilted her head and stared at Ji Wuyou with a smile, “Why isn’t brother going out yet? Or do you want to watch me change clothes here?”

   Ji Wuyou has no expression on his face, he did not even blink his eyes at her question.
He turned his eyes slightly, and finally landed on the small pink sofa by the window.

  He sat down calmly, slender legs folded, and the gentleman stretched out his hand, “Feel free to please change.”

  Su Yan, “…Brother, are you sure?”

  Ji Wuyou raised his eyebrows and looked at her with a smile.

  Su Yan curled her lips and smiled back.

   Then she sat up and pulled down the quilt little by little.

  She wore a thin sling to outline her newly developed body.

  The air was full of gunpowder and tension as Su Yan slowly pulled up the sling, “Brother, are you sure you can’t go out?”

   Ji Wuyou’s thin lips bend, “Yes, I am sure.”

  He has a frivolous tone and deep eyes.

Translator’s Note:1.
vase – in this context is used to describe someone who’s just a pretty face2.
boudoir – another word for woman’s bedroom, usually used in historical context3.
salted fish – someone who have no intention of doing anything

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