The moonlight shone from the surface of the water that had penetrated his hair.

  The picture is like a scene in anime.

  But Su Yan could not tolerate anymore thoughts.
The safety system prompt in her mind is constantly reminding her, urging her to hurry up and save Ji Wuyou.

  She could only take a deep breath, and her figure quickly shuttled through the water, quickly approaching the motionless Ji Wuyou.


  A few minutes later, the two appeared on the shore, drenched.

  Su Yan looked at Ji Wuyou angrily, and her big eyes were full of accusations, “Ji Wuyou, are you an idiot? How can you do such a detrimental thing to yourself? Why did you do that when you can’t swim?!”

  Hearing this, Ji Wuyou lazily twisted off the water from the hem of his shirt.
His eyes fell on Su Yan’s body, his lips curled, and he retorted lightly, “Who said I can’t swim?”

  Su Yan sneered.

  She would love to throw Ji Wuyou back into the river again, “So, are you just kidding me?”


  Su Yan’s face was not flushed or breathless, and she raised her hand and slapped Ji Wuyou calmly.


  Ji Wuyou’s cheek was beaten to the side, and strands of hair drenched with water hung down on his forehead.

  He chuckled, and wiped the corners of his lips with his fingers.

  His eyes turned, “Su Yan, I just found out how brave you are.
I can’t imagine what you’ll be like when you’re bigger.”

   “I’m glad that you found out, then I will ask my brother for advice in the future.” Su Yan tilted her head, smiling in return.

  Su Yan never loses to anyone in terms of cheekiness.

   Hearing this, Ji Wuyou’s eyes narrowed, and the dark pupils darkened further, merging with the surrounding night.
For a moment, it made people feel that he was some kind of dormant beast lurking in the depths of darkness.

  She was wet and uncomfortable.
After Su Yan finished speaking, she planned to stand up.

  Ji Wuyou suddenly encircled her body, stretching out his long arms, and directly overwhelmed Su Yan under him.
A pair of cold eyes was staring at Su Yan so determinedly.

  In the depths of the eyes, there is an interest that no one can detect.
His slightly pale thin lips curled up, and the frivolous words escaped from his lips.

   “I can easily teach you now, do you want it?”

   Ji Wuyou’s tone did not fluctuate, even with flirting words that came out his mouth, his thumb slowly sliding on Su Yan’s exposed waist.

  But those flirting words are betrayed by those eyes that are cold and deep.

   “Then what do I need to do now?”

  Su Yan lay calmly in his arms, and when she raised her head, she could see the delicate eyebrows of the young man that looked like a vampire.
She yawned lazily, tilted her head, her black and white eyes gleaming.

  ”Should I shout for help, or should I follow my brother’s idea and cooperate a little bit?”

Ji Wuyou’s lips froze with a cold smile.

  The next second, his back stiffened as Su Yan slammed into him, and suddenly he felt Su Yan’s cold fingertips that stopped on the back of his neck.

  He was like a cat with his neck restrained, instantly quiet.

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