Chapter content trigger warning: mentions of suicide


   “You come down!”

   Ji Wuyou gritted his teeth and raised his hand to pull Su Yan.

  But would Su Yan be easily dragged off by him?

  Her legs quickly wrapped around his waist, and her hands wrapped around his neck.

   “I’m not going down, I’m tired.”

  Ji Wuyou was almost strangled to death by this crazy girl, and he took a deep breath, “I still miss when you pretended to be well-behaved.”

  At least at that time, Su Yan would not dare to climb on his back and make a mess.

   “It’s a pity that my well-behaved self is missed by brother.
Now I am going to be brother’s favorite courtier.”

   Ji Wuyou, “???”

  After struggling for a long time, Ji Wuyou was still not able to take Su Yan off his back.

  He sneered, and said in his heart, you think that I still can’t scare you?

  Su Yan did not expect that even though Ji Wuyou looked thin, there was actually already thin muscles on his body.
She leaned on his back, falling asleep almost comfortably.

  As soon as the cold wind blew, she woke up dizzy from being woken suddenly.
Looking back, Su Yan was happy.

  Below her, there is a dark and faint river surface, with moonlight shining down and shimmering the water surface.

   Ji Wuyou said indifferently: “Give you two choices, get off of me, or take a bath in the river.”

Ji Wuyou waited for a full minute, but there was still the absence of the panic and crying he imagined.
Su Yan was still lying firmly on his back.

   Su Yan lazily yawned, “I choose third.” This choice was very good, because she refused to come down.

   Ji Wuyou sneered, “Are you really not afraid?”

  To be honest, there is nothing in this world that can make Su Yan scared.

  Even when death came, she didn’t have much fear.

  Perhaps when her mother gave birth to her, she ate too much tonic, which made her courageous.

  Su Yan shook her head, so sleepy that her eyelids were fighting to stay open, “Brother, why bother?”

  In the next second, Su Yan’s body quickly hung in the air and fell.

She fell into the river with Ji Wuyou.

  A huge water splash ensued.

  Su Yan held her breath as soon as she entered the water, adapting to the feeling of being in the water very well.

  【This is probably the craziest boy I have ever met.
Very good, he caught my attention.

  I would rather he be broken jade rather than complete one, paranoid crazy and terrible.

  04: “Host, after scanning, the fragments currently have a negative opinion of you.”

  Su Yan floated to the surface, wiped the water off her face, shook her head when she heard 04’s words, and said flatly: [That’s impossible! Everyone loves me, your system must be faulty, go repair it! 】

  04: “…”

  Su Yan searched for Ji Wuyou’s figure left and right, but didn’t even find a shadow.

   “Ding—Warning, the current vital signs of the soul fragment are too low! Please start rescue as soon as possible!”

  Different from 04’s gentle voice, the sound of the prompt system is mechanically cold.

  ”Hey…it’s troublesome…”

  So, what she saw in Ji Wuyou’s eyes before, his indifference to the world, all stemmed from his being tired of the world.

  He is not afraid of death at all, so naturally, he can do whatever he wants.

  From today’s point of view, he is just looking for death.

  Maybe even if the knife from those gangsters tofay pierced his body, he wouldn’t even blink, it would just irritate him.

  Su Yan suddenly looked serious, took a deep breath, and dived into the water.

  Fortunately, Ji Wuyou fell in with her at the same time, and he was not far away from her.

  The young man has his eyes closed, his body facing upwards as he floats up and down along with the flow of the river.
The hem of his shirt and his hair are spread out in the water.

  If it wasn’t for the serious situation, Su Yan really wanted to whistle.

  Excuse me, can I get your attention?



Translator’s Note:I am not very sensitive when it comes to content in novels for trigger warnings and content warnings, so in the future when I do miss out on some things that was supposed to be warned in about in the beginning of the chapter, please feel free to inform me.

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