[It turns out that what the boy says is true, she will really die…]

   “Su Yan, don’t go, you will die, you will really die…”

  The sound of the dagger sticking into the flesh is exceptionally clear.

  The hot blood splashed onto Su Yan’s face.
She blinked dullly, and in her dilated pupils, reflected a hideous facial expression that belonged to a girl.

   “The **** who seduce my boyfriend should go to hell!”

Boy friend…

  Before dying, Su Yan recalled it in her mind, and she was flying through the memories of her twenty years of life.

   And in those memories, she did not find any memory of the girl and her boyfriend from the corner of the very corner of her mind.


  She spit out a word vaguely, and then fell into endless darkness.


When Su Yan woke up again, she was lying in the surface of azure blue waters.

  With the ups and downs of the waves, it seems that there is no other entity around.

   “Host, are you awake?”

  It was a gentle voice that made people feel like a spring breeze passed by, but it carried a little strange electric current for no reason.

  Su Yan looks sideways.

  What catches her eyes is a face that is too beautiful to be true.
The person has shiny light blonde hair and ice blue pupils, wide shoulders and narrow hips all encased in a tall body.

  He has a gentle look at this moment, while looking at Su Yan, the gentleman bends down and salutes gracefully.

  ”Welcome to the system space, dear host, I am your guide 04, I will serve you wholeheartedly—”

Everything after his long speech, Su Yan gradually understood the description of Beauty System 04.

  She is indeed dead in reality, but as long as she can complete the tasks issued by the system, the system can send her back to the moment before her death, giving her a chance to avoid the accident.

  Her goal is to bring back a person, but that person is in a state where they cannot be called a complete person.

  The soul fragments of that person, because of some accidents, were scattered in countless small worlds.

  Because the subject is too strong, the resulting scattered fragments in those worlds all grew into independent individuals.

  They do not identify with their identity as soul fragments, so they are naturally u

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