Magician’s Quill of Fate

Battle Against the Troll

”So if its like cleaning up a room after making a mess in it, youll get punished if you don do it? ”

”Yup, though I can tell you how Ill get punished, its a little too much for someone your age. ”

”Im not that young you know! ”

”How old are you then? ”

”Fourteen! How young did you think I was? ”

”I thought you were eight or nine… You
e really small for your age, Hendrickson. ”

”I know… Its because I don get to eat as much as other boys my age. ”

”Was your family poor? ”

”Yeah… My dad spends most of the year away from us just so we have a place to call home. ”

”Lets continue this conversation in a little bit, Hendrickson, ” I replied while staring at the unnatural spreading of broken wood cobblestone road.

”Why? ”

”Shhhh, I think someone is nearby. ”

”Could it be my sister? ” Hendrickson whispered.

”Theres only one way to find out. Cover your ears. ”

Hendrickson covered his ears and looked away as I took in a deep breath.

”IS ANYONE THERE?! ” bellowed.

I waited for several minutes, only for a single response to answer my call.

”HELP! ”

”Hendrickson lets go! ” I said as I began to jog toward the voice.

”Alright! ” Hendrickson replied a moment later as he sprinted to catch up to me.

After several minutes of jogging toward the unknown voice, I took in another deep breath.


”Im over here! ” A young girls voice replied from the pile on mine and Hendricksons left.

”Alright, hold still, we
e going to dig you out! Hendrickson lets go. ” I replied as I walked toward the base of the pile.

”Junia! Is that you? ” Hendrickson asked as I removed the rubble from where I heard the girls voice.

”Brother?! Help, Im stuck! ”

”Just stay calm Junia! Ill get you out soon! ”

”Big bro Im scared! I heard something moving under the rubble with me! ”

”Hendrickson, keep talking to her, I think Ive almost found her, ” I said as I threw a small chunk of wood over my shoulder, revealing a small hole beneath the rubble.

”What did it sound like Junia? ”

”It sounded slimy, and it started to smell horrible after I heard it move. ”

That sounds like an Earth Troll… But why is there one in the middle of a recently destroyed city? I thought to myself as I continue to clear the rubble around the small hole.

”I can see a light now! Is that you brother?! ”

”Yeah! Try and climb up! Ill pull you up once I can see you! ”

A small hand covered in soot poked out of the hole in the rubble, which Hendrickson quickly grabbed.

”Be careful Hendrickson, that something she was talking about earlier might be an Earth Troll. ”

”I don care, I need to get my sister out right now, ” Hendrickson replied as he pulled Junia out of the hole.

Yet when Junias head made it out of the hole, the pile of rubble she was once in started to rumble, causing a large amount of wood and stone to fall from the top of the pile toward the three of us.

”Hendrickson, hurry and pull her out! ” I yelled as I pulled the quill out of my pocket and wiped the blood off its tip.

”Brother! My foot is stuck! ”

”Shit! Hendrickson, hold her tight, and don let go. ” I exclaimed as I plunged the quills tip into my finger and let it soak up a few drops of blood.

I grabbed a wide plank of wood from nearby and brought the quill towards the small square that appeared upon the plank and began to write.

-Will not break.

After watching the small square melt into the wooden plank, I moved in front of Hendrickson and Junia while placing the plank on my back to shield the three of us from the falling rubble. Yet after the feeling of stone and wood pounding on the plank resting on my back stopped, the pile began to rumble more, only more viciously than before.

”Whats happening, brother?! ”

”I don know! Mister Kane, whats happening?! ”

”You remember that something that was moving under the pile with Junia? Well, its coming out from under the rubble since it sensed a lot of movement nearby. ”

”Can you protect us, mister? ” Junia asked with terror clearly showing in her eyes.

”Probably. Sigh… Alright, Hendrickson, on the count of three Im going to get your sister unstuck. Once shes free I want you to take her and run as far away as you can while I try to subdue the Earth Troll. ” I replied as an explosion of debris came from the top of the pile, revealing the dark brown skin of the Earth Trolls head.

”Yes sir! ”

”Good, now. One, Two, THREE! ” I yelled as I reached my hand down into the hole and released Junias foot from the beam of wood that had caught her.

Hendrickson quickly pulled Junia out of the hole and hoisted her onto his back before turning and running in the opposite direction of the Earth Troll.

As Hendrickson ran with his sister on his back, I grabbed a chipped piece of wood from the pile and threw it at the Earth Troll.

”Hrrrrrrgggg! ”

”Come on you damn troll! Look over here! ” I yelled as I threw another piece of wood at the Earth Trolls Head.

Once the second piece of wood struck the Earth Trolls nose, it let forth a ravenous roar before locking its pair of starved yellow eyes upon me.

”Alright, that got its attention, now to find a way to immobilize it, ” I murmured to myself before nimbly maneuvering down the pile of rubble.


Yet it was a sudden earthquake-like rumble within the pile that caused me to fall from the pile to the cobblestone road, only surviving the fall because of my now indestructible plank of wood.

”Right, I forgot that Earth Trolls are gigantic… ” I said to myself as I looked at the four-meter-tall Earth Troll standing atop the now flattened pile of rubble.

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