”The quill can re-write reality?! No wonder I felt an insane amount of mana emanating from it. ”

-Commandments of the Quill

-Only the blood of the quills possessor can activate the quills power.

-The quill cannot change the physical structure of an object beyond what is physically possible.

-Thoughts cannot be induced upon living beings of any form, only actions.

-The possessor of the quill is immune to the quill.

-Ownership of the quill can only change in the event of the current owners death.

-The use of this quill to cause the death of a living being will result in the possessors death.

”Hmm, what a load of shit. Ill die if I used this quills power to kill someone? Only my blood can activate the quills power? Only the actions of others can be altered, not thoughts? This is just great! ”

Despite the obvious absurdity of the quills rules, I couldn help but prick my finger with the quills tip and let a small amount of blood drip down its stem.

”Wait, how do I even use this thing? ” I asked myself as I looked at the instructions once more.

-Instructions of the Quill

-Drip possessors blood onto the tip of the quill.

-Find a living being or object you wish to perform upon.

-Write whatever commands you wish to be enacted by the being you perform upon.

-Remove blood from the tip afterward to avoid negative effects.

”So I should find a living being besides myself to test this thing out then. That might be a problem… ” I murmured to myself as I gazed out into the city ruins still burning from the previous nights battle.

I shrugged my shoulders and grabbed the letter written by my friends and slid it into my pocket.

”Despite how much it pains me to keep this letter, its the only thing I have left, so I might as well keep it. ”

However, as I folded the Quill of Fates instruction paper, I saw a small excerpt of writing upon the back.

-Kane Bartel, your mission is as follows. Bring forth the end of war in the world of Orthonos using this quill, failure to do such will lead to your death. As for the cost of receiving this quill, I have permanently sealed your magic.

-Signed, Anonymous.

”What the HELL?! You want me to bring peace to this damned world?! With only one **ing quill?! How the hell am I supposed to do that?! ”

I shoved the now-crumpled instructions into my other pocket before checking the flow of my mana.

Yet the excerpt spoke the truth.

”Fuck! Where is it!? Where is my mana?! ” I screeched as I began to pull on my scruffy green hair.

Yet that was when it dawned on me, I had no choice in the matter from the beginning. I was like a peasant tasked with a mission from their king or lord. Forced into doing the bidding of whoever was responsible for sealing my mana.

”Fuck… Well, if I have no choice in the matter I might as well start this absurd mission of mine. ” I said to myself as I walked to the edge of the building and jumped down from the second floor.

As I reached the bottom of the floor of the ruined building, a puff of smoke washed across my face and entered my nose.

Despite the thousands of times Ive smelt smoke, Ive never once liked it. I thought after clearing my nose of the smoke.

”Cough, cough… ”

Upon hearing the cough of what seemed to be a young boy, I turned and faced the direction the cough came from.

”Whos there? ”

”Cough, cough… Help… Please!… ”

”Sigh… Well, the start of every mission begins with a step doesn it? ” I said to myself before I darted toward the voice.

Yet as I arrived at the location the voice came from, I was met with the sight of a young boy in ragged clothes trapped underneath a large wooden beam with a small fire a few feet away from his face.

”Are you alright kid? ”

”Cough, cough… Ill… Be fine. But my sister… Shes still trapped under the rubble… ”

”Alright, lets get you out first, then Ill clear the rubble so we can see if she made it, ” I said to the boy as I began to hoist the wooden beam into the air.

”Cough… Thank you sir… ”

”Hurry out… I can hold this for long! ” I grunted through my teeth with a dark red face.

The boy slowly crawled out from under the beam, only to reveal his right leg to be mangled from the knee down.

After making sure the boy was completely out from the beam, I set the beam down and walked up to the boys leg.

”Stop moving! Your right leg is broken, if I don tend to it now youll probably die from blood loss! ”

”Cough… Yes… Sir… ” The boy barely replied as his head flopped onto the ground.

”Shit, did he just pass out? I need to hurry. ”


Yet despite my attempt to cast magic upon the boy, no magic circle appeared or change in the boys physical state occurred.

”Fuck! I forgot I don have my magic anymore! Wait, the quill! ”

I then took the quill out of my pocket and looked at the now clean tip.

”My blood must have wiped off in my pocket. Oh well, I can just use another drop or two of blood. ” I murmured to myself as I pricked my hand with the quills tip once more.

Yet this time, as the blood entered the tip of the quill, a strange, transparent rectangle appeared on the boys leg.

I take it thats where I have to write my command? I asked myself as I brought the quill near the rectangle.

-Will heal from all wounds.

As I moved the quill back from the rectangle, a strange light began to emanate from the rectangle. Finally, the light from the rectangle melted through the boys clothes and into his leg.

”So what happens now? ” I asked myself as I waited for a change in the boys condition to occur.

”Ughhh, my head… ” The boy murmured as he slowly lifted his head off the ground.

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