Magician’s Quill of Fate

The Quill\'s Mysteries

”Ughhh, my head… ” The boy murmured as he slowly lifted his head off the ground.

”You awake kid? ”

”Yeah… I remember setting my head down because I was in pain from my broken leg… But now I feel great! ”

The young boy then stood up off the charred cobblestone path and looked into my eyes with astonishment.

”Thank you for saving me, mister. But can you help me find my sister? ”

”Yeah, Ill try to get her out. You
e a good brother, you know that right? ”

”Thank you, mister! And I don really consider myself to be a good brother. ”

”Take it easy kid, you shouldn be so self-conscious at your age. Now, where did your sister get buried? ”

”I last saw her deeper into that pile of ruined buildings. ” The boy said as he pointed out a five-meter-tall pile of rubble.

”Alright, you stay here, Ill be back with everyone I find in that pile, ” I said, cracking my knuckles with each step toward the pile I took.

”Yes sir! ”

This quill really rewrites the physical aspect of living beings… Maybe this mission won be too bad after all…

As I continued to heave the charred wooden beams and planks from the top of the pile, I suddenly heard more wood hitting the cobblestone behind me. I turned around, only to see the young boy I had saved earlier clearing a path up to me.

”Hey, kid! Go back down there, its not safe up here! ”

”Let me help too! Itll go by faster if we both help! ”

”Or you could slip while trying to help and die! ”

”I don care! I want to find my sister faster! ”

”Fine, you can help, just try not to slip. ”

”Thank you, mister! ” The boy replied as he began to hurl small chunks of charred wood over his shoulders.

After a moment of silence between the boy and I, being broken only by the clatter of wood striking the cobblestone road. I cleared my throat and looked toward the boy.

”So kid, whats your name? ”

”Hendrickson, whats your name mister? ”

”Kane, Kane Bartel, ” I replied as I heaved a large chunk of wood behind me.

I noticed Hendrickson become dead still in the corner of my eye as I told him my identity.

”Whats wrong Hendrickson? ”

”Are you hat Kane Bartel?… ”

”Yeah, I am. But you don need to be alarmed, Im done with war. ”

”Mom told me stories about you! You
e an evil man who destroys everything anywhere you go! If you
e here, then you
e why my sister is buried under the rubble! ”

”Yeah, it is my fault, and so are a lot of other things. But I have to make things right now. So quit worrying about whose fault it is and keep digging through the rubble! ”

Hendrickson took a step backward, frightened by my sudden yelling, making him lose his balance.

”Waaaaah! ”

”Hendrickson! ” I exclaimed as I habitually tried to cast magic upon Hendricksons falling body.

[Target Warp!]

”Wait, my magic doesn work anymore… ”

I watched in defeat as Hendricksons chest was impaled by a skinny wooden beam at the bottom of the pile, leaving a trail of blood down the beam as he slid toward the cobblestone road.

”Shit… He got impaled through the heart, I might as well get him off the pole so he can be buried later. ”

As I carefully maneuvered myself down the pile of rubble, I heard wood shattering on the cobblestone road to my left.

”Another survivor? Ill check that out first since they might be a threat. Sorry, Hendrickson, Ill have to come back for you. ” I said to Hendricksons motionless body as I arrived at the beam he was impaled with.

Yet it was as I started to walk away from Hendricksons corpse.

”Cough, cough… ”

”Hendrickson? ” I questioned as I turned around to see the color return to Hendricksons corpse.

”Owwwww… My chest… ”

”How are you alive? No, questions later, hold on for a minute or two longer while I break this beam. ” I replied as I walked back towards the wooden beam.

”Haaaaaaaaaah! ”


After breaking the wooden beam out from under Hendricksons body, I quickly slid the rest of the beam out of his chest and threw it onto the pile of rubble.

”Are you okay, Hendrickson? ”

”I don know… My chest… It burns… But its also cold… ”

”Yeah, you got impaled through the heart by a sharp piece of wood after you fell. Im not sure if youll make it. ”

Yet the sight that was bestowed upon me next was horrifically abnormal, as the hole in his chest which was roughly five centimeters in diameter, began to squirm as and seal the wound by itself.

”What the **?! ”

”What is it? ”

”Your chest… Its healing itself!… ”

”It is?! No wonder my chest stopped feeling cold! ” Hendrickson replied as he lifted his head to try and look at his nearly closed wound.

Wait, earlier when I healed his leg. I wrote, ”will heal from all wounds. ” Did I make this kid immortal by accident?…

”Is something wrong mister? Youve got a funny look on your face. ”

”Oh, sorry. I was thinking about something. Anyways since youve miraculously healed from your would-be death. We should go investigate that sound I heard before I helped you off the beam. I think it might be another survivor. ”

”Maybe its my sister! ”

”Yeah, maybe it is. Now come on. ” I replied as I began to walk toward where I had heard the sound earlier.

”Uhmmm, now that I think about it… Why are you helping me, sir? ” Hendrickson asked as he jogged to catch up to me.

”It isn because I want to help you, but its because I must help you. ”

”You don want to help me? But you have to help me? That doesn make any sense mister. ”

”Alright look, Hendrickson, you know those stories your mom told you about me? The ones that say Im an evil person who destroys everything anywhere I go? ”

”Yeah. ”

”Well, I have to go fix all of those problems I made now. Its like cleaning up your room after making a mess of it. ”

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