Magician’s Quill of Fate

Painful Start to a New Journey

As I opened my eyes and stared into the empty abyss in front of me, only a single word could come to mind.

”War. ”

Something that humanity both loves and hates.

”Throughout my time in the world, that is a truth I have come to realize about all humanity. ”

In every corner of every town and country there are people hating the atrocities of war, yet calling for war when its for their own survival or greed.

”They cry and mourn when they lose. They cheer and celebrate when they win, completely forgetting their actions and the losses of the defeated in the process. ”

The Gods and Demons are no different.

”The Gods, under the rule of their supreme being, Aione (A – o – ne). Seek peace amongst all races, yet they accomplish that peace through war. And the Demons, under the command of the strongest of their kind, Azaruuth (Az – ar – uuth) the Cruel. Seek to cause chaos amongst all races through war. ”

And of course, you
e no different either.

”I used war to bring myself to the top of the world in terms of magic and strength, and completely forgot about those Ive killed. ”

Yet why is it that humanity, the Gods and Demons, who love and hate war, sought to bring an end to it by bringing down the one man who kept it going?

”Because they were afraid of what I could do, afraid of what would happen if I were to continue waging war upon everyone and everything. ”

Even though they love and hate war, they seem to hate those who cause war more.

”Thats because they
e afraid of those who cause war, afraid of what will happen when they no longer love war and only hate it. ”

Then why not show them the truth of war.

”Thats exactly what I did, I showed them that war only brings death, destruction, and sorrow, regardless of its pros and cons. ”

That isn what I meant. Why not show them that war is merely a petty and unnecessary fight?

”Because they would refuse to listen, their love for war would fuel their ignorance toward those who oppose war. ”

e arrogant enough to ignore the call for peace, even though that is the only way they will prosper.

”Because they
e too obsessed with themselves, they only want whats best for them, not others. ”

e obsessed with themselves because they don have anyone to guide them.

”There have been those who tried to guide them, but in the end, they love and hate war just as much as anyone else. ”

They have changed in the past.

”But they returned back to their obsession with war. ”

They will change again.

”Then someone new, who admired the love and hatred all beings used to share, will shake the world again and return them back to the obsession of war. ”

But there will be peace.

”But it won be permanent, it will only be a surface-level fix. The cracks of the love and hatred of war will always be hidden in the past, haunting the future until all of existence has been erased. ”

Then I will give you a mission, become a permanent fix to the love and hatred of war. Fix their arrogance and ignorance and set them down the right path without harming a single being.

A pure white feather quill materialized out of my body and moved into the empty abyss.

You will remember nothing of this conversation. Your mana will be sealed and you can no longer harm anyone in any way. The quill wrote before snugly fitting itself into my hand.

”I can … Even if I could, they would go back to how they were once I die. ”

The quill suddenly moved out of my hand and scribbled something upon my forehead before returning to my hand.

This is goodbye, for now, Kane Bartel. We will meet again…..

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