Magic Valley

Vallos Land

Grisseo and two other fairies drop the tulip hut down in a meadow surrounded by mushroom houses.

”Come out!! You are safe, ” said Grisseo to Fargo who was still inside the tulip hut.

Fargo slowly poked his head out of the tulip petal that was used as the door of the cottage, his eyes didn blink when he looked around, there were dozens, no! but hundreds of little winged creatures wandered around the place, their clothes made of leaves embroidered with stamens. if the view from above shows mushroom houses then the view is different now, because in the settlement there are not only mushroom houses, but also dandelion huts that appear to be filled with fairies.

”Griss… You
e back?? Im worried when the tormens come and you
e still in the garden, ” said a beautiful elf who approached them.

”Yes.. We just arrived, Midea, Fin, bring all the mel fruit to the storage, and you.. What was your name earlier? ” Asked Grisseo as he turned to Fargo.

”Fargo, ” said Fargo saying his name with a look that couldn be separated from Amisa.

”Yes.. Fargo, introduce my sister Amisa, ” said Grisseo while introducing the beautiful fairy earlier.

”Hi.. Im Fargo, ” Fargo said with a smile and grabbed Amisas hand for a handshake.

”Um, Im Amisa, aren you the one who came with Lea? ” Amisa asked Fargo who was still looking at him and made Amisa blush.

”Emm.. Yes.. Im the one, ” said Fargo.

”Then where is Lea or is she here too?? ” asked Amisa who was looking for Leas figure.

”For the time being he will live with us, so can you take him home? I have to go to Locus dandelion elf, ” continued Grisseo as he walked away.

”Um!! lets follow me, ” said Lea to Fargo who immediately followed her.

amisa brought Fargo to a house with red spotted mushrooms, several fairies with arrows on their backs were seen standing along the entrance, all the fairies bowed respectfully to Amisa which was then returned a small nod and Amisas gentle smile, Fargo just staredOne by one, they also looked at Fargo with a strange look. ”Welcome to our mushroom locus, ” said Amisa as she ushered Fargo into her residence.

.Fargo was astonished to see the contents of the place, in the first room he saw a table made of dry wheat germ with several carvings on each side, then a chair made of twigs and given a pile of soft hairs of weeds making the objects visiblecomfortable and amazing. ”Is that a grain of wheat? ” asked Fargo who was actually a little hesitant about the table in the main room of the place.

”Um!! Weve dried it and applied some ingredients that will make it less prone to weathering and no longer taste like wheat, although it still smells like wheat in there, ” explained Amisa.

The fairy girl then took him to the next room, again a wheat table in the corner of the room this time in front of the table there was a root that resembled a shelf, there were also several books neatly arranged, on the side of the table there was a small window attachedit was possible to see towards the lake which was not far from Nymphodora, if Fargo was of normal size he would probably call it a puddle.

Amisa walked up the stairs made of tendrils that had been woven in such a way to form a row of steps.

”Ill show you your room, ” Amisa said as she continued to walk up the stairs, when she arrived at the end of the stairs Fargo was again flabbergasted by a balcony in a room that was quite spacious and in every corner there were several doors.

Amisa stepped towards one of the doors.

”This is your room, ” Amisa said as she opened the door and immediately stepped in without hesitation, the fairy girl immediately opened the small window that was there, the window glass in the room attracted Fargos attention because it looked unusual, the young man approached the window and pressed the glass with his fingerunlike the glass he usually encountered, the glass in front of him looked strange because it didn feel hard when pressed with his fingertips.

”Oww!!!! Is this thing magical too?? ” Asked Fargo who was still pressing the glass that felt rubbery and transparent.

”No its just a bubble and we use magic to make it strong and not easy to explode ” Amisa said who was making the bed for Fargo.

”Bubble??? said Fargo in disbelief.

”Yes we get it from plant sap, all the glass and mirrors in nymphodora are made of bubbles.

”This is impossible, ” said Fargo still in amazement.

”Your bed is ready, ” Amisa said without noticing the youths admiration.

fargo walked over to the bed which was covered with a white cloth, Fargo rubbed the surface of the bed, feeling smooth and comfortable.

”Did you guys also make this cloth yourself? ” asked Fargo who smelled the fragrant aroma from the cloth covering his bed.

”Sure, those are lily petals, ” said Amisa.

”You better rest, Ill make some dishes for dinner, ” continued Amisa as she left.

”Oh.. Well thank you, ” said Fargo when Amisa had disappeared behind the door.

Fargo unconsciously reviewed his smile, Amisas beauty seemed to bewitch the young mans eyes.

Fargo lay down while throwing his eyes out of the bubble glass, I don know what filled his mind but the calm and cool atmosphere in the room made him sleep for a moment.

grisseo just arrived when the sky was already dark, his smell inhaled a delicious aroma that made him hungry, he immediately headed to the dining room where Amisa was seen busy serving some dishes

”Where is Fargo?? ” asked Griseeo who did not see Fargos figure with Amisa.

”I think hes still sleeping, ” said Amisa without taking her eyes off her sister.

”Has he had dinner? ” Grisseo asked again.

”No, he hasn come out of his room since he got there, ” said Amisa again who was still concentrating on her busy life.

”Oh my gosh Ill wake him up, ” said Grisseo immediately headed to Fargos room which he already knew was located.

Knock… Tock… Tock…

Grisseo tried to knock on the door in front of him many times but no one seemed to be responding from within the room.

grisseo decided to open the door which turned out to be unlocked, and sure enough Fargo still seemed to be sleeping on his bed

”Hey…!! Wake up..!!! Fargo wake up!!! Its time for dinner, ” Gresseo said while patting the young mans cheek.

fargo seemed to squirm, while blinking his eyes, he looked at Grisseo intently.

”Who are you?? ” Fargo said in a hoarse voice. Grisseo just stared silently.

”I had a strange dream, the fairy settlement, the mushroom house, the giant dandelion, the wheat table, the lily bed sheet, the bubble glass, gosh, thats crazy, ” Fargo said, rubbing his eyes.

Grisseo immediately stepped into a small cupboard and pulled out a piece of fresh lily petals

”You mean this?? ” Grisseo said as he rubbed the lily petals in his hands

”And this? ” Added Grisseo while flicking the bubble glass that looked rubbery.

fargo widened his eyes because some of the things he mentioned earlier were in front of his eyes, his memory started to return, he remembered when he arrived at the nymphodora, saw the magical sight, entered the mushroom locus and saw one by one the magic tools.

”This isn a dream, ” Fargo muttered.

”Of course not, just wash your face and go to the dining table, its time for dinner, ” said Grisseo.

”Dinner?? ” asked Fargo who was still not really sure about everything he experienced that day.

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