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Grisseo who knew that what Fargo was experiencing was an illusion just smiled at Lea.

”Did you meet him? Madah? ” Grisseo asked Fargo.

”Madah? My name is Fargo not Madah, ” said Fargo a little curtly.

”Okay Fargo, I think youve been rude by insulting the melon, thats why hes angry with you, ” Grisseo explained with a relaxed and hard-to-understand smile.

”What kind of dream was that? ” Fargo muttered again remembering the strange incident he had just experienced.

”Ahh never mind, can you take me back to my friends? ” asked Fargo to Lea.

But Lea, who seemed to be having a serious conversation with Grisseo, didn hear Fargos question.

”Lea, can you take me to my friends?? asked Fargo as he approached Lea, but Lea didn answer anything, she only answered Fargos question with a deep gaze, suddenly Lea changed her form to her normal form, but that didn happen to Fargo.

”Why haven I changed asked Fargo, who is now tens of times smaller than Lea.

Without saying a word Lea flapped her wings and soared into the air, much to Fargos surprise and confusion.

”Hey!!! Lea!!! But I haven climbed on your back yet, where are you going? Heyy wait!!! shouted Fargo who was ignored by Lea, the beautiful harpy had already flown away leaving Fargo in the mail plantation with the fairies earlier.

”What the hell? I don want to be here, ” Fargo said annoyed when he saw Lea fly away.

fin and Midea immediately approached Grisseo, ”what happened Griss?? Why did Lea leave him? ” Midea asked not understanding Leas actions.

”Youll find out soon enough, ” Grisseo said as he walked over to Fargo.

”Come with us, Lea won come back, ” said Grisseo which made Fargo look at him in surprise.

”Why do you say that, did he tell you about this? ” asked Fargo who still couldn accept the fact that Lea left him in the mail garden.

”Ill explain later, but before that we have to return to the settlement as soon as the thormens will arrive, ” Grisseo said as he patted Fargos shoulder and left.

”Settlements?? What do you mean, do you think that Im really willing to live with you guys? thats never going to happen, ” Fargo said haughtily.

”Okay, its up to you, we will return to the settlement, if you don want to follow its okay, I hope the tormen don devour you, ” said Grisseo immediately preparing to leave.

Suddenly a rumbling sound startled them.

”Good grief theyve come, ” said Fin with a worried face, while Grisseo turned back to Fargo who also looked scared.

”What is that sound?? Did you hear it? ” asked Fargo to the fairies.

”Thats the Thormen army…..fin, Midea, we have to hurry ” said Grisseo to the other two fairies.

Fargo panicked when he heard the roar getting closer, the fairies began to open their wings, while Fargo was confused what to do.

”Hey… You guys!! Wait!!! What about me?? What should I do?? asked Fargo with a panicked face.

”Hide! Save yourself!! ” Fin said firmly and started to fly.

fargo looked around quickly looking for a place to hide, he found a small cottage on the outskirts of the mel garden made of tulip petals, Fargo immediately ran and entered the cottage.

”Why don we just ask him to flyand get away from here, ” Midea asked when she saw Fargo running frantically towards the hut. ”Trust me hell be fine, ” Grisseo said as he flew away followed by Fin and Midea towards the hideout outside Mels garden area, this time the fairies were hiding while watching the tulip hut where Fargo was hiding.

the air turned thick when the dozen thormen arrived, they forcibly snatched the mel fruit from the tree, ate it voraciously until their saliva was splattered, the gray and transparent creature also had thorns around its back and arms. fargo who also lurked a little between the tulip petals immediately shuddered in horror when he saw these creatures. he sat hugging his knees, this was the first time in his life that he had seen a terrible creature before his eyes. The foul-smelling air spread rapidly causing him to immediately close his sense of smell.the thormens moved to comb all the mels from every tree in the garden, one of the thormens even approached the tulip hut where Fargo was hiding, Fargo who felt more and more frightened when the hut began to vibrate more and more indicating that something big was approaching.

Tulip hut hidden among the mel fruit trees, Fargo started to hold his breath as the creature was seen passing by.

”Griss.. She stopped right there, ” said Fin while pointing at the Thormen who stopped near Fargos hut.

”Calm down, ” Grisseo said as he watched seriously.

Suddenly, Thormen, who was just passing by, spontaneously turned his head towards the tulip hut that Fargo was using to hide.

”Oh.. No!!! what will he do?? ” Fargo thought as he looked through the gaps in the tulip petals to spy on the tormen.

the giant creature immediately grabbed the tulip hut and uprooted it forcefully like uprooting a tree.

The tulip hut shook even more violently as the tormen lifted the small-looking hut close to his face.

Fargo panicked more and more he held on to the inside of the hut and when he felt the hut was floating higher and higher Fargo could no longer control himself.

”Obvolvere…. ” said Fargo while holding his breath and instantly the hut floated down again, because the thormen that lifted the hut immediately released its grip, when Fargo said his flagship sentence suddenly a shockwave appeared that made the terrible creature throw the tulip hut.

”No!!! Nope!! This is bad…. Aaaaaaaa!!!! ” Fargo who felt the tulip hut darting down quickly screamed in fear.

Woooossshhhhhh suddenly the hut that almost touched the ground rose again, Fargo who was still scared immediately confirmed who was holding the hut this time.

”Hold on kid, just a little longer, ” said Grisseo who was seen holding the side of the tulip hut, Fin and Midea seemed to be holding the other side.

”Are you okay? Sorry we
e a little late, ” said Fin as he flew away from the hut.

Fargo immediately breathed a sigh of relief after learning that it was the fairies that made the tulip hut float again.

because he was curious where the fairies would take the hut to go, Fargo decided to peek a little between the doors of the floating cottage, his eyes immediately widened when he looked down there were dozens of colorful giant mushrooms that were not usually seen in groups of mushroomsNoisily, there are many small winged creatures that look busy with their activities.

. ”Is this a nymphodora?? ” Fin asked as he stared in amazement at the miracle before his eyes.

”Yeah… You
e right, welcome to the nymphodora of the Mirabilis valley fairy settlement, ” said Grisseo who started to fly low while carrying the tulip hut.

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