Magic Valley

Tulip Hut

Fargo followed Lea who walked closer to the three fairies with baskets on their backs, trees with the strong scent of sucrose towering on their right and left.

”Hi Fin, Midea, Griseo, hows the harvest? Are the results good? ” Lea asked while picking up a fruit the size of her head, bright blue with the exact same shape as an apple, the mel tree never stops bearing fruit every day the mel fruit will always be ready to be harvested all the time the fruit is usually used as a basic ingredient for potions drugor into a mixture of magic potions. ”Emm.. As usual they are cute, ” said Griseo with a friendly smile.

”You brought someone Lea? ” Fin asked when he saw Fargo who was walking right behind Lea.

”Yes, I think Griseo already knows him, ” Lea said while throwing the mel fruit she took from Griseos basket towards Fargo, Fargo spontaneously tried to catch the fruit.

”Is this the newest variety of apples? ” said Fargo, staring at the large fruit in his hand.

”Its Mel fruit, try it!! Leah ordered Fargo to taste the fruit in his hand.

Fargo looked a little suspiciously at Lea and the fairies in front of him, as if he was worried that the fruit contained a deadly poison.

”Eat, the fruit will not kill you, ” said Lea trying to convince Fargo once again.

fargo swallowed his saliva, he brought the fruit closer to his mouth, at the first bite fargo felt familiar with the taste of the fruit, the thick sweet taste flowed into his throat, the very juicy and transparent flesh of the fruit made him amazed.

”Wine in an apple?Said Fargo who then tried to understand again, the taste in his mouth.

”No, its honey, ” he said in his own words.

Lea just shook her head slowly watching Fargo, who was busy monologue in front of the fruit which she thought was unusual.

”Griseo can we talk about some things? Lea asked in a serious tone.

”Sure, ” Griseo led Lea to a small cottage made of tulip buds on the outskirts of the garden.

”This will be a bit surprising, but he and his two friends are indeed the knights that Bana once called, ” explained Lea.

”Im not surprised about that because since the connecting portal is impassable, no human can enter Mirabilis except because of their destiny, ” said Griseo confidently.

”Um, I guess you
e right. ”

”So who is he?? Didn Bana mention 3 names, ” Griseo asked.

”Madah, ” said Lea as her eyes continued to pay attention to Fargo.

”Madah?? That means he has another magic destroying spell? ” Griseo tried to confirm.

”Yes, he always casts a strange spell whenever hes scared, and that spell destroys other magic, ” Lea continued.

”Then the other 2 are Aksa and Daksha? ” Asked Griseo again.

”Thats right, Bonum has even tested their strength, ” said Lea.

”Isn this good news, Mirabilis will recover soon and the Pulchara stone can be taken back from Motus hands soon ” Griseo said excitedly.

”It should be, but there is a slight problem, ” said Lea, dispelling Griseos spirit for a moment.

”Problem? ” asked Griaeo confused.

”He still thinks Mirabilis isn real, even though Bonum has convinced him many times, that one is really stubborn, ” explained Lea.

Griseo immediately turned his gaze to Fargo, the young man who was currently walking towards him did look arrogant.

”Hey, can you explain about this fruit? Why does it have a strange shape and taste, ” asked Fargo who was now in front of Lea and Griseo.

Griseo got up from his seat, he and Fargo were the same size this time. Griseo is an adult fairy with a calm face and silver hair, Griseo is the leader of the fairies in Nhympodora.

”The fruit is different from the fruit you have seen in your world, the mel fruit is a magic fruit that has many benefits for us who live in the underworld, this fruit grows from a magical land, of course it becomes a different fruit, the mel fruit is not only a healing fruit but also can become poison for those who don believe it, ” Griseo explained, which made Fargo not understand.

. ”Believe? You mean we have to believe in this fruit? Gosh this is ridiculous, ” said Fargo sounding disdainful.

”Who are you calling silly? ” Said an unknown voice, the voice didn come from Griseo or Lea. Fargo looked around looking for the owner of the voice.

”I think I heard someone talking, did you guys hear too? ” Fargo asked Lea and Griseo who just shook their heads.

”It seems my brain has been disturbed, Ill just give it back to you, I don like strange fruit, ” Fargo said as he handed the rest of the mel in his hand to Griseo.

”Youve eaten half my head and now you
e saying you don like me?? ” The mel in Fargos hand suddenly had a face.

Fargo spontaneously threw the fruit that looked alive, but Lea immediately caught it.

Huweekk… Cough.. Uhukk… huwekkk Fargo tried to vomit some of the flesh of the mel he had eaten.

”Oh hi Lea, is that you? ” Asked the mel in Leas hand, the fruit looked friendly and recognized Lea.

”Of course its me, how are you mel Lea asked while holding the fruit that was smiling at her.

”I hope Im doing well but that boy has ruined my day, replied the talking fruit.

”Gosh, forgive him, ” said Lea, smiling back at Mels fruit.

”What kind of creature is he really? Why can he talk?? ” said Fargo who still couldn vomit up the fruit he had eaten.

The mel that was in Leas hand immediately turned to Fargo.

”This kid is too rude, is he your friend?? ” Asked the mel to Lea.

”Oh my god hes really alive, ” said Fargo starting to feel scared.

lea brought the mel closer to Fargo.

”I think youll recognize him if you try to feel the bite marks on your head mel, ” Lea suggested.

Mel fruit seemed to close his eyes for a moment.

”Theres magic on his tongue, is he… Mels question stopped, he stared at Fargo intently.suddenly Fargo felt strangeness in his surroundings which suddenly darkened, the young man quickly looked around, Lea and the fairies suddenly disappeared, Fargo began to feel anxious, the mel trees around him moved quickly like a strong wind but in thereno wind blows at all, could there be something else moving the trees??Plukk…plukk…plukkkk

Melts fell by themselves in huge numbers, they rolled rapidly towards Fargo at the same time.

”Oh no!!Fargos legs trembled, his breath hitched to see thousands of fruits rushing towards him, moving fast like a horde of terrible insects, the young man wanted to run but he was surrounded, he couldn find an opening at all.

”Lea!!!!! Where are you!!!!Help me!!! , ” Fargo screamed as he tried to kick the fruits that started to jump on his body.

”Nokk!!! Get out of the way!!! Rennn!!!! Help me!!! ” Panic overcame the young man.

”Obvolvere…obvolvere… ” Fargo whispered breathlessly.

Blupp.. Blupp… blupp suddenly the hundreds of fruits burst like bubbles and disappeared. The situation around him also became bright again.

”Fargo, are you all right? ” Lea asked while patting Fargos shoulder with Leas hand still holding the mel.

Fargo opened his eyes, he stared at the beautiful figure in front of him.

”Keep the fruit away from me!! Hes terrible, ” said Fargo while pointing at the mel in Leas hand.

”Fruit?? You mean this fruit? ”Lea asked while lifting the fruit right in front of her face.

”He live!! he can talk!! Fargo said again as he pulled his body back from Leas presence.

The beautiful harpy turned his gaze to Griseo with a questioning look, as if he didn understand what Fargo was saying, again Griseo just smiled.

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