Magic Valley

Mel Fruit

Bonum held out a large feather.

”This is yours? ” Ren asked as he accepted the feather.

. ”No, this is Banas, our fur is almost the same color but mine is darker in color, hold this and see what you will find, ” said Bonum which Ren immediately obeyed.

Ren looked a little nervously at the dark red feather, doing the same thing as when he looked at the harpy feather in his hand, he seemed to concentrate on drawing all the magic gathered in his net, as soon as the power of his eyes activated again, his gaze seemed to enter a portalhigh-speed time, and strange shadows spinning like film reels, a beautiful harpy with fiery red fur, a peaceful Mirabilis, Leas screams when cursed and a few glimpses of the faces of her countrymen wearing strange clothes that look ancient and blend in with the crowdcreatures of Mythology, the war that sheds the blood of the inhabitants of Mirabilis.The Thormens were large with ugly faces and gray skin covered in thorns, they seemed to be carrying another kind of terrible animal. Banas image reappeared as she fused her powers to guard Mirabilis, Bana said something Ren could clearly hear.

”They will come, pulchara will return, they will surely come, whose blood will break Leas curse, Mirabils will return as they should be, Aksa, Daksha, Madah, they will come!!! ” His words echoed as his body turned into a bird.

Ren gasped for a moment, he took a deep breath as if he had just been pulled from the depths of the water.

”What did you see?? ” asked Bonum while holding Rens body who almost fell backwards from the shock.

Ren tried to catch his breath before answering Bonums question.

”Shadows of the past ” Ren said.

”Is there a sentence in there that you found?? ” Bonum asked curiously.

Ren nodded quickly, the images just made him dizzy a little, the young man held his head.

”Aksa, Daksha, Madah. ” Ren said while looking at Bonum

”Thats Banas sentence ”Bonum said with a serious expression because he too heard the same words from Banas mouth hundreds of years ago.

Ren nodded again confirming Bonums sentence. The Harpy man looked deep in thought, his face showing seriousness as if he had thought of something he believed in.

”Aksa is you the visionary, you have special eyes ” Bonum said while pointing at Ren.

”Daksa is you with magic power flowing almost all over your body ” Bonum pointed at Edgar and made the young man raise an eyebrow.

”And you are Madah, your sacred words when you are afraid are the breaker of every magic. ” Then Bonum pointed at Fargo who was still frozen.

”So what Bana said would come was us? ” asked Ren who had already heard the entirety of Banas last sentence. Bonnie nodded confidently.

”But what with all the strength we have we can easily retrieve the pulchara stone? ” Edgar asked.

”No, your magic power still needs to be trained to become stronger, because your biggest enemy is Motus with his quite fierce pet, Anubis, the Thormen who are actually a group of spirits from the gray valley also have some magical animals called fracti, somelast year thormen released those monstrous beasts to destroy Vallos land, they are all very strong opponents and not easy to beat ”

Bright Bonum

”So we won be able to go home anytime soon? ” asked Fargo, who actually still didn fully believe in every miracle he witnessed with his own eyes. Fargo is still a skeptical young man who finds it difficult to accept things that are magical and beyond logic.

”It seems your friend is still doubting Mirabilis, ” said Bonum when he heard Fargos question.

”Do you two really believe in all this?gosh I really believe we might still be in a coma in the hospital and this is only part of our dream ” said Fargo stubbornly.

”Do I need to plunge you into the abyss of Viestrias death one more time so that you can truly distinguish between dream and reality?? ” asked Bonum who seemed a little annoyed at Fargo.

”Can I take him somewhere to make him believe? ” Lea tried to offer herself to convince Fargo this time.

Bonum looked questioningly at Lea, as if he objected to Lea going with Fargo.

”I will be very careful ” said Lea who seemed to understand Bonums concern, because actually at certain times some Thormen would go around Mirabilis to loot some plants they could eat. a group of the strongest Harpies always stood guard at the entrance of Viesteria.Bonum nodded giving permission to Lea to bring Fargo.

Lea immediately changed her body shape to a giant size and approached Fargo.

”Get up, ” Leah said to the young man.

Fargo looked doubtfully at the beautiful Harpy who was about to take him away.

”Come on !! Ill take you somewhere, it won be scary believe me, ” said Lea, trying to persuade the young man one more time.

Fargo finally accepted Leas offer, he began to climb onto Leas back by holding on to the giant fur.

”Hold on!Lea said before darting out of Bonums quarters. Leas wings spread across the wind they met several guard Harpies.

”Hey… Lea, whos on your back? ” asked one of the Harpy guards when he saw Fargo sitting on the back of the beautiful Harpy.

”Hes madah ” Lea said as she darted away.

”Madah?? Who is Madah, is she from the fairy nation? ” said another Harpy looking confused.

”Maybe, his body is very small but he has no wings, ” said another.

”Maybe the wings haven grown yet ” said another

”Gosh, its none of our business, watch well, or Mr. Bonum will punish us all. ”

Said Harpy who had greeted Lea.

Lea flew through the Lavanda field which looked deserted, only the fragrant aroma wafted strongly as they passed the place.

”Where are you taking me asked Fargo

e going to Nymphodora to pick Mels fruit, ” said Lea

”Tch… You brought me out of that horrible place to pick fruit? ” said Fargo snorting in a lazy tone, while Lea just smiled at Fargos ramblings.

they soon arrived at Nymphodora which is the residence of the fairies, unlike Lavanda, Nymphodora actually looks crowded with small creatures that are seen flying here and there.

”Hey look at that Lea … ” said Amisa who was carrying a large cup made of mint leaf rolls filled with a sweet-scented sparkling liquid.

”Hey… Amisa did you just take honey? ”Lea asked

”Yeah… You want to try it?? ”Amisa offered to Lea, whose body comparison is very far from Amisa.

”I want to pick Mels fruit, is there someone there? ” Lea asked again while flying high.

”Sure, Fin, Griseo and Midea are there ” said Amisa while shouting

”Okay Ill go meet them, see you Amisa ” Lea immediately headed to Mels garden with Fargo on her back.

when she got there Lea changed her body size to be very small like the size of a fairy, as did Fargos body which miraculously shrunk by itself.

fargo watched his body which had become very small in surprise and wonder.

”What happened to me?? ” Fargo said surprised.

”You will be fine, this is Mirabilis, all the magic in your body is connected to our land so the magic magic will respond to Mirabilis land, you can do many things with the magic power in your body ” explained Lea.

Fargo didn understand the meaning of the beautiful harpys words.

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