Magic Valley

Fargo\'s Worries

Streaks of light broke through the thick leaves, forcing their way through the thick darkness of the forest.

The beams of light are like arrows from the sky, the wet air is very thick there, there are 3 bodies lying among the thickets in the humid valley.

they looked helpless with barely any breath. One of them was even pierced by roots in the waist, two of them were battered with fresh blood flowing from their arms and forehead from cuts from tree branches.

2 small winged creatures flying above the three bodies, something moved beneath their bodies

”Are they dead? ”

”I don know but that young man bleeds a lot ” The two fairies dialogue while pointing at one of the bodies with the most severe injuries.

”Is Lea awake? ” one of the fairies asked worriedly.

”I think so, lets get out of the way!! ”

The undergrowth suddenly accelerated and gave off a dazzling light, the fibers turning into sheets of reddish fur.


Suddenly a harpy figure appeared with fiery red wings and a beautiful appearance, while the bodies of the 3 youths floated in the air. They seemed to be tied to something invisible. The beautiful harpy stared at the 3 youths in front of her, swept her right wing over the bodies of the youths and instantly all the wounds and blood disappeared, they looked smooth as if there were no wounds before.

two small winged creatures that were originally hiding immediately appeared and summoned a harpy figure they seemed to recognize.

”Leeeeeeee!!!! ” The two exclaimed surprising the owner of the name, Lea is the beautiful red-winged harpy who just appeared

”Amisa..? Grisseo..? ” said Lea while welcoming the two fairies small hugs.

e alive? The curse is gone? ” Amisa and Grisseo asked at the same time.

”As you can see, I think this is thanks to them, ” said Lea, pointing at the 3 youths who were still floating in an unconscious state.

”Is it because of their blood? ” asked Grisseo.

”I don know, there should be something stronger than just that blood, like a spell for example, ” said Lea.

”Spells? Did they cast spells when they hit you? ” Grisseo asked again.

”I don know, but it could be, ” said Amisa.

”What are we going to do to make them wake up? ” Grisseo and Amisa looked worried.

”I know, you guys wait here, ” Lea flapped her wings away while Amisa and Grisseo just stared in confusion while waiting for what Lea would do next.

not long after that Lea came with wings that seemed to sparkle from being wet, she then floated above the heads of the youths and moved around quickly, instantly drops of water fell heavily from Leas feathers and splashed the youths. They were surprised to receive the splash waterso that their bodies fell to the ground. ”Aww!!! ” they screamed while blinking their eyes looking around and trying to get up in surprise.

”Are we still alive? ” Fargo said while looking at his hands, feet and body, he was afraid that one of his limbs would disappear.

”Where are we asked Edgar who was looking around he didn notice a harpy hovering above their heads.

While Ren was still busy looking for his glasses.

”You see my glasses? ” Ren asked his comrades.

”No, I didn see it, do your eyes really don work without it? ” Fargo said sounding unconcerned.

Ren raised his face around his gaze, and surprisingly all the objects he saw were crystal clear and very clear.

”My eyes? What happened said Ren surprised.

Fargo and Edgar looked confusedly at Ren.

”I can see everything very clearly. ” Ren said happily.

”Isn that great? ” Fargo said as he tried to stand up.

”My body feels hot, ” said Edgar suddenly, Ren and Fargo looked at each other and immediately approached his friend, while trying to feel if their bodies felt the same way.

”I don feel anything in my body, ” Fargo said.

”What about you Ren? ” Ask Fargo.

”My body doesn feel weird either. ” Ren said who also felt his body was fine.

Suddenly Edgars whole body emitted smoke, his skin began to turn red and blistered.

”What is this? Aaarghh!!!.Hot!!!! Arrgghh!!! My body is burning.. Arghhh!!!!

Edgar started shouting, Lea who was originally watching them from above started to realize something, she then darted down.

e poisoned, get on my back quickly!! ” Lea commanded with her giant Harpy body

Ren and Fargo stared in disbelief, seeing that unusual creature, a giant bird with the head of a woman, are they still in the subconscious? Meanwhile Edgar couldn care less about anything else except the heat that was getting more and more burning throughout his body.

”Si.. who are you… asked Fargo stuttering.

”Argghhhhh!! Its hot!!!! I can stand it anymore!! ” Edgars moans returned their amazement to Lea.

”Hurry up! or your friends will die! ” said Lea firmly.

”Dead…? ” Ren muttered with an anxious voice, although still full of question marks, after hearing the word dead Ren and Fargo immediately supported Edgars body which was already helpless with smoke that was constantly escaping from the young mans body, Ren and Fargo immediately carried Edgar upstairs. Leahs back.

with a flap of wings Leas body flew far through the dense trees, Ren and Fargo held Edgars body which was sprawled out.

Their eyes were even more amazed when they saw strange trees, they were not trees but giant mushrooms that were the same height as the trees, with tendrils covered with colorful flowers, next they saw a giant line of dandelions filled with small creatures. winged,maybe it was a fairy, Fargo rubbed his eyes many times he could hardly believe that it was real, then the next one was a dense expanse of forest with lakes and water sources, the trees there were very large and lined up around the lake, there was a door in every tree there.

Rens hand grabbed a leaf from one of the trees they passed, the smell was very fragrant, the leaves smelled of vanilla, really fragrant and made him unable to resist tasting the leaves, Ren put the leaves he picked into his mouth. when the leaf touched his tongue, the light green object melted and disappeared leaving behind a thick sweet taste.

”Hey… What did you eat earlier? ” Asked Fargo who saw Ren put something in his mouth.

”Only leaves. ” Ren said.

”Im hungry too but Im not interested in chewing leaves. ” Fargo concluded, while Ren remained silent, if Fargo had known the taste of the leaf, he would have chosen to become a caterpillar.

”Hold on tight! We
e almost there ” said Lea.

ren and Fargo followed Leas cue, Leas body swerved between the almost overlapping Lavender trunks, and once again the lavender trees were very large, they were like insects on the back of a bird, they were so small. after passing through the lavender fieldsthere they are presented with a strange view of the city, on the right and left there are some kind of super large tree trunks with cavities that are close to each other, maybe its not just a cavity again its a door,, some of the doors are decorated with flowers or objects that shine like lights, howeverit was clear that it wasn a lamp, the place looked like a settlement, some of them only had names written in strange characters.

Then they entered the largest cavity and Leas body flew low before finally landing there.

e here, come down! ” Leah commanded, they slumped down from Leahs back.

the next miracle happened, Leas body shrunk to the size of the youths. ren wanted to ask but he held back, because the current situation was very urgent considering the strange things that happened to Edgar.

”Bonum!!!Bonum!!! Can you help us? ” Lea seemed to be calling someone named Bonum.

when they heard that name what came to mind Ren and Fargo was an old man like a healer or a doctor. but after a while, a handsome man with a birds body came up to them, his fur color was almost the same as Leahs, dominated by red and dark blue, he looked dashing and dignified.

”Leaaa? Is that you? ” Asked the creature like Lea

”Yeah…here I can can you help me? ” said Leah

e free??, this is good news, we need a celebration. ” he said excitedly, he only focused on Lea, while Ren, Fargo and Edgar just listened like displays who were flabbergasted by the strange thing in front of their eyes.

”Of course we will celebrate but right now I really need your help, ” Lea pleaded.

Bonum, looked questioningly at the beautiful Harpy in front of him.

”Quickly bring him here! ”Lea ordered,

Fargo and Ren supported Edgars body with difficulty.

”What happened to him? ” bonum looked at Edgars body with serious eyes.

”They fell on me, and that one stuck at the tip of my roots, ” explained Lea.

bonum who already understood what Lea said, immediately plucked a feather on its wing and quickly stuck the feather in Edgars right stomach where the part that was hit by Leas root tip when it became a poisonous root, suddenly Edgar shouted loudly.

”Hey!!!! what did you do to him? ”

Ren asked when he saw Edgar stabbed in the stomach, but Lea immediately blocked them.

”Don worry, hes being treated. ” Lea assured Ren and Fargo.

Once the feather stuck, Bonum twirled it like he was stirring something and with a single pull.


A pitch-black sphere was pulled out of Edgars stomach.

A few seconds later Edgar started to slowly open his eyes, while Ren and Fargo immediately ran towards their friend.

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