Magic Valley

Leah\'s Freedom

The smell of vanilla immediately kept Edgars smell when his feet stepped into Neros residence, ”this scent? ”Edgar said while inhaling the great fragrance wafting in there.

”This is the scent of the Vitrus tree ” said Nero as he continued to walk into his house which was quite warm and spacious.

”Vitrus Tree?? ”

”Yes, you see our houses are on the main trunk of a tree, and this tree is called the Vitrus tree with fragrant vanilla leaves ”

”vanilla leaf? I heard about it from Bonum, ”

”Of course vanilla leaves are quite famous in mirabilis because of their taste and properties, ” said Nero as he took something from his wooden cupboard.

the Centaur man took a bowl-shaped object made of woven roots with a few light green leaves on it.

”Try it!! ” Nero said to Edgar as he handed the bowl to Edgar.

the young man looked doubtfully a few times he looked at Nero as if looking for confirmation that he really should accept the offer, then Nero nodded slowly convincing Edgar to try the leaves in the bowl.

”This isn poisonous?? ”

”The human race is indeed full of suspicion but they are too careless in their actions, Do you think I will poison someone who is predicted to become a mirabilis hero?? ” said Nero which made Edgar immediately take the leaves from the bowl, the young man began to put the leaves into his mouth.

His eyes bought disbelief with the taste that came to his tongue, a strong sweet taste, Not only that the leaves that originally looked fresh immediately disappeared when they touched his tongue, like cotton sugar when exposed to water the vanilla leaves disappeared left in Edgars mouth without having to chewbut the sweet taste lingers and feels stuck in his mouth. ” How does it feel? ” Nero asked the young man who looked surprised.

”Sweet, ” said Edgar curtly.

”Thats the vanilla leaf or the leaf from the Vitrus tree, it can restore stamina for those who eat it and also increase strength for us Centaurs, ” explained Nero as he placed the bowl containing the vanilla leaf on a nightstand made of dark wood but also secretedfragrance. ”Does this tree have fruit? ” asked Edgar, who was still curious about the tree that thrived in Vallos Land.

Nero invited Edgar to sit on a woven root that looked like a mat where it had no chairs, only a table attached to the wall. Edgar assumed maybe the table was made without cutting part of the tree, they just carved and shaped it and thenleave it attached to the tree. ”I will explain a little about Vallos land since you will be living here so you should know some things about this place and also the rules here, ” Edgar nodded in understanding.

”The houses in Vallos land are called Valdom and my residence is the main Valdom and can be called the center of government in Vallos land, this settlement is inhabited by about 200 centaurs, the main food in Vallos land is Vanilla leaves and we drink from the Sanctuary Lake which is located inin the middle of our Vallos land, you must have seen it earlier, ” Nero stopped his sentence, giving Edgar a chance to understand his explanation.

”So while Im here Ill only eat leaves?? ”

”Yes, as long as you practice here then you will follow our way of life, don worry, one vanilla leaf can make you full for days, ” Nero explained again which Edgar immediately understood.

”We in Vallos land start training every day starting when the water in the sanctuary has warmed up and ending when the water in the sanctuary is cold again, ” added Nero.

”How do we know the water there is warm or cold again?? Are we going to check it every day?? asked Edgar still not understanding. ”When the Centaurettes bathe in the lake, it means that the lake water has warmed up and thats when we will start practicing at the Gladius Arena which is on the edge of the border between Vallos land and Lavanda fields until the Centaurettes light up the Lanterns at the doors of Valdom ” explained Nero.

”Centaurettes?? ” Edgar looked questioningly at Nero.

”Yes, they are female centaurs who also live in Vallos land, they are also healers in mirabilis, ” explained Nero again.

Edgars curiosity suddenly arose, he saw Centaur quite often in films but most of them were male and their physical characteristics were not much different from the Centaur in Vallos land but about female centaur he felt he had never seen one.

while Edgar and Nero were talking a knock on Valdoms door caught their attention.

Nero rushed to open the door and outside Valdom came a womans voice which made Edgar feel anxious to see who the voice belonged to.

”I came to send a vitrus pie for our guest, ” said a Centaur girl who seemed to be carrying a large plate of purplish snacks with a delicious and sweet aroma that had already disturbed Edgars smell.

the young man also stood behind Nero this time making the centaur girl who was holding a box of woven roots in her hands turned her gaze to Edgar, the girl had beautiful sparkling blue eyes, she gave a friendly smile and greeted Edgar ”Hi, welcome to Vallos land , ” saidThat girlNero immediately turned to Edgar, ”Come here, Ill introduce him to you, you asked about centaurettes didn you?? ” Edgar nodded at Neros question.

”Then he is in front of you now, ” Nero continued, pointing at the centaurettes who were still smiling at him.

”My name is Niga, I am the younger brother of Nero, ” said the Centaur girl introducing herself.

”My name is Edgar, ”

”Aren you named Daksha?? ” asked Niga, frowning.

”Yes, you can also call me by that name, ” said Edgar, returning Nigas smile.

”I think Edgar is better, ” concluded Niga which was immediately answered with a quick nod from Edgar.

”I hope you can feel comfortable while staying here, my sister must have explained a lot about Vallos land to you, right? try a special snack from vallos land for your dinner, ” said Niga again while handing the box containing the pie to Edgar.

”Oh … thank you very much, ” said Edgar accepting the box of pie.

Niga immediately said goodbye to Edgar and Nero, the young mans eyes couldn stop staring in amazement at the Centaurettes he had just met, wavy hair with golden brown color, and his shiny brown centaur body made Niga look stunning.

”Are you satisfied looking at him?? ” Nero asked, breaking Edgars thoughts which had been fixated on Niga.

”I didn expect you to fall in love with my sister because the rule in Vallos land is that if there is a centaur who likes one of the centaurettes then he must fight to defeat the strongest family member of the centaurettes, because in every centaur family there is always 1 centaurstrongest, so if you like my sister then you should be able to beat me in battle, ” explained Nero at length.

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