Magic Valley

Vitrus Tree And Valdom

”You came back alone?? Where is Fargo? ” Ren asked Lea who had just arrived. ”Hasn Bonum already explained to you that you will start practicing for 3 eclipses, tomorrow night the first eclipse will appear, so I will immediately take you to practice, ” explained Lea.

”So you mean Fargo has been escorted to his training ground?? Ren asked again.

”He will practice magic spells and amplify his chant on Nymphodora with the fairies, ”

”Are we going to practice there too?? ” This time Edgar started to feel curious.

”No!!, you will train in different places according to your respective magic power, Daksha will train with the Centaurs in Vallos land, while Aksa will go to Lavanda field and learn more about Visus, ” Beber Bonum who arrived -suddenly joinedtogether with them.Ren and Edgar looked at each other, they already knew who Daksha and Aksa were.

”Are you guys ready? We don have much time, the next one to go is Daksha, hurry up and get on my back, ” said Lea in her Harpy form.

without hesitation Edgar immediately stepped up to Lea and held on to the feathers on the beautiful Harpys wings to climb onto Leas back which was now gigantic.

”Ill be back before dusk, ” said Lea who then sped away from Viestria.

as before the Viestria guards looked at them questioningly, ”Lea, who else is that little creature on your back? ” asked one of the guards.

”Hes Daksha, ” said Lea as she flapped her wings away leaving the guards curious.

”By the way, who are they? ” Edgar asked Leah.

”They are the guards of Viestria, the chosen soldiers who are tasked with guarding the gates of Viestria so that no Thormen enters the harpy settlement, ” explained Lea.

lea carried Edgar hovering over the mirabilis forests, ”hold on we will enter the Lavanda field, ” in front of them was a fairly dense stretch of lavender forest, Edgar immediately obeyed Leas orders and held on to the fiery red fur on Leas back.

lea swerving between giant lavender trees that look boisterous, ”who are they? ” asked Edgar when they came out of the lavanda field.

”Those are special Elves, when compared to the fairies in Nymphodora the fairies in Lavanda Field are much more powerful, they even seem fierce and firm, they don like newcomers, Im sure their leader Magna will definitely reject Ren later, ” said Lea who make Edgarconfused.














be puzzled




be up a stump

be at sea

go off the deep end

”If they
e going to reject Ren Then why did you send Ren to train there?? ” ”They will refuse before seeing the strength of Rens vision if they have seen it. Im sure they will be willing to accept Ren there, but of course I have to discuss with them, because the fairies in Lavanda Field are quite strong territorial creatures,even when Motus attacked only the Lavanda Fields which did not take any major damage, it was all because their defenses were even stronger than Viestrias own. In Mirabilis the fairies of Lavanda Fields were possessors of pure magic whose strength was almost on par with Pulchara stones, Leah explained at length. ”If thats the case then why don you use their magic to replace the stolen gemstone power? ” asked Edgar who was still not satisfied with Leas explanation.

”I said their power is almost equal to Pulchara stone not the same, because no matter how great their magic power still has a limit. Unlike the magic power possessed by Pulchara stone is infinite, ” Edgar nodded in understanding.

”Well be here soon, Vallos Land is in sight, ” Lea told Edgar.the slanted-eyed youth looked straight at the line of lush trees with the lake in the middle the place looked cool and calm, but the closer they got to Vallos Land, Edgars ears caught a sound like swords or some kind of iron clashing, Lea began to fly low and penetratelush trees that emit the aroma of vanilla.Edgar was flabbergasted as his eyes caught sight of several groups of half-horse creatures with their stout bodies and stared at Lea and Edgar.

”Lea, is that you? ” asked one of the half-horse creatures, as Lea stopped flapping her wings and landed on one of the giant roots of the vanilla tree.

”Am I easy to forget? You still look handsome Nero, ” said Lea while changing her shape.

”I know its you, you
e still the most beautiful harpy in mirabilis, ” said the creature named Nero.

”Who did you take with you?? ” Nero asked who immediately turned his gaze to Edgar who was behind Lea.

”He is Daksha, ” said Lea which immediately brought a surprised expression on Neros face, he looked at Edgar even more with a look that was difficult to interpret.

”Bonum tested it?? ” Nero asked without taking his eyes off Edgar.

”Sure, ” Leah said simply.

”Shouldn there be 3?where are the others?? asked Nero again.

”Madah is already in Nymphodora to train, Aksa is still in Viestria I will immediately take her to the fields of Lavanda and Daksha in front of you, ”.

”The first eclipse will happen tomorrow, won it? ” asked Nero,

lea just nodded in response to Neros question.

”Then hurry up and take Aksa to her training ground, ” said Nero, who seemed to know a lot about Aksa Daksha and Madah.

”Okay I have to go back to Viestria, Practice really Edgar, ” said Lea, who for the first time said the young mans real name.

”Trust us, ” said Nero before Lea finally returned to her Harpy form and soared leaving Edgar in Vallos Land.

”So how did Bonum test you? I mean have you been involved in a fight with Bonum before? ” asked Nero suddenly to the young man in front of him.

”I didn fight with Bonum, ” Edgar said taking Nero by surprise.

”Is that true?? then why did Lea say that Bonum tested you?? ”

Edgar thought hard trying to digest the meaning of Neros words, what did he mean by testing, ”what were you doing in Viestria before you were brought here?? ” Nero was still asking the young man a lot of questions.

”I only heard Bonums explanation of the history of Mirabilis and the pulchara stone, ”

”Only that?? ”

”I also fought a terrible monster in the form of a giant flying tiger, which suddenly appeared and attacked my friends. ” Neros face instantly became enthusiastic.

”Did you beat him?? ” Nero asked more excited than ever.

”Y… Yes..thats how I didn know suddenly my whole body felt hot and my punch became so strong that it made the monster bounce far away, to be honest I never thought that I was that strong all this time, ” said Edgar looking thoughtful as he recalled the incident.

Nero smiled calmly, ”You are indeed Daksa, Welcome to Vallos Land, the settlement of the Centaurs, your training will start tomorrow and I will train you myself, until the third eclipse you will stay with us in Vallos Land, ” explained Nero while patting Edgars shoulder.

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