Magic Valley

Mirabilis Magic Valley

The silence that was created in the room, the occasional creaking sound of a chair or table being moved became an interlude between the silence there, there were indeed many people but all seemed to be focused on the scripted strands in their hands.

the young man with square glasses looked serious with his reading book, he had just finished his last class half an hour ago.

The citys favorite campus is filled with popular children born from conglomerate families, that also applies to the box glasses Renjana Ventura, the nerdy young man is more familiarly called Ren, he is the youngest son of 3 siblings, his simple appearance is not so flashylike other popular students. ”Ren, how long are you going to be a librarian? ” Said two other youths who were seen approaching Ren.

one of them has blue eyes with natural blonde hair and the other one has a typical East Asian face, slanted eyes with animated facial lines, that one is indeed a handsome student.

”Until I get bored. ” Ren said briefly

e still not fun, never mind pack those books!! we
e going to mirabilis today! ” said the two young men while continuing to harass Ren.

”Why not tomorrow? Look outside its going to rain. ” Ren said lazily.

”Oh my, are you afraid of the rain too said Fargo who immediately got sharp stares from library visitors because of his noisy voice.

Without further ado, Fargo and Edgar pulled the book in Rens hand and then forced the bespectacled young man to get up from his chair.

Ren just chuckled at the annoyance of his two best friends.

The rumbling sound in the sky could still be heard far away even though the black clouds were thick and ready to shed thousands of tons of water.

”Are you sure? Will come to that place today? ” Ren tried to convince his friend again.

”Of course, the place is beautiful at night, thats what I heard, ” said the blonde young man who owns the name Fargo Galant Sciffer, Fargo is also quite handsome with his striking hair color making him very easy to recognize, his blue eyes add to the thickness of his typical European face.

”You know the real story Ren? ” asked Edgar as he matched his pace with Ren.the place they mean is an open hill with a stretch of meadow as far as the eye can see, some people say that at night the hill is a firefly field, we can also easily observe the stars there, but behind the rows of things that sound beautiful, the myth isthe place is inhabited by mysterious creatures, maybe people now call them mythological creatures, that is also the cause of the hill being called ”Mirabilis ”, it sounds childish indeed, for those who are already students to believe this is ridiculous.

”Are you guys really curious about that hill? ” Ren asked his two friends who were already sitting quietly in the front seat of his car,

Fargo and Edgar were always like that, they would let Ren be a passenger in his own car.

”I just want to prove that the stories circulating in the community are just jokes, ” said Fargo, of the three of them Fargo is actually the most timid but he is also quite skeptical of things that smell like myths.

”Then what about you Ren, do you believe the storyEdgar asked his friends opinion, the young man whose full name was Benjiro Edgar was the most courageous among them, besides that he also had great martial skills, his father was a dojo owner who was quite popular with many students in his home country.

”I would believe it if I saw it with my own eyes, ” said Ren later.

A drizzle began to fall through the evening sky when they arrived at the place.

it was almost dark, the stars wouldn appear in the sky as dark as now, if anyone saw them, one would quickly assume that they were crazy youths, wandering the hills in horror in the drizzle.

”Are we going up Edgar asked doubtfully.

”Surely what we can see from here, ”

Fargo and Edga

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