The Beginning of the New Life 1

I said, ”well the main reason behind the 1st power was that you may not tell me the world which I am going to be reborn and if I born in any World where it is a literary or any other work that means i can easily access it with internet connection,thats the main reason and I am not a protagonist where he remembers every detail of the movie he watched ” I explained.

Alex got gist of the Idea of whats my reason and asked ”what if you born in a parallel universe what about it. ”

I smirked and said, ”I have thought about it if I born in a parallel world the 1st one will be most ideal power because with it I may copy many masterpieces without copyrights in that world and I may have an easy life, for songs we will have lyrics and for movies we will subtitles for the dialogues isn it most ideal cheating option. ”

Alex said, ”Thats true,ok time to choose the penalties. ”

I slowly said ” for the 1st power the penalty will be i can access or contact anyone in my world, for this I want to pay my worlds money through reborn worlds money is that possible.? ”

Alex said, ”let me see, yes the penalty and strengthening can be possible but the money ratio will be changed to 1:1000 of the reborn world, is that acceptable to you?. ”

I was stumped but I accepted it with reluctance, ”but, For the 2nd power of Shadow Khan the penalty will be locked and only can be unlocked as they grow stronger,the first unlocked one will be Ninja Khan and after that they are random to be unlocked, the strength from this penalty will be they will slowly gain thoughts as they grow in strength and another penalty is If i use Shadow Khan powers, then I will be extremely weak in attack power defense will be very less and the strengthen will be they can talk and They can be able to talk behalf of me if they connect with me,how about this. ”

Alex said ” It is possible but the defense will be close to zero, so be careful. ”

I said, ”okay i expected that much, As for my Angel healing, i can not heal myself but I can use Resurrection and if i mark someone if they die then I can ressurect them in a month time and If the dead have any powers they will have only 80% before death So that they can be restored to their youth are prolong their lives. ”

Alex was visibly shocked by my words and was silent for a while and after a deep thought he began to spoke to me, ”The things you asked are too outrageous, if the dead are resurrected left and right the world may collapse, and you may be hunted down by death gods of that world and so here what I can do for you, you will only have 2 marks for a year and you can only ressurect them with in a week and you have forgotten that if the souls are captured by someone immediately after death, for this situation for every mark you use on them they will gain substitute soul which will go into death cycle for them, no one will be able to see through it, and resurrected ones can appear before the masses as dead must stay dead otherwise they will die again, you may use as many marks for others but you only have one mark to use your self, and the resurrected will have only 30-40% of their powers. ” he gestured as this is all he can do.

I was secretly shocked by his generosity and I thought that, He may delete some conditions but he even considered the conditions I may not have considered by myself.

I said, ” For the last power, the exp panel will have no inventory or shop function and two gifts for this is the strength of the myself and shadow Khan are shared equally and they will regenerate faster and even the lottery function will not be there, the gift will be they can use healing powers on others. ”

Alex said ”That can be done but the functions you rejected are pretty op you know, the healing powers are less powerful when used by shadow khans. ”

”Yes, Thats enough for me please send me to the new world. ”as i said this The Administrator Alex waved and I was surrounded by Darkness.

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