Just a day before the widely popular VRMMORPG games named ”First World Online ”, a 18 year old young man named Zoom Kaida was readily preparing for its launch.

Zoom is a human that has just recently graduated from high school and will be entering college in a month.

For now he was casually laying on his bed with the lights in his room turned off, all his is worrying about currently is about an unreleased game that has attracted millions of players if not billions of players galaxy wide.

What made the game attracting is its ultra realistic feeling, thousands of beta players had commended on how realistic the game felt.

You could touch, smell, and taste, something very new to virtual reality games today.

The realistic feeling is not the only aspect that has players falling in-love with the game, but also all the games contents.

The game has a wide array of activities, quests, and of course a large and expansive galaxy to explore.

The creators of the game has shared leaks all throughout the galactic web of large scale wars, space battles, and skills with colourful and bright effects.

What strategy should I use! Zoom thought.


A bright blue screen popped up right in front of him, a light tap on a watch-like item that is wrapped around his right wrist was the cause of this.

If you looked at the blue screen you can tell that it had similar functions with a phone but with more advanced aspects to it.

Zoom clicked an the search bar at the top of the screen, a keyboard appeared abruptly on the bottom.

First world online… clips… and beta tests… and done Zooms fingers were fast, years of gaming experience led to him having a faster hand movement and reaction speed.


It didn take long before hundreds of different videos and pictures were being displayed from top to bottom with their titles and descriptions on the side.

”Beta Test! OMG the game is so realistic! ”

”First World Online! I met different species! ”

”10 Different Strategies I Thought Of! Certified Beta Tester! ”

Different titles and thumbnails were flooding the Zooms screen, he quickly clicked the third on that was about strategies hoping he would be able to learn about useful ones.

It was a twenty minute video, Zoom is very impatient from time to time especially since only a day was left until the game would launch he was in a hurry, but nonetheless he endured all throughout.


A long sigh was released by Zoom finding the first video very unproductive, the video was teaching the viewers the usual tips and tricks that were being shared by the beta testers.

Zoom had long ago learned of these tips, Same old, same old…

Zoom resumed his focus and quickly skimmed through the videos and pictures only reading its titles not even bothering to read the descriptions.

It didn take long before Zoom came upon a second video, it was a shorter one being around seven minutes.


I hope this one will be more productive.

Zoom had both his hands at the back of

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