of renminbi players kept quiet and silently engaged the other party a few times.


The other party was so angry they went offline.


Lu Zhi took off his earphones.
It was dull and boring.


On the podium, the physics teacher was talking about electromagnetic induction.
In the eyes of this group of scumbags, he was running his mouth off and speaking bird language.


The students in the first few rows were all full of energy, waiting to be fed.


Lu Zhi swept a glance at them, and the fingers sliding on the phone screen paused.


Turning back to Chen Dongshu, he asked, “Do I look fierce?”


Chen Dongshu was confused.
Was Brother Zhi having a seizure? In a bootlicking manner, he stretched out his thumb and said, “Not fierce, not fierce.
Brother Zhi is handsome!”


Lu Zhi raised his eyebrows.
“Handsome your mother! Be serious.”


Chen Dongshu said, “Well, you look a bit fierce.”


A book hit him on the head.


Fuck…he knew he couldn't tell the truth.


The physics teacher had glanced at the two of them several times.
He finally couldn't bear it and hit the desk.
“Lu Zhi and Chen Dongshu, what are you two talking about in class? Have you no speck of discipline? Stand up and answer this question.
If you get it right, you can sit down.


Lin Zichuan laughed gloatingly.


Lu Zhi and Chen Dongshu stood up.
Chen Dongshu smiled and said, “Teacher Zhang, I don't know.”


Neither of them even knew what the question was.


Everyone in the class looked back, and at a glance, they could see Lu Zhi in the second-to-last row by the window.


The fragments of sunlight fell on his body.
It was as if a layer of light had passed through.


They all turned back.
It would be weird if she didn't look back.
She hesitated for a few seconds, then turned her head.


She just happened to meet Lu Zhi's eyes.


He put his tongue against his cheek and smiled carelessly.
“Neither do I.”


“Then stand and listen!” the physics teacher scolded.
After scolding them, he no longer cared and turned around to write on the blackboard.
While he was writing with chalk, Ning Zhen lowered her eyes and carefully took notes.


There was a creak, the sound of chairs dragging on the floor.
Then the back door was opened.
Lu Zhi and Chen Dongshu swaggered out.


The physics teacher's face turned blue.


The electric fan blew the bangs on her forehead, but Ning Zhen didn't look back.
She used a pen to calculate the example problems in her book.


The teaching system of the Third High School was notoriously lax.
There were weekends in the first and second year of high school and only Sundays in the third year.


So on Friday, everyone's mood is particularly relaxed and happy.


The last class was Song Baoyun's.


She said solemnly, “The monthly exam is going to be held next Thursday.
They are all people who are in their third year of high school.
Time flies by quickly.
If you don't hurry up, the college entrance examination will be over in a blink of an eye.
This time, go back for vacation and use the weekend to study hard and strive for a good score in your exam grades.”


Almost all teachers had said these words.
The students had almost to memorized them.


In fact, Song Baoyun didn't want to be long-winded, but this Class 7 of the second year in high school was the most troublesome class she had ever taught.


The first place in the class was eighth in the grade, which was a shame for any teacher.


Moreover, this could be blamed on her bad luck.
The richest second generation in the grade were all concentrated in Class 7.


These levers pulled down the average score, so the seventh class was always ranked very low.


When the bell rang for the end of class, the students walked out with smiles like birds released from their cages.


Tong Jia skipped over.
“Zhen Zhen, I won't go with you today, our class' Ji Fei is celebrating her birthday.
Many people are going to celebrate with her so please take care of your own safety.”


Ning Zhen nodded.
” Then you go home early, don't let uncle and aunt worry.”


“I know la.”


Tong Jia had a lively personality and was very popular.
She had a good relationship with most of the class.


Ning Zhen packed up her textbooks and notes, and went home alone with her schoolbag on her back.


Ji Fei's birthday party was held in the private room of a famous restaurant.


She dressed up carefully today.
Her hair was permed into one-off curls, and she put makeup on her face.
Her delicate face, paired with light makeup, made her look very innocent.


Ji Fei, who was wearing a white dress, looked out absentmindedly.


The girl who went with her knew what she was thinking and comforted her, “He will definitely come.
Don't worry.”


Ji Fei nodded.


After a while, Chen Dongshu opened the door.
He saw that most of them were girls from Class 2, and only a few boys were present, so he whistled, “Good evening, sisters!”


Ji Fei's eyes lit up, and she looked behind him.
Lu Zhi raised the corners of his mouth, looked around, and also said hello.


The crowd quieted down.
Many eyes fell on Lu Zhi.


His temperament was haughty and flamboyant.
This kind of gangster-like handsome boy was inexplicably very eye-catching.


Lin Zichuan handed a gift to Ji Fei.
“Happy birthday.”


Ji Fei took it and thanked him with a smile.


She glanced at Lu Zhi from the corner of her eye.
He had already sat down with a cigarette in his hand.
When people around him talked to him, he responded lazily from time to time.


Her heartbeat was fast.


At present, Lu Zhi…
was single.





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I was so appalled.
I felt bad because it was so obvious, but I missed it.


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Chunni: Short for Chuunibyou.
Also known as Eighth-Grader Syndrome.
It describes teenagers who think they are more awesome than everybody else.
They often think they possess special skills or abilities, which most times, if not all, they don't.
Simply put, a teen that thinks everyone should feast on his awesomeness.


Renminbi player: Players that use money to buy in-game items and suppress normal players.
They don't have gaming skills, so they use their money to crush other 

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