There was only one boy in the classroom.
She looked at him and saw that it was the class president of Class 7.
His name was Wei Yijie, and he was a hardworking student.
He usually wore pair of heavy glasses and looked gentle.


Wei Yijie was sitting in the third row and was doing quizzes.
He heard someone coming in.
Surprised, he glanced at her and buried his head to continue solving the problem.


On a June morning, the sky was deep blue, and the air was cool.


Ning Zhen opened her Chinese textbook and carefully read the place where she got stuck several times in the morning.
After confirming that she had memorized it, she opened classical Chinese texts and memorized them.
After all, she was very hardworking back then, so she had a general impression of these things.


She was afraid of disturbing Wei Yijie, and her throat hurt, so she memorized it silently in her mind.


“Classmate Ning Zhen.”


Ning Zhen turned her head.
Wei Yijie was standing behind her, holding a chemistry book in his hand.
“Can you explain this problem to me?”


Ning Zhen glanced at the question.
It was similar to the second question she answered yesterday.


“I might not explain well.”


“It doesn't matter.
You speak very clearly.
I think it's good.” Wei Yijie pushed his glasses with a serious face.


“Then, that's fine.”


After a while, several people entered the class one after another.
Seeing that the class president was asking the new student questions, there was a bit of disbelief in their eyes.


The new student was amazing.


After finishing the questions, Wei Yijie thanked her and returned to his seat.


The Third High School was indeed much lazier than the First High School.
At 7:50, students entered one after the other.


“Zhen Zhen, good morning.
Has your cold gotten better?” Xia Xiaoshi greeted her.
Ning Zhen nodded at her with a smile in her eyes.


“Your eyes are so beautiful and big.” Xia Xiaoshi suddenly had a curious expression.
“Zhen Zhen, take off your mask and show me.
I'm so curious about what you look like?”


Her voice was not low, and several pairs of eyes quietly looked over.


They were also very curious.


Ning Zhen covered her mask, and the tip of her ears turned red.
“Xiao Shi, don't make trouble~” She added seriously, “I don't look good.”


So don't be curious.


Xia Xiaoshi giggled, “Why are you so cute? Show me.”


It seemed useless for her to say anything.


The clattering sound of high-heeled shoes came in, and the noisy classroom was quiet in a split second.
The Chinese teacher came in holding a book.
Then the class bell rang.


“It's morning self-study time.
Everyone is free to read aloud.
Take out the key texts and memorize them.” 


The sound of reading gradually began.


After being interrupted like this, Xia Xiaoshi finally let Ning Zhen go.


At the same table, Xie Yu was applying mascara and eyeliner.
She glanced at Ning Zhen quietly.


She secretly rolled her eyes. 


…What? Even after applying mascara, her eyelashes were not as long as Ning Zhen's.
Hmph! It won't kill her to take off her mask.
She definitely looked shameful.
Maybe only her eyes are worth seeing.


Xie Yu glanced back subconsciously.
There were four or five seats vacant in the last two rows.


Lu Zhi hadn't come yet.


Xie Yu saw it.
Naturally, the Chinese teacher saw it too.


She frowned in dissatisfaction and walked up to Wei Yijie.
“After class is over, tell those boys who are late to come to my office.”


Wei Yijie, “Oh.”


The Chinese teacher was a relatively serious and strict person.
She had been in education for almost eight years and had never seen such mischievous students.


It was her arrangement for Lu Zhi to sit in the first row before.
The Chinese teacher thought too simply.
Among those delinquent teenagers, Chen Dongshu and Lin Zichuan had wealthy families.
Their fathers' property was enough for them to squander for several lifetimes.


But Lu Zhi only transferred in the second semester of the first year of high school.
His family background was not very clear.
She was too clear about his family's financial situation, but she didn't hear how wealthy his family was.
He rarely wore famous brands.


It must be different from that group of rich second generation.


The Chinese teacher just wanted to look after him.
She didn't discriminate against his family background.
She came from the countryside and knew studying could change one's fate.


She didn't want Lu Zhi to be ruined.
Maybe his family's hopes were on Lu Zhi.


Lin Zichuan and the others will inherit the family business in the future.
What does Lu Zhi have? If you don't study hard, it won't be easy to find a job in the future.


The language teacher frowned and sighed.
Why don't these children understand her good intentions?


However, until the Chinese teacher finished two classes, the vacant seats were still vacant.


Lu Zhi and the others were not late but skipped class.


Even more exaggerated was that they didn't show up until the third class in the afternoon.
All day, not even the shadow of a single person was seen.


The class quietly exploded like a boiling pan, speculating about what they were doing.


“I think it's definitely not playing games.
You no way you can get so high from gaming, right?”


“I think so too.
Could it be a fight? Last semester for the first time I accidentally bumped into Lu Zhi and the others fighting.
They fought against an outside school.
It looked scary but really handsome…”


“Haha! What kind of lovesickness are you having? Do you want to chase Lu Zhi too?”


“No! Keep your voice down.
He's too arrogant.
I don't like that kind of…” The girl retorted.


This was completely off-topic.


“Zhen Zhen.” Xia Xiaoshi poked her.
“What do you think they did?”


Ning Zhen shook her head honestly.
“I don't know.”


She really wasn't interested in this.


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