almost six o'clock.


Ning Zhen put Xia Xiaoshi's physics book back in place and put her physics book in her school bag.


She turned off the fans, closed the doors and windows, and turned off the lights.
The interior suddenly darkened.
The sky outside was orange and looked warm.


Ning Zhen locked the door and went down from the second floor after making sure there was no problem.


Tong Jia and her didn't follow the same path, and she had to take notes, so they didn't go together.


The wind in June was hot, and the evening air was still stuffy.


Ning Zhen turned around the corridor and suddenly stopped.
She covered her mouth and gently retreated to the corner of the corridor.


On the first floor, a male and a female stood at the entrance of the dimly lit staircase.

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The girl hugged the boy and was crying.


Ning Zhen squatted and carefully hid.
She didn't want to bump into this scene either.
After all, that boy was Lu Zhi.


Lu Zhi leaned against the wall with a cold expression.
He held a cigarette in his hand and flicked the ashes from time to time.


Yu Shanshan hugged his waist and cried softly.


“Ah Zhi, forgive me, okay? I know you have me in your heart.
I can't live without you.
Don't do this…”


He took a puff of smoke as if the person being hugged was not himself.
Lu Zhi's eyes were cold.
When she finished crying, he spat out two words from his thin lips, “Get lost.”


Yu Shanshan froze.
She mustered up the courage to apologize but, in return, received an order to scram.
Her pride and shame made her feel annoyed.
She let go and took a step back.
Looking at him, she tried to smile.
“I will wait for you, Ah Zhi.
I will wait until you forgive me.”


Lu Zhi snorted lightly as if he was listening to a joke.


Yu Shanshan's figure disappeared at the entrance of the stairs.


Ning Zhen lowered her eyes and rubbed her calf.


She didn't mean to eavesdrop, but they were right there, and she…she had to go through there to get home.


Lu Zhi didn't move, and she didn't dare to move either.
Her legs were becoming numb, so she had to switch legs to support her body.
Ning Zhen thought distressingly, “When will he leave?”


Lu Zhi extinguished the cigarette butt.
He straightened up, frowned, and glanced up.


A small corner of a black fabric was exposed.


Ning Zhen was startled when she heard the footsteps and raised her head.


Facing a pair of dark and deep eyes, he raised his eyebrows.
“Did you enjoy watching?”


Ning Zhen, who was caught, stood up suddenly.
Not knowing where the courage came from, she ran past him without saying a word.


Her heart was beating fast, but she didn't dare look back.
She ran all the way in a single breath, but Lu Zhi didn't catch up.


She patted her chest.
So scary.


Lu Zhi's tone, which sounded like she knew too much and wanted to silence her just now, makes her heart go cold when she thinks about it.


Ning Zhen ran like a scared rabbit.
Her light blue schoolbag was swayed, and the scent of her hair seemed to remain in the air.


Gentle and faint, like jasmine.


Lu Zhi chuckled lightly but was a little annoyed in his heart.


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She saw it.
It was neither early nor late.


Lu Zhi walked to the trash can and threw the things in his hand into it.
Previously, he was holding a cigarette in his right hand and holding this thing in his left hand for a long time.


It had already become melted Cornetto ice cream.


Ning Zhen pushed open the door.
“Dad, Aunt Xu, I'm back.”


Before entering the house, she had already taken off her mask.


Ning Haiyuan was drawing designs and did not respond to her.
Xu Qian, who was busy in the kitchen, raised her voice, “Zhen Zhen, change your shoes and wash your hands first.
Get ready to eat.”


“Okay.” Ning Zhen put on slippers.


She glanced at the living room and didn't see Tang Zhuo, but his schoolbag was on the sofa.


Ning Zhen washed her hands and went to the kitchen.


Seeing her coming in, Xu Qian knew she wanted to help and waved her hand.
“Quickly leave.
I don't need you here.” The kitchen smelled of grease and smoke, and Ning Zhen coughed the other day badly.


Xu Qian's voice was loud, and the tone of her voice was slightly cold.
At the beginning of her previous life, Ning Zhen was estranged from her stepmother, but after getting along for a while, she knew she was a good person.


Ning Zhen didn't want to argue with anyone, so she obediently walked out of the kitchen.
She cleaned the table with a handkerchief and set up the family's tableware.


Xu Qian called Tang Zhuo out to eat, and he came out of his room.


He was fourteen this year and in the third year of junior high school.


Tang Zhuo was Ning Zhen's step-brother.
When Ning Haiyuan and Xu Qian got married, both of them already had a child.
Being in the same situation, no one despised the other.


Ning Haiyuan glanced at the school uniform on Ning Zhen and frowned.


“Zhen Zhen, you have to study hard in your new school.
You will be in your third year of high school soon.
This will determine your future.
I heard that the Third High School is not as strictly controlled as the First High School.
Don't follow their bad example.
You must continue to maintain good habits.”


Ning Zhen put down her chopsticks.
“Got it, Dad.”


Xu Qian snorted, “What's the point of talking about this over dinner, and what's wrong with Third High School? The number of people who pass the university entrance exam is not less than that of the First High School.
Besides, Zhen Zhen is so obedient.
She's serious about her studies and won't fall in love early.
So don't lecture her all day.”


Ning Zhen lowered her head.
Her long eyelashes trembled.


Won't fall in love early…




For those who don't know, Cornetto is an ice cream brand.
In Chinese, it is 可爱多.
If you understand Chinese, you can imagine my confusion when translating it.
Without knowing it's an ice cream brand, I could have translated it as “How cute” 



There were two Chinese characters in this case, but they sounded the same.
The one in Ning Zhen's name is 蓁, meaning lush greenery, but the teacher mistook it for 珍which means something precious or valuable.

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