Ning Zhen touched the mask on her face, feeling a little worried.


Alas, wearing it all the time is not a solution.
She has to find other ways as soon as possible.
After this semester, there will be a unified examination for the third year of high school, through which she will be assigned to classes according to her grades.
She will try her best to pass the test, so she will not be in the same class as Lu Zhi.


Two or three cicadas chirped outside the window as she memorized chemical equations on the scratch paper.


The v-shaped collar lightly stuck to her fair collarbone.
The black water-based pen was used slowly for calculating on the paper.
After three years of stagnant memory, it was a little difficult for her to regain everything.


She had never been a gifted student and could only work harder than others.


After memorizing it a few times, she finally got the hang of it.


She opened the chemistry study booklet and tried to do some questions.


“Zn…Cu, 64?” She frowned, a little unsure, and reached out to flip through the chemistry book.
Suddenly she saw a person standing beside her.


“Ah….” Ning Zhen was taken aback.


Lu Zhi raised his eyebrows and flipped through the student handbook in his hand.
She didn't know when he had taken it.
He suddenly smiled.
“New classmate, you love studying so much ah~.”


His 'ah' was deliberately prolonged, imitating her soft exclaim just now.


When Ning Zhen heard it, she couldn't stand the teasing, and her face turned red.


Fortunately, the mask covered it, so he couldn't see it.


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“Good grades in chemistry?” Lu Zhi put the student handbook back on Ning Zhen's desk, leaned against the podium, and tilted his head to look at her.


“No, not good.”


He snorted inexplicably, clasping his fingers on the desk.


Amidst the chuckles, Ning Zhen was uncomfortably in her seat like a primary school student waiting to be punished.


“In chemistry class, as soon as Bald Li asks a question, you raise your hand to answer, do you hear?”


Ning Zhen raised her head suddenly and bit her lip.


With half a smile in his eyes, he repeated slowly, “Did you hear me?”


She summoned the courage to ask, “Why should I answer the question?” She was not a primary school student, so raising her hand to answer would be embarrassing.
Or answer every question…


He didn't think that he was hateful at all.
“Because if you don't answer, he will smack me.
Classmates should help each other, right?”


Ning Zhen retorted in a low voice, “Then what if I don't know the answer?”


Lu Zhi almost laughed.
How could there be such a stupid new classmate?


“Well…then pray for your good fortune.”


He walked back to the second-to-the-last row and casually threatened, “New classmate, I have a bad temper, you should listen to me.”


Ning Zhen took a deep breath and didn't look back.
She continued to do the questions while suppressing her despairing thoughts.


The only sound in the classroom was the rubbing of pen and paper, occasionally accompanied by the fan creaking.


Lu Zhi didn't sleep last night and didn't go to play with them at noon.
He had planned to make up for the lost sleep in the classroom for a while, but he didn't expect to bump into a 'new classmate who loved to learn'.


It was already very quiet, but he couldn't sleep.


Lu Zhi narrowed his eyes, and they fell on the girl in the first row.
She sat straight, like a well-behaved elementary school student, with her thin arms exposed, and her school uniform didn't fit very well, making her look a little weak.


It was still the little white skirt that looked pleasing to the eye.


Classes started at 2:30 in the afternoon.
The schedule of the Third High School was not as rigid as that of the First High School, and there were no mandatory requirements.
At 1:45, a few students came to the classroom one after another.


Ning Zhen was a little thirsty.
But she remembered her hoarse voice.
It was hard to sound like this.
She was afraid that it would change again after a few days.


Her throat was dry, but she decided to endure it.
Anyway, it was only for one afternoon, and she would go back home to drink water at night.


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At around 2:10, the students arrived one after another.


Xia Xiaoshi greeted Ning Zhen.
Ning Zhen quickly nodded at her.
Her eyes were slightly bent, and a faint smile condensed in her eyes.


The class bell rang, and four to five teenagers rushed into the classroom through the front door.


There was the smell of sweat, and everyone's back was wet.
That's the price of going out and playing basketball in the hot summer.


There was the sound of chairs being dragged in the last two rows, and the chemistry teacher walked into the classroom.


He was a middle-aged man.
He wore a pair of glasses, had short stature, and was a little fat.
Because of his thinning hair, he was nicknamed 'Bald Li' by the students of Class 7.


Teacher Li said in a loud voice, “Next time I will enter the classroom earlier.
You are almost in the third year of high school, and if you don't realize this, then I can't help you!”


A girl in the back row whispered, “Even if they don't study, their family's money is enough for them to squander their whole lives.”


“Stop talking.
Bald Li is coming.”


“Okay, now open the book and see where I mentioned last time…


“Question 2 on page 68.” A student answered.


“Well, see the second question.”


Ning Zhen opened the brand new textbook.
The second question on page 68 was a difficult question with four sub-questions about new material nanoparticles.


She quickly scanned the lengthy topics and recalled the task assigned by Lu Zhi.
Her palms were sweating.


Li repeated the big question.
His tone paused for a few seconds, and then his voice rose again.


“What is the answer to the second question? Who would like to answer this question?”


He pushed his glasses, and his eyes slowly drifted to the last few rows.


Ning Zhen was startled.
With gritted teeth, she raised her right hand.


The whole class looked at her.


In the second to the last row, Lu Zhi laughed and cursed in a low voice, “Fuck!”


She's so cute.




Silly Ning Zhen.

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