With no emotion in his eyes, Lu Zhi glanced at her lazily and soon turned his head away.


In the last two or three minutes, almost everyone sat down.


Wei Yijie glanced at Ning Zhen, his face was a little red, and his voice dropped unconsciously, “Ning Zhen.”


The classroom was noisy, and everyone was adapting to the new environment and table.


Only two seats were left in the classroom at the same table.


Only a matter of left and right.


Ning Zhen walked over with her book in her arms and sat at the innermost part of the third row.


She was a little dejected.
Human calculations were not as good as Heaven's calculations¹ , and Heaven's calculations were not as good as Lu Zhi's.


Wei Yijie said the last name, “Lu Zhi.”


Lu Zhi hooked his lips lightly and sat in the last empty seat.
He reached out and stuffed the cigarette on the desk into it, not looking at Ning Zhen.


“Okay, there's more than a minute left.
Students who haven't finished moving their books, hurry up!” 

There was another sound of desks and benches rattling.


Ning Zhen put her schoolbag into her desk and the pencil case on her desk.
After thinking about it, she moved the book originally placed in the upper left corner to the upper right corner.


It happened to be the dividing line between her and Lu Zhi's desk, and she didn't cross over it the slightest bit.


The feeling of oppression was finally reduced.


When Lu Zhi wasn't looking, Ning Zhen quietly piled several books on top of it.
She stacked it higher.


Next to her, Lu Zhi tried his best to restrain himself so that the corners of his lips would not rise.


So cute.


It was a Chinese class.
The Chinese teacher taught a new lesson, “Chen Emoji.”


She wrote in beautiful regular script on the blackboard.
“In this class, we will talk about “Chen Qing Table,” I asked you to preview it before.
This is a key recitation text.” 


The language teacher stepped off the podium.
“Now I'll give you ten minutes to look at it again.
Read it in a low voice, and analyze the translation.
Later, I will pick students to get up, read aloud, and then translate the sentences read.”


Ning Zhen flipped open the textbook; she had already taken a look through it over the weekend, so some of the more uncommonly seen words had their pronunciations written beside them.
She had learned it in her previous life, so it was quite simple for her.


She remembered all the essay topics in the college entrance examination that year.


She just didn't know if the butterfly effect would cause the changes in the questions.



The actual meaning was the idiom, “man proposes, God disposes.” But I thought the other translation suited it better, considering the sentence that followed.

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