I Like You A Little (1)

The papers were graded over the weekend, and the results were announced on Monday.

Song Baoyun asked Wei Yijie to glue the score sheet to the wall in front of the classroom.
Several classmates gathered around as soon as the class president came in with the score sheet.
“Ah, ah, class president, the results came out so quickly? Can you let me take a look?”

Wei Yijie applied the glue: “Wait a minute, it's easier for you to see after I've pasted it.”

After a while, there were various sighs in the classroom's front row; some people were happy, and others were sad.

Xie Yu glanced at Ning Zhen, then got up to check the results.

Ning Zhen had adjusted her mentality for two days, and now she doesn't care anymore.
She didn't look at her grades.
Her comprehensive science paper was graded zero.
How could it be any better?

Gossip tends to spread very fast.
When Monday came, almost everyone knew about Ning Zhen's 'exposed for smuggling cheat notes' affair.
Their secret glances were a little subtle.

Xia Xiaoshi didn't look at the grades.
She was sulking in her seat and called out to Zhen Zhen in a low voice.

Ning Zhen turned her head.

“Don't be sad, I know you didn't cheat.” Zhen Zhen was so powerful.
She could usually answer questions she didn't know and spoke very well.
There is no need for such a person to cheat, and Zhen Zhen was not the kind of person who cheats.

“I'm fine, Xiaoshi.
You can go and see the results.”

“No, hmph.
It's boring.”

City A was rainy during the summer.
Last night's rain made the air a lot fresher, and the rain cleaned the tall trees.

The playground was not dry, so the flag-raising ceremony was canceled.
It was replaced by listening to the radio in the classroom.

Song Baoyun walked into the classroom and knocked on the podium, signaling everyone to be quiet.
“Teachers from the Academic Affairs Office will come to patrol later.
Students, you should be quiet.
If you are caught speaking, conduct points will be deducted from our class.” 

The classroom slowly calmed down.

Song Baoyun frowned and looked at the last two rows before walking to Wei Yijie, “Where are Lu Zhi and the others?”

Wei Yijie pushed his glasses up and replied, “Not here yet.”

Song Baoyun glanced at her watch.
It was 8:13.

The back door of the classroom was suddenly pushed open.

Song Baoyun heard the sound and looked over.
Lu Zhi and the others slowly walked into the classroom.
At once, her heart gushed with anger.

“Lu Zhi, Lin Zichuan! How long has it been since class started? Do you still look like students? You don't even report for being late!”

Lu Zhi raised his eyes and glanced at Song Baoyun.
He slowly moved his gaze to the front row of the classroom.

Ning Zhen was also watching him quietly.

Lu Zhi opened the back door and said to Chen Dongshu and the others, “Go out and shout a report.”

So the people from Class 7 helplessly watched as the bigwigs went out from the back door, went around to the front door, and shouted reports one after another.

Chen Dongshu walked in last and gave a non-standard military salute.
He put his fingertips on his temple and said in a loud voice, “Report, teacher! Can I come in?!”


The people patrolling from the Academic Affairs Office came upstairs from the opposite side.
Song Baoyun really wanted to kill this brat.

“Come in, come in quickly.”

Chen Dongshu smiled and glanced at the score sheet next to him.
The smile on his face froze for a second, becoming very strange.

“Chen Dongshu! Go back to your seat.”

“Oh oh oh.”

Chen Dongshu sat back at the last table, and Lu Zhi sat in front of him.
The teen was wearing a white shirt, leaning on the chair, and spinning a pen in his hand.

Chen Dongshu bumped his deskmate, Xiao Feng, with his elbow.
“I'll tell you, I just saw…”

“Shh.” Xiao Feng signaled to silence him.
At this time, groups of teachers from the Academic Affairs Office returned.
If the teachers spot them, they will be lectured a whole lot again.
It wasn't frightening, but it was annoying. 

It is similar to when Xuanzang, the Tang Monk, recited scriptures.¹

A sweet female voice sounded on the radio.
After the speech, the principal and the dean spoke, respectively.

Chen Dongshu was thoughtful and stopped talking to Xiao Feng.

The dean cleared his throat and read the punishment for the students who violated the discipline last week.
He continued, “Last week, the whole school held a unified examination.
Most of the students worked very hard, but there are still a small number of students who were dishonest and cheated in the exam.
Now I will read the list of those students.

” When he read the list of students who cheated in the comprehensive science exam, the eyes of the whole class quietly fell on Ning Zhen.

For a moment, all that could be heard in the classroom was the sound of breathing.

The voice on the radio continued, “…The above students will be given a warning, and their grades in this subject will be cleared.
I hope students will take this as a lesson and not make the same mistakes as them.
Their current grades can only deceive their parents and teachers for a while.
The college entrance examination will show their true performance.
One must not only learn to seek knowledge but also learn to be an upright person…”

“…In addition, I would like to call and criticize Student Lu Zhi in Class 7 of junior year, who cheated in all six exams by bringing his mobile phone into the examination room.
He will be punished with a major demerit…”

This time no one looked at Ning Zhen anymore.
Their focus shifted.
They secretly glanced at Lu Zhi.

Lu Zhi's hand didn't stop turning the pen.
His fingers were slender, and his collarbone was slightly exposed under the white shirt.
The expression on his face was indifferent, revealing a sense of abstinence.

Various whispers of speculations echoed in the classroom.

Ning Zhen sat on her seat.
Her body stiffened for a moment.

Xuanzang, the Tang Monk, is a character from Journey to the West.
A fellow translator helped me understand that this monk recited scriptures to the Monkey King, which he (the Monkey King) found annoying.
Hence the reference.

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