n the teacher's hand.

In the transparent interlayer on the back of the admission ticket was a piece of paper filled with physics formulas.
It was impossible to notice it if it wasn't turned over.

“Teacher, this is not mine.
I didn't cheat.” Ning Zhen bit her lip.

With such a huge thing happening, every gaze looked over overtly and secretly.

The invigilator hated students who made excuses even more.
“The evidence is here.
Do you want to say that it's not cheating if you haven't had time to read it? Now, get out! Don't affect other students' exams!”

Ning Zhen signed and walked out of the classroom.
The noon sun stung her eyes.
The entire Third High School was taking exams, so the campus was quiet.

The branches of the Chinese parasol trees were filled with lush leaves, and the sound of cicadas seemed to have disappeared in the hot afternoon.

She squatted down and hugged her knees.
Her eyes were so sore they hurt.

It was like this again…
it was always like this…

Ning Zhen rubbed her eyes.
Don't cry.
Only those who have done something wrong should cry.

To live another lifetime, even if nothing else improves, you must at least learn to be stronger.

Ning Zhen got up and went downstairs.

Xiao Feng chose C for all the multiple-choice questions.
He randomly wrote two formulas for the major questions that seemed Ok to him.

It was just after noon, and the sun was hanging high outside.
Above his head, the outmoded fan rotated wobbly.
Xiao Feng was lying on his desk, not bothering to hand in his paper ahead of time.
It was so hot outside that going out was looking to suffer.

He glanced at Lu Zhi, who was in front of him.

Tsk tsk.
When Brother Zhi is serious, he looks handsome from the side.

This was the first time Xiao Feng saw Lu Zhi taking the exam so seriously.
If it wasn't for the invigilator staring at him, Xiao Feng wanted to lean over and say, “Brother Zhi, why are you, this old man, staring so intently for a long time yet you haven't written with your pen? The exam paper is already trembling from you stare.”

If you don't know how to do it, what is the point of being brave?

His line of sight strayed outside.

What the hell …that's…

Xiao Feng thought his eyesight was wrong.
He took a few more glances, snuck out the phone hidden in his trouser pocket, and glanced at it.
No way, the exam started 10 mins ago, and someone was already submitting their papers early.
It can't be that exaggerated, right?

“pusi~pusi~” Xiao Feng signaled in Lu Zhi's direction, but Lu Zhi was too far away to hear.

“Cough! Cough!”

Lu Zhi finally frowned and looked back at him coldly – Want to die? Can't you see that Laozi is doing exam questions?

Xiao Feng glanced outside, motioning Lu Zhi to look over.

Lu Zhi followed and looked over.
His eyes darkened.

Get up and go outside.

The invigilator's eyes widened.
“Student, what are you doing?”

“Turn in your papers!”

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