Looking for my Fiancé's Lover – chapter 5


Nezar, upon saying so, beckoned lightly.
It meant to get closer, so I strode quickly and took the seat next to him.


What does this guy want now? Why is he asking me to come close again?


Awkwardly clearing his throat, he then raised both hands up and pressed them on both sides of my cheeks.


“You said that you needed a female friend, right?”


A  pair of dark red eyes was zoomed up close in my view.
I pulled myself away from him and nodded vigorously. 


As his straight nose bridge was brought closer, I felt suffocating.
I dragged my bottom a few inches to the back, worried that he could have heard the wild beating of my heart.
Nezar grabbed my arm as if to tell me not to move, and flicked my forehead with his fingers.


“Don't do anything bizarre on your own, like memorising other men's names.
I will introduce Ezaret to you, so hang out with her.”


What? Is he talking about the princess?


Nezar had two half-siblings.
Princess Ezaret, born to the current Empress, and the youngest Prince Andrew. 


Out of all those women out there, it had to be his half-sister…


Under the Imperial law, the Caval Empire forbade marriages within six generations.
Even if I were to get acquainted with Ezaret, it was obvious that it would be of no help in breaking up my engagement.


I hurriedly lower his hands and shake my head vehemently.


“No! Oh no, I’m good, no need.”


“Why? Ezaret is only one year older than you.
Unlike you, she is calm and relaxed, you two can get along well.”


“Calm and relaxed? Don't people clash more when their personalities are in contrast?”


“It's only when they are the complete opposite.
There are quite a few similarities between you and her.
You both focus on useless things or the fact that I often find myself wondering what absurdity you girls are thinking about…”


Is he insulting me right now?


As I sat still and listen wordlessly, Nezar pulled me in by the arm and says in his low calm voice.


“I don't know what change of heart you had all of the sudden, but the former image of Katrina Ezellot embedded in people's minds cannot be changed so easily.
As you can see for yourself, I, someone who has been looking at you for 7 years, came all the way here just to see what is going on with my own two eyes.
Then think about it, what kind of eccentric thought would the outsiders have toward you?”


“In that case,…what do I do?”


“Frankly, if you are unwilling to give up on your pride to please other ladies, then you should give up now.”


Nezar casually spat out harsh words then gave me that ‘sweet like whipped cream’ smile.


He thought that I, myself would enjoy that?! Yeah right, as if.
But there was a purpose for why I must have a girl as my playmate — to cancel the engagement.
Of course, I could never dare to utter my ulterior motive, but to just give up?!


Disappointment welled up to my throat.
A frown was displayed on my face as I pushed Nezar away.


“Don't arbitrarily assume something like that about someone else's business.
It doesn't matter what you or others say.
I will definitely make a friend that is not Princess Ezaret!”


Somehow, I felt like I was getting worked up for no reason.
Nezar, who openly snorted at me, reached out his hands and pinched my cheeks.
His sensitive and moody self a while ago was nowhere to be found.
A mischievous expression was visible on his face as usual.


“I cannot believe you refused to be introduced to her.
I will come back tomorrow, so think carefully about your decision until then.
As I said before, don't just memorise names of weirdoes.”


Shortly after, he stood up and vanished from the drawing room, leaving me on my own.
He was probably going to Lockherd.
I slowly got up and followed.
His claim about he would come back tomorrow rang in my ears and resonated within me.
It felt quite odd because he was not the type to normally say that.




That night, before going to bed, I went through the tea party etiquette book.
But after a while, I got bored out of my mind so I closes it.




“Yes, milady.” Daisy, who was sitting on the edge of my bed as she combed my hair, answered. 


“Is it true that girls become friends if they talk about men?”


I could sense that my voice, which was full of embarrassment, had softened considerably compared to a few days ago.


“Wouldn't it be a little different depending on the person? However, the maids, including myself, usually get closer by talking about dating or men.
That is the most amusing topic.”


“Are there any men within our castle that you guys love to talk about?…Who is the most popular?”


To think that I memorised the names hard during the day, but the only name that stuck inside my mind was Pancion Entera.
It must have been because I had only heard of his name but the rumours attached to it were endless.
Though, I still did not have a clue about how he looked like.
When it was time to fall asleep, I suddenly become curious about what kind of character he bore.


Daisy brushed through my hair one last time before standing up.
Her light footsteps were heard beyond the back of my head.


“Mostly, the stories of our family’s knights are the mainstream.
Since the Ezellot is close to the Imperial family, the subject of Imperial Guards was also occasionally brought up.
In the case of the Imperial Guards, there are very few of them who we have actually met.
The stories just spread based on what we have heard.”


That was why rumours were scary.
It was not very pleasant to think that someone I did not know might be talking about me behind my back.
I had been told by Lockherd that my notoriety, despite being only 15, was quite widespread.


The future seemed quite misty and vague.


It was difficult to even predict what rumours were circulating about me.
With a sigh, I crawled under the thin blanket.
Daisy walked up to me after tidying up the dressing table and tuck the blanket under my chin.


I whisper in a small voice.


“But I don't know about any of the knights you have told me.
I mean, I don't know how to initiate a conversation.”


Daisy contemplated, looking up at the ceiling, then opened her mouth.


“Why don’t you try asking Master Lockherd? It wouldn't be bad to go to the training ground because he is part of the Imperial Guard.”


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